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Mitzi on…Shut Up Flower Boy Band!!!

It’s fairly well know among my friends that I am a huge fan of boy bands.  Not literally  boy bands…but the genre.  New Kids on the Block is my all time favorite boy band.  Some might consider the guys in New Kids ‘Men’ but the fact that they are still singing songs with the phrase “Gonna get to you girl, really want you in my world.” might technically make them boys.  I love New Kids so much that even when I got to meet and ask my boy band Adonis (Jordan Knight) for his autograph and he dissed me…I still can’t help but love him.   I’m a glutton for punishment. And lets not forget the time I accidentally told Kevin Richardson from Backstreet Boys that he stunk….But I digress!

The title of this Kdrama seemed to be full of the fluff that I’ve come to associate and love with Kdramas.  Boy, was I wrong.


Real name/character name/nickname I give to keep them all straight. 

Eye Candy

Strawberry Fields

Extended Cast

Ok, let me introduce you, if you haven’t already met, to the characters of this Kdrama.  The first characters seen in this Kdrama are the gentlemen in the boy band called ‘Eye Candy’.  They are an underground rock band.  Yeah, named Eye Candy.  Not sure how many punches in the throat that deserves, but I’m pretty sure its a lot.  ANYWAY, there are 6 members, and they aren’t your average garden variety boy band.  At least, not in the States.

These fools play their own instruments!  I’m not used to this sort of trickery.  I like my boy-bands dancing in unison only.  Musical instruments only confuse and frighten me.

First off, there is the “leader” of Eye Candy named Skeletor.

Perhaps you can see why I’ve bequeathed him this name.  He’s tall, skinny and odd…much like a skeleton. Regardless of his name, he’s the driving force of Eye Candy.  Always the first one to get the group into a fight and then get them out of trouble with the law and school (oh, yeah, they all still go to school).  But the heartbreak here, is that he is, hands down, the most likeable character out of all the Eye Candy dudes.  He’s the type of guy that has the most ambitious dreams, gets others to believe in those dreams and then sabotage himself from accomplishing those dreams.  But ultimately you just don’t care what dumbass thing he just did cause he’s cool.  AND they kill him off the second episode in.  THEY KILLED OFF THE MOST INTERESTING CHARACTER TWO HOURS IN!

Well, Kdrama, you’ve gotten my attention now and I’m not happy.

So, since Skeletor is gone, the group needs a new leader.  Enter Dear Leader .

He’s a kid living on the wrong side of the tracks, taking care of himself cause mama was convinced by his older brothers to disown him.  WTF mom?!  Abandonment issues much?  Needless to say, he’s the one with a chip on his shoulder who is full of angst and is supposed to make all the girls want to hold him and take care of him.  Meh.  But since he was Skeletor’s best friend, he becomes the next leader of the band.  It’s his determination to make Skeletors dream (of Eye Candy becoming a big band) come true that drives this Kdrama.

As Dear Leader tries to get his band signed to a label, he falls in love with Poor Little Rich Girl.

Poor Little Rich Girl grew up rich in a big house and rich friends and was pretty much Paris Hilton of Korea. Her dad got slammed for corruption and all that money is gone.  Poor Little Rich Girl is poor now.  She moves next door to Dear Leader and they begin an angsty relationship filled with sayings like “Don’t look in my underwear drawer.”  and, “Why are there thugs standing outside of your apartment?”    Oh, and also, they break up and make up over mega legitimate  reasons like, ‘the success of your boy band is more important than your relationship with me so I’m breaking up with you.”     Legit, right?  If by legit, I mean incredibly stupid and rage inducing.  Eff that noise!  Eff it right into the ground!!!!  You don’t dump a guy because you want him to be better at his job.  That’s his problem to worry about.   Poor Little Rich Girl annoys me.


Because she was friends with Musical Savant for ages and even though he offered soooo many times to help her out financially, she refused until she almost got in a shit ton of trouble.

Hey there, Musical Savant.  I remember you from Boys Before Flowers as the psychotic stalker of Jan Di.  Glad you came up in the world and stopped trying to kill people. I thought it was super cool you loved your friend, Poor Little Rich Girl, for all those years and were so nice to her even after she gave you hint after hint that she just wasn’t interested.  Must have sucked, huh.  You were by her side for years and were best friends and even though you have a crap ton of money and are really good at producing music, Poor Little Rich Girl chose the Emo poster child, Dear Leader.  I mean, what does he have that you don’t?  He’s the leader of Eye Candy and you are the leader of Strawberry Fields, an equally talented boy-band.  Maybe it’s the fact that your band only has 4 members and his had 5.  Or maybe its the fact that you chose to fall in love with an idiot.  Either way, you’re probably better off without her.  Cheer up and go get ’em, Tiger!

Additional members of Eye Candy include, the whitest actor I’ve seen in Kdramas thus far.

I mean, he has to have some flavor of Caucasian in his gene pool.  Unless the Korean’s have finally found a way of appearing white to throw us ignorant ‘Murican’s off…   Very tricksy.

Regardless, White kid is the drummer and son of a gangster.  Apparently being the kid of a gangster makes him somewhat of a pariah in polite society.  However, with the pool hall gangs, he’s a king.  Well played, White Kid.  Well played.

There really is no other reason for me to write about him.  Just thought it was interesting to see a Caucasian face in a Kdrama.

Don’t care if he’s not part Caucasian.  For all intents and purposes of this blog, he is the White Kid.  Hush, you!!!

Another member…Justin Bieber!!!

Justin Bieber played the most talented and ambitious of all the Eye Candy gentlefolk.   There were a few times he could have broken the band up if he wanted to because he was offered an individual contract.  While the other guys were busy with girls or fighting people, he was going on talk shows and making all the girls swoon.  Which, you know, kinda makes sense in the end of the Kdrama that he’s the only successful one.  Cause, derp, hard work = success.  Throwing punches = jail and no music contract. (in Korea, apparently.  Throwing punches in America will get you a boat load of free press and increase record sales…more on this later)

And, well, he fights with his forehead. That’s what the kids do nowadays, right?

There are two other band members, but they aren’t that consequential to me or this post.  In other words, I just don’t care enough to put them on here.

So, lets get to the quick summary.

Eye Candy has 6 members. They are friends in high school who like to fight, screw (not screws) and play music in their band.  Eye Candy’s high school closes and they are all forced to attend the ultra posh school that Musical Savant and Poor Little Rich Girl attend.  Skeletor falls for Poor Little Rich Girl and writes a song for her called “Jaywalking”.  Musical Savant, leader of his own band, ‘Strawberry Fields’, is also in love with Poor Little Rich Girl.  Musical Savant and Strawberry Fields beat the crap out of Skeletor and as he runs for help, he gets hit by a car and dies.

I’m sure people cried.

(Total rebels…   RIP Skeletor)

Dear Leader becomes leader of the band and enters Eye Candy into a ‘Battle of the Bands’ contest.  In order to get practice room for the contest, he must beat Strawberry Fields at their school.  Dear Leader forsakes the band to rescue Poor Little Rich Girl from thugs searching for her to get to her dad who has skipped town to avoid jail time for defrauding people.  Eye Candy questions Dear Leader’s commitment to the group.  Drama is haz’d

At the Battle of the Band’s contest, Eye Candy loses because Justin Bieber majorly eff’s up.  Strawberry Fields wins and gets a recording contract.  Justin Bieber is now the punching bag of all the guys in Eye Candy.  Can the band survive?  They do.  Video of his eff-up and the bands desperate attempt to fix it goes viral and all the girls swoon over Eye Candy.  A record company takes notice.  They offer contracts only to Justin Bieber and Dear Leader, not Eye Candy.

Justin Bieber and Dear Leader tell the company president to eff-off.  Company president falls for the bluff and signs the entire band.

(Getting famous)

The band releases ‘Jaywalking’ and it’s a hit.  Eye Candy goes on a promotional tour but suck at interviews. Also, they get into a lot of fights.  Company president doesn’t like her bands creating trouble.  She forces the entire band into one apartment to live, eat and sleep music.  (See, I don’t get it.  All that publicity from gossip sites about Eye Candy and she’s freaking out cause its the wrong publicity.  Just get the guys on ‘Intervention’ and make a reality show out of it.  The song they create while in rehab will sell hundreds, I’m sure)

Here, the band’s cracks begin to show (not literal cracks, but figurative)  Dear Leader is spending too much time with Poor Little Rich Girl. When he realizes he needs to focus more on the band, he neglects her.  They break up.  The other guys all end up doing their own thing too, not fully vested in Eye Candy.  The only one really interested in a career is Justin Bieber and he becomes the spokesperson for the group.

White Kid’s gangster father gets publicly known and he’s shunned by his previously adoring fans.  (fickle!)

Meanwhile, Musical Savant is trying his best to destroy Eye Candy and causes some problems but seeing as he’s stupid enough to fall for someone not interested in him, he’s not very successful.

The two other Eye Candy members, The Tall One and Mama’s boy (who I didn’t bother mentioning earlier because they are the Mary and Kitty of this Kdrama (extra points to anyone who gets that reference)) end up being a chef and something else but I can’t remember cause, again, I don’t care.

Company president is thinking of dropping Eye Candy after all the trouble they’ve caused.  Eye Candy fights back and releases another song titled, “Wake up” (which is partly in English and I thought it sounded cool until I could understand the English and I then I decided it should have been entirely in Korean.)  The song is a hit and Company president is satiated…for now.

She didn’t remain satiated for long because she ultimately decides to terminate the contract with Eye Candy.  There is a chance for the group to get another contract in Japan if they all work really hard at it.  Ultimately, the band decides to break up and go their separate ways.

The End.

A few things:

1. The company president decided to meet with Eye Candy in the first place because she thought they were ‘unique’ among bands.  They seemed to really enjoy playing their music and she wanted to sell that to the masses.  I didn’t see it that way.  I though the band was rather typical.  All the infighting, bickering and hurt feelings are sooooo typical of bands trying to make it.  However, this Kdrama kept trying to tell me that Eye Candy was special.  I say nay, they are not special.  They are the rule, not the exception.  Don’t try to force feed me your lies!!!

And with that in mind, I would have to say that despite the ridiculousness of this Kdrama, it is probably the most realistic one I’ve ever seen.   The bitchiness between the characters seemed real.  Not that the actors were really fighting, but that the problems they had in the Kdrama seem like problems that could translate into the real world.   Its one reason I really liked this Kdrama.  I thought I was going to get total silly fluff like in You Are Beautiful, but this one actually had legitimate drama involved. And I liked it!  (getting old. *sigh*)

Also, as always, I must contradict myself and say it was also a reason I didn’t like it.  I really wanted another You Are Beautiful. (fickle!)

2. The angsty relationship between Dear Leader and Poor Little Rich Girl irritated me.  I think I’m just a cantankerous old lady watching this crap and judging all of the make up/ break up bullshit that’s going on. Rather than get on my soap box and give an entire dissertation I will just leave it at that.  It’s a frickin drama, Mitzi!  Get over it!

3.  RIP Skeletor.

4. Cherry coke galore!!! 

5.  Confession time.  I downloaded Jaywalking and Wake Up.  I’ve put those songs on my regular rotation of songs I listen to when writing these things up.  It’s good stuff.  Have no idea what’s being said, but still good.

6. The ending didn’t leave me angry and bitter.  I know, I’m shocked too!  I actually really liked the fact that they didn’t stay together and were able to find their own ways in the world.  It was a perfect ending to a Kdrama that was never meant to be saccharine-y sweet.  The resolution to the Kdrama was bitter sweet too.  Dear Leader was able to find his own voice (not follow Skeletor’s plan) and during his first solo gig, the rest of Eye Candy showed up and they had a little reunion, but everyone was glad to have gone their separate ways. Just sad to think they probably will never get together to play that song again.  I felt that way years ago when New Kids broke up.  (but now they’re touring again and I can hear all their songs live again if I want!  Huzzah for reunions!)

Score: 8/10  Surprisingly awesome if you can look beyond the typical relationship nonsense that accompanies every single Kdrama.


Mitzi on…Coffee House

Well, its been awhile since I’ve been on here but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching my stories (Kdramas)  Let me fill you in on one that I didn’t even bother to finish.

Coffee House!!!

Cast!  Actor name/character name/name I give them so I can remember them

Kang Ji-Hwan as Lee Jin Soo (crazy writer)

Park Si-Yeon as Seo Eun Young (Yuppie woman)

Ham Eun-Jung as Kang Seung Yeon (tom-boy)

Jeong Woong-In as Han Ji Won (Cheating boyfriend)

I’m just going to put it out there.  I did not like this Kdrama.  I didn’t like it so much (not even using proper English) that I didn’t bother going beyond episode 10.  Does that put the integrity of the Kdrama Summer Viewing Challenge into question?  Maybe, but it’s not like I’m wining anything here.  Let me point out why I didn’t bother finishing this.

First of all, it seemed to peak around episode 5. After that, the story got boring.  There weren’t souls switching bodies or people in drag so my short attention-spanned American mind lost interest.  (‘Murica!)

Secondly, the characters were soooo cliche!  Crazy writer?! (a bit redundant)  Tom-boy?!  (who got badly dumped so we feel sorry for her so the next man she lets into her life is her sadistic boss…that’s brilliant)  Why not throw in a Yuppie woman trying her hardest to live up to her grandfathers success and a reformed cheating asshole trying to win Yuppie woman back? ….Oh wait, they DID put those characters in there.

Anyway, to make it short, Crazy Writer has some form of agoraphobia that makes it so he can’t make it to his signings at book stores.  This gets his publisher (Yuppie woman) irritated and she threatens to drop him.  Meanwhile, Yuppie Woman’s ex fiance (cheating boyfriend) comes back into her life trying to win her back.  Throw in Tom-boy trying her best to be a secretary for Crazy Writer and its a recipe for shenanigans and silliness that I didn’t bother to watch.

I didn’t like how Crazy Writer treated Tom-boy.  He’s a bit of a sadistic sociopath (but we’re supposed to feel somewhat sorry for him because his ex-wife died…please) He made her feel worthless, telling her the pencils she sharpened for him everyday and the coffee she made wasn’t good enough for him.  I also didn’t like how Tom-boy let Crazy Writer use her so much.  Having her run stupid errands, answer a phone while hula-hooping, and stuffing her in a suitcase.  And she thought doing all that shit was making her a better secretary.  Safe to say, Tom-boy is an idiot.

Crazy writer is also crazy (ha!) He spends days on end setting up elaborate domino cascades.  Who does that?  Days on end without sleep?  A crazy person does.  Honestly, every word I’ve written so far in this review has made me feel like I’ve gone a bit crazy for watching this Kdrama.

Crazy Writer, you  may be one of the finest looking guy’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on, but you crazy!!!

So, who ends up with who?  Don’t know.  Don’t ever plan on finding out.  Didn’t even get to drink that much Cherry Coke. All I know is that I found myself not fully invested in this Kdrama as I was in other shows. Heck, even Playful Kiss kept me more entertained and I really disliked that one.

I’m disappointed in this Kdrama, but I’m more disappointed in myself for not being motivated enough to finish it.  Shame on Coffee House and shame on me.


Score:  4/10

BUT…A million points for epic use of New Kids on the Block’s “Step by Step”!!!!   omg!  so worth the wasted hours of boring Kdrama to get to the 5 seconds of Tom-boy ‘dancing’ to this song.  So worth it!!!

Mitzi on…City Hunter

Ok, taking a break from Rooftop Prince.  It’s killing me.  I know, Yong-Sool will just have to wait but dammit, I can only devote so much time to a one dimensional character!

Just one post to City Hunter. That’s it.  One post and I will close the door on that fool forever. Also, this post will be unnaturally short because its late and past my bedtime.

Eugenie underlined this kdrama a million times on The List so it had better be good.  Or else.

Cast: (Jesus Christo, its unusually large)

Main Cast

City Hunter Clique

The Blue House

Group of Five

Extended Cast

First thoughts.  Its Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Before Flowers and Whatsherface from Skachewanidontknowthisword Scandal.

I will recognize two people in this kdrama.  This is good.

Real quick recap…

This show starts out in 1983 right when the USSR was causing mad drama with the US and its allies…shooting down planes, rattling sabers, making dogs and cats live together…all out anarchy.  Anyway, while visiting a foreign country, the South Korean president’s life is almost taken during a bomb blast planted by the North Koreans.  (really, NK?  Why you gotta be like that?)

As for retaliation, the South Korean government decides to send 21 super elite soldiers to sneak into North Korea and  cause havoc.  In the middle of this operation, the US tells the South Koreans to knock that crap off (killing North Koreans) and so the South Korean army decides to cover its ass and kill those 21 soldiers to hide the fact they did bad things.  Well, 5 men made the call.  They will be the ‘villains’ of this nonsense.

What they don’t realize is one of those 21 soldiers survived.  He sneaks back into South Korea and kidnaps the month old child of his friend and now dead soldier in order to put into place an intricate and drawn out plan for revenge.

Flash forward 17 years later.  The sole survivor, Lee Jin Pyo, and the kidnapped child he raised as his own, Lee Yoon Sung, are living in the middle of the jungle with their own little army.  Yes, their own army.  They’ve turned into drug lords.

Yoon Sung was brought up to believe his mother died ages ago and that’s left him with crazy mommy issues.  While in the process of missing his mother (who is actually still alive) he’s become a fairly brilliant ass kicker.  Along the way he’s gained a portly best friend/cook that saves him from many unfortunate siuations.

As the time comes in every young man’s life, it was time for Yoon Sung to go to The United States under a false identity and get a doctorate from MIT.  Normal stuff.  He then flies back to South Korea and gets a job in the Blue House (to be a computer geek) where he meets struggling bodyguard-to-be, Na Na.

Yoon Sung

Na Na

I did not know this, but apparently in The Blue House, the bodyguards get assigned a computer geek to train in the art of ‘beating people up’ or as they call it, “martial arts”.  Na Na has to teach Yoon Sung how to ‘beat people up’ without realizing that he’s a far better ass kicker than she is.

But here is the real jist of the story.  Yoon Sung is undercover as a Korean-American named John Lee.  His goal is to seek revenge on the men who killed his father (by this point in the story Jin Pyo tells Yoon Sung, “Hey, not really your dad. He was killed. By the way, you have to kill the people who killed him.”)  There are 5 men in total he has to seek revenge on.

First major conflict of the story.  Jin Pyo wants the five men dead.  Yoon Sung wants them to get justice via the law.  They never see eye to eye on this.  They beat each other up over it many times.  (wtf)

The first villain gets caught and delivered to the District Attorney in a very public manner. As a result Yoon Sung gets the nickname ‘City Hunter’ (but when its pronounced it sounds like something my immature mind can’t resist giggling at) for the rest of the show the ‘City Hunter’ is either praised as a hero or jeered as a vigilante.  I can’t help but want to call him the Korean Batman.

The Second Villain gets video taped confessing all the bad stuff he’s done, his reputation gets ruined, and is also delivered to the DA.  In the process of doing this, Yoon Sung kills a henchman WITH A SPOON!  (AMAZING!)

The third villain (and also the DA’s father) has his reputation ruined and he tries (and fails) to commit suicide.

Fourth Villain is a wealthy business man whom Jin Pyo forces into bankruptcy (hes a drug lord, remember?  he’s got loads of cash) before Yoon Sung also delivers to the DA. Oh, and he also killed Na Na’s parents in a car accident 10 years prior. In short, this guy is a jerk.

The Fifth Villain is actually the sitting President.  AND get this, he’s also Yoon Sung’s real biological father.  That’s right.  The drama keeps coming.  Jin Pyo kidnapped Yoon Sung and put together this super elaborate plan of revenge to get the Presidents own son to kill him.  Jin Pyo is some kind of mega evil.

Somewhere along the way, Yoon Sung and Na Na fall in love.  He dumps her ‘to protect her’ a few times and she stupidly keeps going back to him.  Honestly, the chemistry between these two characters was severely lacking and I didn’t buy it for a minute. (Sorry Eugenie!)  So ultimately, I don’t care about this part of the kdrama.

There is one storyline I did care about though and that involves Yoon Sung’s mother.  She was alive the entire time!  And because he loves his mom, Yoon Sung gives her some of his bone marrow because she’s got the Leukemia. (tears!)

The story ends with a standoff between Na Na, Yoon Sung and The President on one side and Jin Pyo on the other.  He’s pointing a gun at them all.  Soldiers come in with rifles to protect the president.  In one final act of awesomness or selfishness, depending on how you want to look at it, Jin Pyo confesses to being the City Hunter.  (I like to think its awesomeness because he wants Yoon Sung to live a suspicion free life with his main squeeze Na Na)

BUT in the melee that occurs after Jin Pyo confesses, lots of shots are fired and Yoon Sung is hit.  Will he survive? Won’t he?

In the lamest of endings, after flashforwarding a few months, Na Na is leaving work and goes to a museum of some sort and we see Yoon Sung standing there alive an well.  THE END!

That’s it?  The end?  What?  No closure?! GAHHHH!

Some thoughts.

1.  I hated the character Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Before Flowers.  Soooo silly.  It was really awesome to see Lee Min Ho act like someone other than a love sick puppy with bad social skills.

ON THE OTHER HAND, Park Min Young played a much more likeable character in Sungkunkwan Scandal than she did in this kdrama.  Na Na is not as awesome.  Just sayin’. Written as a bodyguard who is physically strong but emotionally weak.  Shame on you, screen writers.  Or menga writers. Or whoever.

2. Death by spoon:  OMGLOLWTFBBQ the most amazing death ever!  Who knew such an innocent eating utensil could be so deadly.  Yoon Sung knew.  😉

3. Ok so, there were no souls being switched or girls dressed in drag to sing in a boy band but a lot of the situations were still implausible.  And I loved them all!

4.  City Hunter got incredibly interesting and I was about to give Eugenie a high five for an epic recommendation but after episode 10 it all went downhill.  The feeling and flow changed.  The same thing happened in Boys Before Flowers too, half way through it was almost an entirely new Kdrama.  I have now idea how they did it, but the Koreans managed to fit two kdramas into one show.  So now, I will give Eugenie an accusatory glare…if I ever see him again.

7/10 because I wasn’t able to play the Kdrama ‘Cherry Coke’ drinking game as much as I’d like to with this show.  =(

Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 12

Confession time.  I’ve watched this entire kdrama already.  In fact, I’ve also watched all of City Hunter.  You wouldn’t know that because I haven’t been writing these silly posts.

To help me out, I asked a friend to help me summarize the show.  This is what I got…

“it will be like this: so there were some hot korean guys saying silly stuff to a weird looking korean girl with a lisp and her sister who always looks slightly touched. end story”

I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed until I couldn’t laugh any more.  And then I laughed again. Only cause Park-ha (even though I think she’s cool) really does have this permanent look of surprise on her face that makes you wonder if she isn’t a little ‘special’.  Also, the Korean guys in this kdrama really are hot.

Anyway, back to the show

My doctor assures me a few rounds of dialysis will cure anything… Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

Where did we leave off?  OH YEAH!  Park-ha is helpless lying on the floor of a warehouse as it burns to the floor.  Well, we needed a reason for Prince Lee-gak to come in an save her life, right?  To prove he’s subconsciously got a case of ‘the loves’ for her.

I’ve heard some women are irritated that Kdrama’s have so many of these instances, where the lead female needs to constantly be saved.  I’ll admit it is a bit irritating because, really, how many times can one woman have a brush with death?!  And won’t a guy get tired of saving her?  Like, at some point just say, “Aw, screw it, pull yourself out of the volcano.”    But its all apart of the drama.  We can either let it irritate us so much that it ruins the experience or we can just go with the flow and cheer for the fire to win.

Long story short, Lee-gak saves Park-ha from the burning building. (Was there any doubt?!  There are 8 episodes left to watch. Can’t kill off the main character 12 episodes in!)

Let me point out two important things…

1. We are shown that Lee-gak is a genuine hero and we should like him as evidence in this ‘hero shot’.  There is a formula why, I’m not motivated enough right now to find it. Just…trust.

2. When Park-ha is being placed in the ambulance, her face is covered like Bu-yong’s face is covered ‘back in the day’ (300 years ago) by the embroidered handkerchief.   Supposed to remind us AND let Lee-gak know she is Bu-yong reincarnated.  Lee-gak doesn’t see it because he’s a bit slow.

Apparently Park-ha wasn’t hurt too badly because the next scene has her back at the apartment recovering in her own bed.  Prince Lee-gak is right next to her, giving her medicine.  I’m having an odd sense of deja vu…almost like I’ve seen this before…(episode 9)

This time, instead of some snarky remarks by Prince Lee-gak toward Park-ha, something amazing happens.  Park-ha tries to return the embroidered handkerchief but it slips from her hand and falls right onto her face just like this…

Lee-gak stares at her and you can almost hear him thinking, “I’ve see this shit before.”  It’s almost like the angels are singing and there is a gigantic light bulb above his head as he finally realizes that Park-ha is his reincarnated sister in law from ‘back in the day’.  But NOOOOOO!  its all fake.  He doesn’t understand it.  He doesn’t realize.  I don’t know why, it’s written in the scrip that way.

Park-ha takes the handkerchief off of her face and hands it back to Lee-gak.  He takes it an makes an excuse to leave the room.

Back at the office, Se-na is still irritated her fiance (Lee-gak) totally ditched her right before an important meeting to go save Park-ha, her most hated enemy. So she does what every mature adult does and…go tells on her to grandma.

Grandma is pissed. Lee-gak is engaged to Se-na and should not be trying to save Park-ha’s life! (Really, Se-na only told grandma that Park-ha called Lee-gak out of the meeting, not that Park-ha needing rescuing)  Turns out the meeting was so important and the clients so insulted that they canceled the contract right on the spot.  Grandma is now in disbelief…Look at all of grandma’s disbelief.

She demands her grandson (Lee-gak) be brought to her immediately.

As Lee-gak races to his grandmothers office, he runs into Executive Pyo in the elevator. Executive Pyo tells Lee-gak what a mess was made after he left the meeting.  Tae-mu will use Lee-gak’s failure as leverage to gain control of the company and might even try to kick Lee-gak out.

But this anxiety is short lived because Lee-gak soon finds himself being yelled at by grandma.

Grandma is under the false impression that Park-ha called him out of the meeting and that Lee-gak is blindly following her everywhere. Not the case at all!  But instead of letting Lee-gak explain the circumstances, grandma demands either he or Park-ha move out of the apartment at once.  Then she backtracks and says she will speak with Park-ha herself and make her understand she shouldn’t be talking to engaged men.

Later that day, Prince Lee-gak, the minions and Park-ha are out eating dinner.  They tell Park-ha she should eat because she doesn’t look so well (thanks guys!).  Chi-san doesn’t like all the attention Park-ha is getting so he lets everyone know, again, that he’s the one who had an appendectomy. Attention turns toward him and he admits that he doesn’t feel pain if he doesn’t laugh.  Naturally, that’s everyone’s cue to make him laugh.  Instead of a joke or pulling a funny face…Man-bo and Yong-sool do this…

Maybe in Korea this is hilarious.  To me, it fills me with so much terror that I did 10 Our Fathers and 15 Hail Mary’s just to keep these two demons out of my computer. (not really, but that shit is scary)

Either way, Chi-san laughs hard enough to cause him great pain and then everyone is happy.

After dinner, the minions go off to get some beer leaving Lee-gak and Park-ha alone to walk home together. EXCEPT Lee-gak knows that grandma and our favorite alcoholic aunt are waiting at the rooftop apartment to confront Park-ha.  He does all he can to steer Park-ha away from the apartment.  This means they just get to go on a really loooong walk.

On this epic walk to nowhere, Park-ha apologizes for being the reason Lee-gak lost the contract.  He apologizes for making her go to the warehouse where she almost died.  (I guess that makes them even?)

More importantly, Lee-gak brings up the night Park-ha came home drunk and told him off.  She denies it ever happened. He assures her it did.  He agrees with her that she was unlucky he fell into her house out of all the houses in Seoul, but that it was good for him.  Before this touching moment can proceed any further, his phone rings.  It’s a text letting him know grandma left the apartment and it’s safe to return. However, he tells Park-ha that grandma is still there and they can’t go home yet. Lee-gak thinks he’s being so clever and sneaky that he feels confident enough to let a smirk fly right in front of Park-ha. (in reality, I just wanted to put a picture here because it breaks up the post nicely)

Instead of walking forever, they decide to get yet another meal (didn’t they just eat?!) Lee-gak breaks apart the chopsticks like a boss and Park-ha takes notice.  He’s really adapted to life in the 21st century.  She admits that when she first met him she thought he was crazy.  Rather than understand her position, Lee-gak gets butthurt and calls her a little person with a big and vulgar voice (burn?)

This turns into a pissing contest of who is the crazier person and we are all the winners just for watching!

Lee-gak lets it slip that he was the one wearing a bear costume and dancing around to help Park-ha sell strawberries.  Park-ha is surprised and suddenly thankful towards him.

He accepts her appreciation but uses this opportunity to lecture her.  He tells her her eyes were ‘like this’ when she looked at him…

Do I really need to say anything here?  Is anyone else thinking this…


Even after this stunning display of friendship full of bickering and name calling, Lee-gak gets another text from Chi-san asking him why he’s not home yet.  Park-ha asks if the text was to let him know grandma had left yet.  He tells her grandma is still at the apartment in order to continue this impromptu date.

Eventually they end up at a public sauna (totally normal date behavior, right?!) and she finally figures out Lee-gak has been lying to her the entire time about grandma still being at the house.  She tries to get back at him by reminding him of the helium balloon incident from episode 4 but it has no impact because he fell asleep as she was talking.

As he’s sleeping he dreams about his sister in law, Boo-yong.  He wonders why she’s suddenly showing up so much in his dreams. (I told you he was a bit slow)

When the two finally decide to head home, its raining and its morning!   ESCANDALO!  Instead of finding grandma waiting for them at the apartment, they see Se-na.  *gasp*  Se-na and Lee-gak were supposed to go looking for engagement halls…oops!

Later, at the office, Tae-mu has been making nice with the executives in the company.  At a board meeting, the executives question grandmas desire to make Tae-yong (Lee-gak) CEO.  He just lost a major contract and there are rumors he’s a little mental.

Executive Pyo defends Tae-yong’s actions a heroic. In a stunning turn of events, Tae-mu says Tae-yong deserves another chance.

Grandma tells Lee-gak not to waste this second chance and compete against Tae-mu.

The minions hear of their upcoming challenge to try and defeat Tae-mu’s team at finding the best product to sell on their network and are devastated. There is no way they think they can beat him. Lee-gak tells them they will lull Tae-mu into a false sense of security by pretending to be weak.

1. they will compile a fake list of manufactures

2. they will act like they are courting those manufacturers

3. they will let it slip to a female company member (why? cause women can’t keep secrets?) the list

4. they will act like their lives depend on signing a contract with one of those companies.

It’s all misdirection.

As the minions are working on the plan, Lee-gak and Se-na go engagement dress shopping.  She picks this dress.

Totes pretty right?  Lee-gak says “It’s nice.”   Which are the international words for “LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!” cause you know a fight is about to start.  You don’t tell a woman in a dress like that, that she looks ‘nice’.  She will cut you!  So Se-na voices her displeasure and gives him this look…

Meanwhile Lee-gak is completely bewildered because he doesn’t understand women at all.

The two go to a coffee shop and she tells him straight up that something is wrong with their relationship. She can tell he’s being distant.  He tells her its probably just her imagination.  Se-na then tells him she thinks it’s because of Park-ha and she’s worried Park-ha will steal him away from her.  This brings out a lion in Lee-gak as he defends Park-ha’s honor to Se-na.  Se-na is stunned as she’s used to men falling at her feet when ever she starts to cry and play the victim. Instead of play into the victim role more, she leaves him behind.


At the apartment, Park-ha is cleaning out her room and getting ready to move.  She doesn’t feel as comfortable living there as she once did since Lee-gak got engaged to Se-na.  She asks if she can bring the lotus flower with her (that represents her) when she leaves, Lee-gak tells her she can’t and if she really wants to see it then she can visit it whenever she wants. (awww, swoon!)   But of course, the conversation between Lee-gak and Park-ha ends up in bickering and storming off in a huff.

At dinner with the minions, Lady Mimi and Becky are shocked to hear Lee-gak is engaged to Se-na.  The girls are mad at the minions for letting this happen. The minions are shamed but assure the girls they have their reasons for letting it happen.

Lady Mimi offers her connections to get Park-ha a job and place to live, but the catch is it’s pretty far away (Pohang?). Park-ha is happy with far away.

Fortunately for Lee-gak and the minions, Tae-mu has bought into the ‘fake list’ strategy as he has spent much of his time contacting merchants on the list and threatening them not to talk to the minions. While Tae-mu is distracted, Lee-gak will go back to the cosmetics company and try to regain their favor.

After another bitch fest with Se-na, Park-ha writes a good-bye letter and places it under a tissue box. She’s bid by Lady Mimi to leave right then to interview for a job with her uncles landscaping business. She leaves.

At work, Se-na is walking the halls when Tae-mu runs up to her, grabs her arm and spins her around (I’ll allow a sip of ‘cherry coke’ on this one because she’s not dragged anywhere).  He wants to know why she’s resigning from the company.


Tae-mu begs Se-na not to go to Tae-yong (Lee-gak) because he believes Tae-yong will soon be ruined.  Se-na isn’t listening.  Through out all of this, Tae-mu’s dad is overhearing everything.  If there is one thing this Kdrama has taught me, its that whenever you are having an important conversation, someone is always listening in.  Always.

Tae-mu’s dad scolds Tae-mu for still having feelings for Se-na even after she dumped him to Tae-yong. Tae-mu is blinded by love and defends her.  His dad then tells him that Se-na has been lying to him about her family the entire time.  She doesn’t come from a wealthy family at all, and her mother is not a professor in England.

While looking for Park-ha at work, Lee-gak goes to her department and asks for her.  Park-ha’s boss informs him that Park-ha resigned earlier that morning.  Shocked, he runs home to find her room empty.

He finds the good-bye letter from Park-ha and reads it. She’s really said good-bye to him and the minions. Lee-gak doesn’t like this news and tries to call her over and over again only to hear that her phone is off.  He even finds Becky to see were Park-ha went.  After getting no help from Becky, he goes back to the apartment but even that place is difficult for him to be in because so much of it reminds him of Park-ha.

Tae-mu shows up at the fish market and finds Se-na’s mother.  She takes him into her office where he instantly sees a photograph of the entire family taken before Se-na allowed Park-ha to be taken away.  It proves that Se-na’s mother works at a fish market, that Park-ha is Se-na’s step sister and that Park-ha is Chairman Jang’s long lost daughter.

However, instead of doing the right thing by telling Chairman Jang about her daughter, Tae-mu will use this information to his advantage.

He calls up Se-na and requests to see her.  Tae-mu tells her he knows all about her family and that he’s alright with her lying to him.  (say what?!)  He wants Se-na to pretend to be the lost daughter in order to gain control of Chairman Jang’s company shares and to influence Chairman Jang at board elections.  If Se-na does this, then the entire company will be hers and Tae-mu’s.  Tae-yong (Lee-gak) will be cut out entirely. They also need to send Park-ha far away so that she never finds out her true mother and inheritance. (what dicks!)

Does Se-na take Tae-mu’s offer?  Won’t find out until the next episode.

Before the credits roll, we are left with one final scene.  Lee-gak has spent the entire night lighting sparklers in Park-ha’s honor because he believes she has gone forever.  When morning comes, Park-ha returns to the apartment after interviewing for the job and finds Lee-gak sitting in a lawn chair.  He sees her and is in complete shock.  then he delivers this lovely monologue…

“Do you know how much I looked for you?!! Writing a measly letter and not being reachable by phone, are you planning to kill me out of shock?! Why are you rendering me to such a state? Why did you make me like this? My heart felt as if it‘s shriveled up all day yesterday, and my heart was racing and felt as if it were going to exploded and I felt so exasperated, and I felt asphyxiated even when I was breathing and seriously thought I was going to go crazy! Despite how much I shouted and stomped my feet, it didn‘t make me feel better, even in the slightest! But now, after seeing your face, I think I understand. I had wanted to see you all day yesterday. I like you.”


Except for Park-ha.

She’s really upset and irritated.  All this time she’s been there for him, loving him and helping him to fit into this century and he was too busy looking at Se-na.  He finally realizes he’s got feelings for her AFTER she decides to move away?  Park-ha comments that he always just does what he wants without regard to the feelings of anyone else and turns away from him.

Lee-gak, not one to be ignored, grabs Park-ha’s arm, turns her around and pulls her in for a kiss.  FINALLY PARK-HA SWOONS!    And I just drank my entire can of ‘Cherry coke’.

My work here is done.


The end.


Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 11

Ok, so, one trip to Disneyland and two finals later, I’m back.

Let’s do this.

My pancreas hurts… Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

At the end of Episode 10, Prince Lee-gak read the text in which Park-ha confesses her undying (not really) love for him and she races off on her bike to avoid seeing his reaction.

At the beginning of episode 11, he catches up with her on his own bike and stops her.  Will he shoot her down? Will he confess his undying (not really) love for her?!?

NEITHER!  He pretends his phone is broken!!!  Chicken!!! Now, is this really the gentlemanly thing to do?  Avoid the situation?  Hmmm…we will have to wait and see.

Park-ha and Lee-gak get called over to Park-ha’s mothers place for lunch.  Se-na leaves just as the pair arrives, both oblivious to the others existence.

Park-ha goes inside where mother asks her to help prepare the income taxes. (right here I pass out. Taxes both frighten and bore me at the same time)

Before Park-ha leaves, mother gives her a mysterious cell phone that ended up in her shopping bag.  It is Tae-yong’s cell phone.  The same cell phone that will prove Tae-mu and Tae-yong met up in New York before Tae-yong’s disappearance.

While waiting for Se-na to show up at the rooftop apartment, Chi-san suddenly is struck with horrible pains in his stomach.  He’s quickly taken to the hospital where the other minions feel a sense of urgency to get back to ‘the day’ (300 years ago) so they can all die in their own time period.

It’s acute appendicitis, a simple affliction that can be fixed with a simple surgery today.  Man-bo goes back to the apartment to pack some clothes for Chi-san and as he’s doing this, Lee-gak and Park-ha come home.

Man-bo scolds the pair for not being home when Chi-san got sick. They all go to the hospital.

When they arrive in the hospital room, Se-na and Park-ha take notice of each other and OMG the glares!  They really don’t like each other.

Se-na gets praised for saving Chi-san’s life. Rather than hear the praise, Park-ha sulks out of the hospital room. But as she’s walking out, we get to hear this gem of a quote…

LOL!  I think this qualifies for toilet humor.  3 DRINKS!

In the hallway, Se-na guilt trips Lee-gak for being out with Park-ha but does it in a “Oh, I’m just wondering because I’m concerned about Chi-san because you weren’t there to help him.” kind of way.  Really lame and it only makes me dislike her more

Chi-san, recovering in the hospital bed, admits to the prince and the minions that he was truly scared he would die so far away from home.  Prince Lee-gak gets more resolve to marry Se-na so they can all return to their correct time.

Outside of the hospital, Lee-gak and Park-ha wait for the bus. It’s obvious they have growing feelings for each other, but both are fighting it for different reasons. Lee-gak believes he needs to marry Se-na and Park-ha stays quiet to avoid humiliation and the wrath of Se-na.  They are further from admitting anything to each other than they ever have been before.

When the bus arrives, Lee-gak gets on but Park-ha walks away.

Later that night, Lee-gak paces the floor waiting for Park-ha to come home. He tries to call her to see if she’s alright, but she’s not answering so he runs out to look for her.

Turns out, she came home almost immediately after he left.

When he finds her, he says he went outside only to get some fresh air. (another cop-out and lie!)

Inside, Prince Lee-gak takes out the lotus flower seed (now sprouting) from the aquarium and puts it in its own pot. Park-ha asks him why the lotus flower was taken from the aquarium.  He says it has to be removed and planted in soil so it can grow big and not die (Oh! Metaphor-city!  Park-ha = lotus flower)  Park-ha asks why the lotus cannot live in the aquarium with the other fish (fish=Prince Lee-gak and the minions). He tells her it was always the plan to remove the lotus from the beginning.  (oOOOooooooh! heartbreak!)

Then this episode has a lot of filler shots. You know, shots of Park-ha looking longingly off into the distance while Lee-gak stares at her and the camera’s focus changes between the two characters?  Lots of that.  And it’s about 5 minutes later when actual words are spoken.

Lee-gak asks Park-ha if its true?  If she really likes him.  He admits to seeing the text. (finally!) But he tells her not to like him.  (Oh, balls!)

THE NEXT DAY, Lee-gak takes Tae-yong’s cell phone to the store to access the information embedded inside. Namely, the photographs that prove Tae-mu did meet with Tae-yong.


And the date and time that these alleged photographs were taken?


10:08 on Feb 17, 2010.   Not sure if that says 10:08 am or pm BUT the sun was still out when the cousins went into the bar which leads me to believe both of them are the biggest lushes on the planet!  Who starts drinking at 10 in the morning?!

The point of that is, the photo was taken the day before Tae-yong went missing proving Tae-mu did meet up with him in New York and has been lying about it ever since.

To get more evidence, Lee-gak asks to see the postcard Tae-yong drew for Park-ha in New York.  (I’m sure this is an important scene but Maroon 5 playing in the background has completely taken my attention.)  Ok, back.  He wants to know the exact date she got the card.  (The 17th)  The post card asked her to meet him on the 19th.  Lee-gak, rather bluntly, informs Park-ha that Tae-yong was already dead when she waited by the Statue of Liberty to meet him.  *awkward*

But its ok, because Lee-gak also tells Park-ha that she was fated to meet Tae-yong. (all better now)

At the office, Lee-gak asks Executive Pyo about his disappearance in New York.  Executive Pyo is so sure Tae-mu had something to do with the disappearance but laments over the lack of evidence.

Later that same day, in order to get more information, Lee-gak invites Tae-mu to a bar.  Here they both engage in verbal chess in order to reveal or conceal critical information about Tae-yong’s disappearance. Lee-gak, after several minutes of side-stepping finally throws away pretense and asks bluntly if Tae-mu met him (Tae-yong) in New York two years ago.  He then reasons with Tae-mu that if he says he didn’t meet with Tae-yong then Tae-mu is a liar.  If Tae-mu says he did meet with Tae-yong, then he is a murderer.  It is up to Tae-mu to decide whether he is a liar or a murderer.

Tae-mu leaves in a huff without deciding to be either a liar or a murderer, so Lee-gak calls him both. This only makes Tae-mu come back with renewed vigor to completely squash Lee-gak (because he knows he’s not really Tae-yong)

Back at the office, Lee-gak is walking up a stairwell just as Park-ha is walking down.  She falls and twists her ankle but is helped by other workers. Lee-gak is forced to watch on the sideline, however he does go to the pharmacy and purchase ointments and a bandage for Park-ha and leaves it on her desk.

While coming back home, Park-ha demands to speak to Lee-gak.  Shes upset because he told her not to like him but he keeps doing nice things for her that lead her on. (She’s got a point) He sits her down and calmly explains to her his entire back story.  He had a crown princess who was murdered, he created his own Medieval Korean CSI team and time traveled to the future.  (really, this is more to refresh our memories than it is to inform her.)

He also reminds her that he’s got to marry Se-na because he believes someone will try to kill her.  (It’s here you really gotta pause and think to yourself “If I were in Park-ha’s situation, would I believe this?”  My answer is no…lol)

A little later on, Se-na has asked Lee-gak to meet her at a coffee shop where she proposes to him.  He accepts and they seal it with a handshake. (How romantic!)

Tae-mu’s father informs Tae-mu that Se-na and Lee-gak are now engaged to be married.  Tae-mu is determined more than ever to get Lee-gak out of his life.

Tae-mu corners Se-na in the stairwell and demands to know what she’s thinking.  Doesn’t she love him? Why is she going to marry Lee-gak?  Because she’s an opportunistic and selfish human being, she calmly tells Tae-mu their relationship is over and to never call her again.

However, instead of letting Se-na go, he tells her he won’t leave quietly and won’t allow her to marry Lee-gak.  *creep alert*  Tae- mu does grab Se-na and spin her around so I’m going to allow half a drink  per the rules set forth in the Kdrama ‘cherry coke’ drinking game.

Se-na goes home and tells her mother about her engagement to the grandson of a CEO. Mother is ecstatic (naturally) and wants to meet the family right away.  Se-na won’t allow it.  She’s still embarrassed to have her mother as…well, her mother.

Park-ha goes out to dinner with mother and learns of the engagement too.  Mother wonders why Park-ha is taking so many shots of soju. (It’s because her heart is broken!  Gosh!)

AND another 5 minutes of filler full of memories and looks of longing off into space.  This time its Lee-gak, standing on the terrace of the rooftop apartment, remembering all his memories of Park-ha. This is interrupted, of course, by a drunk Park-ha clobbering up the stairs and picking a fight with him. (I love Park-ha. haha!)

Out loud, she wonders, of all the places in Seoul, why did he and his minions have to land in her living room.  She calls it rotten luck.  He thinks it might be something more.

With Chi-san in the hospital and Yong-sool taking care of him, Man-bo asks Park-ha to accompany him to the warehouse to pick up something that will help them win the product competition with Tae-mu.

Unfortunately, the warehouse isn’t kept up to code or there is just some really bad faulty wiring because this happens…

Without realizing a fire has already started, Man-bo leaves the warehouse in search of an updated inventory list.  Unfortunately, he also doesn’t realize the door locks behind him when he leaves.  Park-ha is now left inside of a burning warehouse all alone.

Lee-gak is about to begin a very important business presentation with the cosmetic company he’s trying to sign a contract with when Man-bo calls and tells him about the fire.  Immediately, he excuses himself and leaves the meeting, and Se-na, behind to rush to Park-ha’s aid.

Once Lee-gak arrives at the warehouse, he takes out the embroidered handkerchief, drenches it with water and runs into the flames. *hero*

Once inside, Lee-gak is screaming to get Park-ha’s attention. He doesn’t realize she’s huddled in a corner suffering from some pretty bad smoke inhalation and is barely conscious.  Everything is on fire and wood is falling from the ceiling. It’s literally a hot mess. As the episode ends, this is the very last scene.  Will he find Park-ha before it’s too late?  Won’t find out till the next episode!  Curse you, cliffhangers!

The end.

Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 10

I hear the final two episodes are out but I can’t find them.  Cest la vie!  Also, it’s Memorial Day weekend I’m so getting ready for some pretty rad BBQ (and remembering fallen soldiers). And after seeing The Avengers last night, I am all about (Captain) America…

Just sayin’

Let’s get this party started.

Well on my way to diabetes. Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

After the extra display of bitchiness by Se-na from episode 9, her name has been reworked (by me and those in the ‘know’) into a adjective to describe someone being truly heinous and evil. (Kudos to Sean Bateman)

ANYWAY, seeing as it was probably Se-na’s time of the month, she went out  of her way to try and break Park-ha’s heart by stealing Prince Lee-gak away from her. And she succeeds. It was so heartbreaking for me to watch this scene again so I skipped right past it.

Park-ha walks home slowly, thinking about what just happened. (I gotta give her credit here because I would most likely be crying my eyes out.)  Se-na is just so mean!  However, Park-ha has ten times more swagger than me because instead of allowing the situation to beat her, she goes out to the park and plays basketball…in heels. The sign of a truly kickass lady.

To continue their impromptu date, Se-na and Prince Lee-gak go to the same place where JanDi and Jun Pyo go on their first date during Boys Before Flowers, Seoul’s N-Tower.  Se-na is trying to keep Lee-gak around her as much as possible in hopes of destroying Park-ha’s birthday entirely, but Lee-gak (being a decent human, after all) decides he can’t ditch Park-ha on her birthday and ditches Se-na instead.

The 3 minions come across Park-ha on the basketball court and ask her if she’s seen the Prince since he was going to buy her birthday dinner that evening.  She denies seeing him. They question why she’s playing basketball…in heels.  She tells them she just finished her own birthday dinner with a friend (LIES!).

She explains the game of basketball to the minions and tells Yong-sool to try it out.  He, on his first attempt, accomplishes the most triumphant of dunks. (Whoa, able to dunk and decorate cakes!  Could he get any more amazing?)

While Park-ha and the minions are playing basketball, Prince Lee-gak happens upon them. Park-ha sees him and beckons him over to join the game. They will have a game, but a wager will be placed.  Losing team must grand the winning team a wish.  Who is on what team?  Chi-san bows out, feeling too winded to continue.

Man-bo claims Yong-sool leaving the Prince and Park-ha on the same team.  Park-ha, not quite able to forgive the Prince yet says she chooses Yong-sool to be on her team and links arms with him. (awkward glances follow because, you know, actual physical touching occurred) The prince objects.

To fix the problem of picking teams, they decided to do rock-paper-scissors: sit/stand version.  The two people who sit are on a team, the two people who stand are on a team.  The Prince motions to Yong-sool to throw the game so that he will be on Park-ha’s team.  Does that happen?

Nope!  Yong-sool stands at the last second with Park-ha so they are now on the same team.  Obviously, they ultimately win the game  because of that epic dunk from earlier.

What do they win?  What is the wish that Park-ha asks Man-bo and Prince Lee-gak to grant?  He takes out his wallet to prepare himself for her request, but it has nothing to do with money.

“Just let me punch you once.” she says before sucker punching him in the gut.

And really, what girl hasn’t wanted to punch a guy that has broken her heart?  Park-ha is the only one brave enough to do it and I say BRAVA!

Back at the apartment, pushing the sucker punch to the wayside for now, the Prince and 3 minions celebrate Park-ha’s birthday with decorated cake, bad choreography and all.

Prince Lee-gak then moves like he’s about to give Park-ha the rather unattractive hair barrette he bought her last episode, but decides against it because of the sucker punch.  He claims to feel unwell and goes to bed early.

Park-ha begins to regret sucker punching him.

The next day, at the office, Se-na approaches Executive Pyo and asks him if she can transfer to his department. Tae-mu’s dad overhears this and approaches her after Executive Pyo leaves.  He accuses her of switching her ‘affections’ from Tae-mu to Tae-yong (Prince Lee-gak)  (Which is exactly what is happening.)

So, in typical bully behavior, whenever a bully gets bullied, Se-na seeks out Park-ha, knocks the fruit bowl out of her hands, (Hey! what did that fruit ever do to you?!) and tells her she will take everything of hers. The way Se-na sneers at Park-ha reminds me of that god-awful photograph of Britney Spears attacking photographers with an umbrella. Really quite uncomfortable to think about.

In Grandma’s office, Tae-mu’s dad and Executive Pyo enter into a competition.  Their teams will develop and sell a new product and which ever team wins will probably hold the next CEO of the company.

Executive Pyo tells Lee-gak to find a new product and tells the 3 minions to come up with a sales strategy.  They know they will have a lot to do going up against Tae-mu so they have to come up with a sneaky plan. Se-na joins Executive Pyo’s team just this once to help out (and really, grandma is trying to get Se-na and Tae-yong (Lee-gak) together) And it turns out, Se-na has a secret weapon up her sleeve. Beauty products!

After a business meeting with the president of the beauty products line, Lee-gak and Se-na discuss their relationship over coffee.  Se-na asks what kind of relationship he has with Park-ha and pretends to be concerned over hurting her feelings. (MORE LIES!)  Lee-gak assures her there is no relationship. But he can’t help himself from thinking of her when a buzzer goes off near-by.

At the office building, Chi-san calls Park-ha and tells her that he and the other minions just got their first pay check and want to buy her dinner.

As Executive Pyo gives the 3 minions their pay, they in return give him tips.  Executive Pyo dances sarcastically as if he’s dancing for their money, but unable to understand sarcasm, the 3 minions keep shoving money into his coat pockets.  (Something similar may or may not have happened last weekend in Korea (town).)

Lee-gak and Tae-mu play racketball again as Se-na watches.  As we see her head switch back and forth between each of the guys its obvious she’s debating on who to bet her future happiness on.  And by ‘happiness’ I mean ‘who will give her the most money and power’.   Tae-mu tells Se-na to stay away from Lee-gak as he is an imposter and will prove it soon.  Se-na doesn’t seem too worried.  I don’t think she cares who he is just as long as he will be inheriting a lot of money.

Se-na and Tae-mu really are a cute couple. I just wish they weren’t such horrible human beings.

When Park-ha gets off of work, she meets the 3 minions for dinner.  Chi-san mentions that he heard he’s supposed to buy something for his family with his first paycheck.  Park-ha says it’s a good idea but for what family are they buying for?  For the first time we see the 3 minions feeling truly homesick.  Just a glimpse into making their characters 3D with feelings and inner conflicts instead of 2D nerds.

They all separate to buy their gifts and when they reconvene they share what they got.  Chi-san bought a box of medicated pads for his mother back home (300 years ago) because she has a bad back.  Man-bo bought a bottle of make-up for his little sister. Yong-sool bought a box of beef jerky so his father, who is poor, would eat better and in turn help his health improve.  This is truly and interesting scene to view as we literally watch these characters evolve right in front of us.  They aren’t just minions, they have their own lives outside of the Prince.  Now, I wish they would find themselves some girls so they can really start living in the 21st century. Create some conflicts there…or is one love triangle enough for one Kdrama?

Listening to the minion’s stories make Park-ha cry, and honestly makes me feel a little misty myself.  So in order to cheer her (and me) up, there is another montage!!!

Shopping!  Laughing!  Good times!  PHOTO BOOTH!!!

There were so many “peace” signs while posing for pictures that I lost count.  (FINISH OFF THE ENTIRE CAN OF ‘CHERRY COKE’ AND PASS OUT)

Man-bo reveals to Park-ha the reason Lee-gak is chasing after Se-na so intently.  They believe if Lee-gak marries the reincarnation of his wife (Se-na) then they will all be able to go back home (300 years ago)

Later that night, Park-ha sees Lee-gak being dropped off at home by Se-na and it breaks her heart to the point that she barely responds to him when he addresses her.  The minions, about to go out and play basketball, are met on the street by Se-na who offers to cook them all KBBQ the following day.  The 3 minions agree amongst themselves that they should help Se-na and Prince Lee-gak get closer together so they can get back home as soon as possible and discover who killed the crown princess.  They also make note that Park-ha could be a problem since they know she likes Lee-gak.

After days of avoidance, Lee-gak finally confronts Park-ha.  She denies that she’s avoiding him and walks away from him again.

When Se-na gets home from dropping Lee-gak off at the apartment, she arrives home to discover her apartment door open so naturally she called the cops in case there were burglars inside.  OH WAIT…NO SHE DIDNT!  She walked right on in and luckily enough for her, it was empty.  I’m talking, entirely empty.  Tae-mu’s dad had the entire place cleaned out to urge her to quit the company and his son. After this, Se-na has pretty much made up her mind to go with Lee-gak.  As she’s packing her clothes up, Tae-mu comes in and begs her to stay.  She doesn’t and moves in with her mother temporarily.

Executive Pyo is conned into joining our favorite alcoholic aunt at a coffee shop where she tries to convince him to marry her.  He doesn’t say, no, but instead takes a page out of the book of Will Smith and says, “Oh, hell no!”  And our favorite alcoholic aunt’s heart is broken while Alicia Keyes plays in the background.

Back at the rooftop apartment, Park-ha asks the minions what she should fix them for lunch. They tell her not to worry about it, that Se-na is throwing them a kbbq party for lunch.  Park-ha looks a little stunned for a moment as I’m sure it dawns on here that Se-na really is taking everything of hers.  Rather than hang around and watch the guys have fun with Se-na, she borrows Becky’s bike and rides away.

Lee-gak, noticing Park-ha isn’t around, finds out she has left for a bike ride.  Instead of hanging around at the bbq, he takes off after her on his own bike.

After a small bicycle chase around a park, they find themselves sitting on a bench near a pond.  Park-ha tells him she won’t be his servant anymore.  He sighs and gives her the unattractive hair barrette he bought for her in episode 8.  She says she won’t accept it which makes him go on a tirade and reveal some previously unsaid facts.

Forget the fact that he called her a bothersome creature!  He’s totally concerned about her!!!  HE CARES!    swoon!

After his tirade, he jumps on his bike and rides away in a huff.  Park-ha begins to feel bad about avoiding him and not being honest.  Her heart is sad that she has this unrequited love.  She knows he can never love her back. She takes out her cell phone and write to him completely intending NOT to send him a text. “I like you…I love you”

Instead of pressing delete, she hits SEND.  Oh the horror!  She just told Lee-gak she loves him!!! Suddenly, Lee-gak comes riding back toward her.  Did he get the text?  Did he read it?!

He tells her they will need to talk some more as he’s not satisfied with her answers, but before they begin, he will get them some drinks.  He leaves his jacket on the park bench and heads over to a vendor.

Suddenly, Lee-gak’s jacket beeps.  His phone is in the jacket!  Quickly, Park-ha gets his phone out…HE HASN’T READ THE MESSAGE!    *whew*  She’s got to delete the message, but doesn’t know his password. Oh, the drama!

So, you know, the only way to get rid of the evidence is to get rid of the phone completely.  Since there is a gardener near by digging holes, she throws his cell phone in one and buries it.

Lee-gak comes back wanting to talk things out with her.  Suddenly, a dog begins to bark and dig where she buried his phone.  To distract Lee-gak, she tells him she wants to look at flowers on the OTHER side of the park and, in fact, she’s not angry at all!  They should just drop the issue and go home. Right now.

The commotion by the dog has caught Lee-gaks attention, however, and both he and the gardener are surprised when a cell phone is pulled from the ground.

He immediately recognizes it as his cell phone and retakes possession of it.  Realizing something is fishy, he asks Park-ha if she buried it.  She plays dumb.  The phone alerts him to the arrival of a text.  He looks and sees a text from her. He’s about to open it.

Before he has a chance, Park-ha jumps on her bike and speeds away.  Before going after her, he reads what she wrote him.

Lee-gak also jumps on his bike and races after Park-ha.  The episode ends when he catches up with her and blocks the way so she can’t escape any further.

The end.

Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 9

One thing I truly enjoy about this kdrama is the emotional roller coaster ride it takes me on.  What I like even more is the fact that I know things will end up alright in the end (rule #1 of comedies. William Shakespeare says so, it’s the law)

Fun and delicious. Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

At the end of Episode 8, Park-ha was accused of pretending not to know who Tae-yong (Lee-gak) was in order to nurse him back to health and get her hands on his money.  This isn’t true, of course, but the evil step-sister, Se-na, has seemingly bad evidence against Park-ha and showed it to grandma and our favorite alcoholic aunt.  They believe Se-na and Park-ha is declared a very bad girl despite her claims to the contrary.

Outside, grandma, our favorite alcoholic aunt and Se-na try to get ahold of Lee-gak to get to the truth.  Grandma plans on asking both Park-ha and Lee-gak together since it’s apparently no use to ask either of them separately.  Se-na, in a sense, scolds Park-ha for being so devious.  She think’s Park-ha is “something else” when it reality Se-na is just projecting her own insecurities onto Park-ha.  (Psychology 101 rears it’s ugly little head)

At Grandma’s office, Park-ha and Lee-gak are grilled about the drawing and how the two of them met.  They both contend that Park-ha didn’t know who gave her the drawing but grandma assures Lee-gak that he couldn’t know that since he’s lost his memory.  The coincidences are too great for grandma and our favorite alcoholic aunt to belive. (Really, Kdrama?  You expect us to buy into all the coincidences but you won’t let your characters believe in them?  Shame on you.)

Lee-gak defends Park-ha and admits *gasp* that he ‘likes’ her and that’s why he moved into her rooftop apartment. Grandma is furious.  Park-ha earlier told grandma there was nothing going on between herself and Lee-gak (true, Park-ha didn’t know he liked her) but to grandma’s eyes, it is just another lie.  She tells Park-ha not to bother coming into work tomorrow and to move out of the rooftop apartment.

To ask for forgiveness? Lee-gak sits on grandma’s lawn until dawn.  (but really, its just an excuse to show Micky Yoochun looking silent and mysterious while blossoms fall around him to make all the girls swoon. lol)




Yep, all the girls swooned.

Lee-gak stays out there all night like that until grandma finally tells him to come in the next morning. She asks him how deep the relationship is between him and Park-ha.  He tells her he will never marry Park-ha, that he will marry someone else.  (Not at all what I wanted to hear) This makes grandma ask him if he’s a player like his grandfather (LOL!  point to grandma!)

But since Tae-yong (Lee-gak) wont be marrying Park-ha, grandma is satisfied and has agreed to pretend the entire episode never happened. (that was a quick resolution to such a huge problem.  I like how the Koreans think)

As he’s leaving grandmas, he’s a bit shocked to see Park-ha waiting for him at the gate.  He’s limping from sitting like that all night long so she takes him to get some ‘liquid muscle patch’ (Icy Hot?)  As she’s rubbing it on his ankles, he apologizes for causing her so much pain and even holds her hand.  Park-ha begins to cry and moves to wipe away a tear completely forgetting she has medicine on her hands and it gets into her eyes.  The screaming and crying begins. lolz.

In Tae-mu’s apartment, he and Se-na are having breakfast.  He tells her they should get married as soon as possible, she avoids the subject.  Tae-mu then brings up the subject of Chairman Jang.  He says the long lost daughter would probably get Chairman Jang’s stock if she were ever found.  Se-na is immediately upset at this news because she knows Park-ha is the lost daughter. She will do anything to keep her from discovering it. So, while Tae-mu will try to find the daughter quickly as possible to get her on his side to take over the company, Se-na will be right behind him sabotaging him the entire way.  The couple that schemes together, stays together!

Upon seeing Park-ha and Lee-gak together at work, Se-na calls up our favorite alcoholic aunt to discover how she’s still around.  Our favorite alcoholic aunt tells Se-na about Lee-gak’s love confession leaving her stunned. Auntie tells Se-na she should make a play for Tae-yong (Lee-gak) and steal him away from Park-ha.

Back at work, the minions see Park-ha’s blind date at the information desk.

The minions confront him.  What on Earth is he doing there?

They tell Blind date that Park-ha wasn’t interested but he tells them in return he’s just there to drop off a cake for her since her birthday is tomorrow.

The minions had no idea!  Very smoothly (not) they take Blind Date’s cake and send him on his way.

Tae-mu’s father asks to see Se-na in his office.  He, not so kindly, tells her that she should quit the company so that she stays away from Tae-mu.  Se-na, not one to be out bitched, counter attacks with a threat to reveal his secret plan to take over the company if he keeps harassing her.

Instead of giving Park-ha Blind Date’s birthday cake, they decide to give it to Executive Pyo as a gift.  Unfortunately, they didn’t realize there was a love letter in side the cake box and now Executive Pyo thinks Chi-san has a crush on him.  At least the cake is pretty.

In the hallways at work, Se-na comes across Tae-mu’s dad and Park-ha discussing something. She’s too far away to hear the conversation or understand that it’s harmless, but since Se-na is paranoid her mind will jump to conclusions.

At the squash courts, Se-na is offering lessons to Lee-gak that conveniently allow the pair to be close enough to touch each other.  Is this part of Se-na’s plan?  We know Lee-gak is loving it.  *giggle*

Love on the squash court.

In the middle of their talk on the squash court, Lee-gak gives Se-na the handkerchief he brought with him from back in ‘the day’ in hopes she would recognize it. She doesn’t.

Se-na drives Lee-gak to the rooftop apartment and weasles her way inside by saying she wants a glass of water.  Once inside, they run into Park-ha who is in the middle of doing laundry.  Lee-gak tells Park-ha to get Se-na water.  (So many things wrong with this situation I don’t even know where to begin.  First of all, Park-ha and Se-na are enemies.  Don’t ask Park-ha to get her a glass of water! Secondly, can’t he see she’s busy carrying around a laundry basket?!  What? She’s just gotta drop everything whenever he says to?  Lee-gak, please!)   She, not so subtly, puts down the basket and goes to get Se-na her precious glass of water.

Lee-gak then hands the sweat stained handkerchief and tells her to wash it and to make sure its done gently BECAUSE IT’S VERY IMPORTANT.  Park-ha, in a huff, throws it into the laundry basket so poorly that it halfway hangs in and out.  When she picks up the basket, it falls out completely.

Se-na sees the handkerchief on the floor, picks it up and takes it with her knowing how important it is to Lee-gak.

The three minions, wanting to celebrate Park-ha’s birthday, decide to make her a cake. They go to a bakery that allows customers to bake their own cakes. Yong-sool mentions he wants to bake a cake like a house.  Man-bo corrects him and says its, “As big as a house”.  There are more instances of comedy gold like this coming up later.  Keep your britches on.

We see them ‘making’ the cake and it looks like a hot hot mess. You just know it’s going to end up a disaster right?

Wrong!  They’re brilliant at cake decoration!  It ends up being 4 or 5 tiers high.  Who knew a bodyguard, librarian and eunuch from 300 years ago could be such amazing cake decorators!!! I sure as hell didn’t.  Consider me proved wrong.

Park-ha’s and Se-na’s mother tricked both of them to come to her house at the same time in order to get them talking to each other again.  A mini-truce is called so they can have dinner.  Here, mother takes note of the ring Chairman Jang gave Se-na before telling Park-ha to eat well because it’s her birthday.  Park-ha is thankful for her mother and Se-na scoffs at the fact Park-ha dares to use the word ‘mother’ when she isn’t blood related to either of them.

Mother asks what Se-na is bitching about.  Se-na tells mother that Park-ha has said she disowns her as a sister in order to make her look bad.  (Technically true, but Se-na threw the first volley and is now twisting Park-ha’s own words against her.  I am amazed at how much evil oozes from her pores.)

Se-na tells Park-ha that if she remembers the past and the bad things she’s done, then why not provide evidence for it.  She then yells at her mother telling her that since Park-ha is no longer her sister to not bother calling her over for stupid family dinners.  (I bet mom is really embarrassed at how badly she failed at raising a decent human being.)

Back at the rooftop apartment, the 3 minions completely clear out the refrigerator to fit the gigantic and beautifully decorated cake for Park-ha’s birthday party.  Lee-gak says its uselessly large and that there should be no other preparations for the birthday party.  The minions decide to ask Lady Mimi and Becky, downstairs, for the proper way to celebrate birthdays.

They learn the essentials are cake, cone hats and noise makers. (easy, right?)

Also, another very important feature…the birthday song!  Unfortunately, Lady Mimi modeled it like a woman would sing it and the 3 minions copied her every movement. They end up looking like this…

This is so wonderfully delicious, kudos to whoever thought this up. lol!

A few hours later, Park-ha is frantically searching for the embroidered handkerchief that fell out of the laundry basket and that Se-na actually has. Lee-gak is furious with her for losing it. She feels bad about losing it, so sure that she washed it with everything else, but Lee-gak won’t give her any credit.  She tries to reason with him but he’s too mad. He asks her if she’s an idiot or just bad. (WHOA!) Finally she stands up to him and yells back that she’ll find it an leaves before he can say anything else.

As Park-ha and Lee-gak are fighting, the 3 minions are watching and listening on the upstairs landing.  I think this is the first time it dawns on me that Park-ha and Lee-gak are like fighting parents and the 3 minions are their children.  And maybe Yong-sool has a bit of an Oedipus-Rex thing going on…I hope not, because, awkward.

Later on, while preparing for the party, the 3 minions meet to see all the things they’ve purchased.  Yong-soon says he has everything, (cue the Korean play on words that I don’t understand because I don’t speak Korean)  Apparently these things sound the same in theory but in practice they are clearly not. the. same.

Party hat =/= sunflower seeds?

Noise makers =/= bean porridge

While this is funny, it happens much more often than even I would like to admit.  For instance, at a restaurant, when you have a waiter who slurs his words and asks you if you want Super Salad to go with your meal, don’t say “Yes” because then he’ll look at you like you’re an idiot.  He actually said “Soup OR salad.”  And even though he spoke with a lazy tongue, you will be the one called a moron. *rant over*

Across town, Park-ha is sifting through literally mountains of clothing looking for the missing handkerchief (that Se-na has)

Unable to find the handkerchief (duh!) Park-ha sulks back home. She runs into Prince Lee-gak and he scolds her for being unreachable.  He asks her if she’s been out all night looking for the handkerchief and she responds telling the truth. Oddly, he’s not yelling.  In fact, he tells her not to worry about it because there’s nothing that can be done.  She mentions his change in behavior and tells her to go get some rest.  He shouldn’t be yelling at the birthday girl on her birthday!

A few hours later, Lee-gak is unhappy to learn that Park-ha has yet to make his lunch.  The minions tell him she is sick from being out all night looking for HIS handkerchief.  He goes into her room to check on her and her pulse.

He diagnoses her with the affliction of ‘talking too much’ and promptly leaves the room.  What Park-ha doesn’t know is that Lee-gak is writing a list of ingredients (for medicine) for the minions to get.

Back at the office, Tae-mu’s father has asked an underling of his to divulge information on his son.  He learns Tae-mu has an apartment that he shares with Se-na.  Dad goes over to the apartment to find Se-na’s mother trying to enter the apartment and she accidentally tells him who she is.  He’s now got more ammunition against Se-na.

Once the medicine is finished brewing, Prince Lee-gak gives it to Park-ha along with some Park-ha candy to make it taste less bitter. She apologizes for losing his handkerchief and he says for her not to worry, if it’s truly his it will come back to him.

Just as he’s about to tell her to go to sleep, he looks at the postcard drawing of Park-ha and asks her more about it.  She reiterates, again, that she didn’t know Tae-yong drew it for her, but it is obvious that he drew it two years ago.  She does reveal that she was given the postcard one day, after work, with a post-it attached telling her to meet someone near the Statue of Liberty but that person never showed.

Lee-gak mentions that Tae-yong was probably already dead by the time she went to meet him.

Se-na meets Tae-mu’s father again in his office.  This time Tae-mu lets her know that he knows her mother works in a fish market and not in England as a professor.  She automatically believes that Park-ha told him this information when she saw them speaking earlier this episode. Her fury is blinding and she swears she will take everything that Park-ha has.

Se-na immediately goes over to the rooftop apartment and barges into Park-ha’s room.  Park-ha is still asleep.  Instead of waking her up, Se-na discovers a post-it note left for Park-ha by Lee-gak.  It tells her to meet him by the river at 7pm.  Se-na forms a plan to begin taking everything from Park-ha, starting with Lee-gak.

However, Lee-gak is across town buying a present for Park-ha’s birthday.  It’s a hair barrette. (honestly, not even that cute of a hair barrette either.)

Park-ha, excited to meet Lee-gak by the river, spends a little extra time getting ready.

As Lee-gak is waiting for her, Se-na suddenly shows up and declares (rather unconvincingly, to me at least) that she HAS come to like him (LIES!), which makes him very happy.  She hands him the handkerchief and tells him she searched high and low for it all night long (MORE LIES!) and this only solidifies, in his mind, that they are soulmates. (you’re getting played, son!)

Se-na then sees Park-ha wondering toward them (in a love daze) so she grabs Lee-gak and hugs him.  Park-ha sees the embrace and I can almost hear her heart breaking.

If that weren’t cruel enough, Se-na then moves to make it look like she’s kissing Prince Lee-gak!  ESCANDALO!  What’s worse, she then stares at Park-ha to relish the pain that she’s in.

The end.