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Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince Episode 7

So, I’ve been thinking and with the amount of time it takes me to put an episode guide together, I will never ever finish this challenge.  The next Kdrama will be delivered much differently.  And since I found out last night that Christopher reads these reviews so he doesn’t have to watch them himself then I’m doing all this work for nothing, pretty much.  Shame, Chris.  You should feel lots and lots of shame.

As always, Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

After the fight between Park-ha and Se-na, Park-ha leaves the studio and runs into Lee-gak who realizes that something isn’t right.  Park-ha stormed off without speaking a word to him (because she’s a Cranky McBitchypants right now and has every right to be)

Se-na leaves the studio almost immediately after Park-ha and Lee-gak (in my mind) looks at her like, “What have you done?!” but in reality, since he’s a guy and a bit slow, is thinking something more along the lines of “I like turtles.”

Regardless, he runs after Park-ha to make sure she’s alright but she is having none of it.  Won’t even respond!  He’s wondering why she’s being so rude to him but, like I said…he’s a bit slow to the ways of male/female relationships of the the 21st century.(but still, gotta give him credit for trying to see if she was alright.)

She leaves him behind to go visit her mom in the hospital. (remember that, when Tae-mu ran her over with his car?  Yeah, mom somehow only got a concussion. Pure Kdrama luck.)   Chairman Jang walks into the hospital room to visit too. Mom sends Park-ha out of the room. Mom says that Park-ha is not the one Chairman Jang is looking for.  Chairman Jang says she was wrong to ask for her daughter.  She says she will keep the promise she made 29 years ago (Park-ha is 27) not to ask for her daughter back.   Ok, so maybe Park-ha really isn’t the missing daughter.  (balls!)

AHHH!  It’s Se-na!  Se-na is the daughter Chairman Jang came back for. (double balls!) Apparently, Chairman Jang has cancer and would have liked to have seen her daughter before she dies. =(

BUT!!!  OOOH, she has another daughter that she’s looking for apparently.  (maybe still Park-ha?)

Se-na finally condescends to bring herself to the hospital to visit her mom and Chairman Jang sees her.  *gasp* Oh the tears!

Park-ha heads home and when she gets off of the bus, her phone rings.  It’s Lee-gak.  He’s standing at the bus stop as well  with some delicious sweet drinks in his hand.  She pretty much tells him she’s not in the mood and to leave her alone for a little while.  So, he does what every normal person would do and…follows her around as she wonders from perfectly situated scenic view to scenic view.

She catches him following her and he asks he needs to know why she’s mad at him.  And in typical angry female response (because we lie to ourselves, constantly) says, “Who says I’m mad at you?!”  (uh, everyone, cause she is mad at him, and the world)

Park-ha ditches him again and heads for the RV where she happens upon this scene…

The minions are testing new products to determine which ones to sell on the home shopping network.  As funny as this is to me, it’s just as irritating to Park-ha after the day she had.  And, honestly, I don’t blame her for telling them to get lost when they ask for her help trying to come up with a marketing plan.

Banished outside, the 3 minions discover Prince Lee-gak outside as well where they all proceed to talk trash about her.

“She doesn’t have an ounce of compassion a woman should have.”

“She’s an ice queen”

“If we were back in ‘the day’ she would be nothing more than a servant.”

Meanwhile, Yong-sool is standing in the background not joining in to the Park-ha bashing fest.  The guys want to know why he’s not joining in and why he’s always protecting Park-ha.  Does he have feelings for her?  (gah!  would be amazing if true!)   He denies any feelings for her up and down, left and right and even twice on Sundays. =(

He was merely waiting for the Prince’s permission to verbally slap Park-ha down (what a gentleman.  pffffft!)

He readies himself to deliver his tirade, not realizing Park-ha has walked out of the RV and is heading toward them.

I’ll let the guy speak for himself…

And as he continues, the other 3 realize Park-ha is listening to every single word…

The guys don’t give him the congratulations he was looking for and turns to see Park-ha standing right behind him.  She tells him she was coming outside to help them and she’s sorry for being in a bad mood and that she’s disappointed in him.  She thought he was noble and a gentleman but he’s nothing more than a gossip.

Park-ha leaves in another huff and the other three guys try to look busy doing something else.  My favorite?  Chi-san using the old “I’ve got a phone call coming in so I can’t talk to you right now” routine.  My, these guys learn fast.

It’s interesting, I can’t tell if Yong-sool really does have feelings for Park-ha and was just talking trash to impress the guys or if his outburst was true.

Back inside the RV, Park-ha is packing her things.  Prince Lee-gak sees this and questions what she is doing. She doesn’t want to stay in a place where people talk bad about her.  She barges past him and he grabs her shoulder (but doesn’t drag her anywhere so no drinks!) making her drop her purse in the process.  The photo of her when she was one falls out and he sees it for the first time.  She explains to him it is a picture of her family, including her birth mother.

She reveals she got one childhood memory back but does not reveal which one.  Prince Lee-gak tells her the importance of memories and becomes more resolved to make the Crown Princess (Se-na) remember him so they can be together again.(D’OH!)

Back at the hospital, Tae-mu visits Se-na’s and Park-ha’s mother as she’s getting checked out.  He apologizes (he might have a heart after all to go along with that pretty face).  She’s not going to sue him because she thinks he knows Park-ha pretty well.  In return, he has agreed to pay for all of the medical bills associated with the accident. He then asks if there is anything else he can do for her.  She asks if he can get Park-ha a job.  (So embarrassing!) She’s to come by the office later.

Across town,at the office, the 3 minions (can we call them Stooges at this point?) are discussing the qualities that make a woman the ‘perfect’ woman.  Wide hips to give birth to many children, surely!  But in all reality, this scene is to waste time so Prince Lee-gak can make an entrance.

He has discovered “Park ha candy”  (after dinner mint?!)  and wants his minions to try it. Yong-sool is hesitant to chew on the candy and Prince Lee-gak demands he chew right then and there (jealous over the fact that Yong-sool has a crush on Park-ha?)  Anyway, he give Yong-sool a hand full of the candy and tells him to chew every bite.   Yong-sool’s mouth is so full it would have made for an awesome game of ‘chubby bunny‘ (rules to the game)

Tae-mu then meets up with Chairman Jang and shows concern, asking why she has yet to leave to go back home.  She assures him she’s fine but that she’s looking for a long lost daughter. Would he help her find her?  She hands him a photo that looks exactly like the one Park-ha has.  PARK-HA IS HER LONG LOST DAUGHTER!   Yes!!!  (high five!)

In Tae-mu’s office, Se-na sees Chairman Jang in the photograph and asks what he’s doing with it. He explains he’s been charged with finding her lost daughter.  When the entire photograph is revealed, Se-na realizes that Park-ha is that lost daughter and she is NOT HAPPY.  She keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t tell anyone.

Just then Park-ha walks into Tae-mu’s office (he’s helping her find a job within the company) and Se-na hides the photo to prevent Park-ha from finding it.

Once Park-ha’s tour is over, she heads to the elevator to go home where Se-na finds her and starts harping on her for things that are out of her control.  Why is she at the company?  Did she beg for a job?  (and its here we should all learn that Se-na is paranoid and slightly crazy)

Park-ha puts Se-na on notice.  She won’t go around telling everyone about Se-na’s past…if she watches herself.  Se-na tells Park-ha to watch herself too before she gets kicked out of the company (threats galore!)

Back in Tae-mu’s office, Se-na kindly offers to look for Chairman Jang’s long lost daughter herself, and takes the photograph. (in order to keep it hidden)

Outside, Park-ha and Prince Lee-gak are off to find where the photograph was taken 25 years prior.  Se-na follows them in order to sabotage their quest.

The photography studio tells Park-ha and Lee-gak that they don’t have records that far back.  Since she figures her family might have lived close by, they ask if there was an elementary school anywhere near.  There is.

On their way to the school, Park-ha introduces Lee-gak to the spectacular fun of ‘ding dong ditch’-ing.  Oh, it is glorious fun, but he doesn’t see it that way in the beginning.  He thinks its childish and stupid.  To show him how it’s done, she rings a strangers doorbell and then runs away.  Lee-gak doesn’t, however, and says he will stay behind to apologize for Park-ha’s immaturity.  When someone actually does come to the door, he gets scared and runs away too finally understanding the thrill of ‘ding dong ditch’.   He’s so fascinated, he goes for his first solo flight, unfortunately, a bodybuilder answers the door and chases the pair down the street.

They eventually make it to the school, but it doesn’t help because Park-ha’s actual name is Park In-joo.  Without that information, they will never find out the truth.

Lee-gak asks Park-ha how she spells her name since she might just be using the wrong characters.  When he sees the characters, he realizes her name could also mean Lotus Flower AND Boo Yong (his sister-in-law’s name from back in ‘the day’!)  (cue flashback!)

Lee-gak tells Park-ha of the riddle he gave to his sister-in-law (What dies while living and lives while dying?)  She attempts to answer but fails, miserably.  He flicks her in the head and she chases him all around the school playground (flirting. lol) until they both end up on top of a slide where she becomes so overcome with emotion from being so close to finding her family, yet so far, that she begins to cry. The prince comforts her. (I’m pretty sure any other guy would have run away at such a quick mood swing)

Tae-mu and Chairman Jang are also on the trail for the missing daughter and end up at the same photography studio.  The photographer tells him the same story he told Park-ha and the Prince and mentions that a young woman was just there asking the same questions.  This give Chairman Jang hope that her daughter is looking for her too. They head straight for the school where Se-na cuts them off at the pass and tells them she was the one asking at the question completely crushing Chairman Jang’s hopes.  Instead, she decides to give up for the day and asks Se-na to ride in the car with her back to the hotel.

When Chairman Jang says good bye to Se-na she gives her a ring as a sign of her affection (cause she’s her daughter, but Se-na thinks its because she was helping find the lost daughter)

After Chairman Jang leaves, Se-na and Tae-mu embrace in a rare show of actual human feelings.  Tae-mu’s father sees them and has a hissy fit.  He forbids the couple from being together (Preventing child from being with/marrying whoever they want = 1 DRINK!)

On the bus ride back from the school, Lee-gak actually lets Park-ha sleep on his shoulder and she’s happy because maybe he’s warming up to her.  As soon as they get off the bus, he gets a text from Se-na and ditches Park-ha faster than a fat kid eats a slice of cake.  (very fast)  Lee-gak is such a typical male.

Se-na has asked Lee-gak to meet her to return the bracelet and tell him shes just not interested in him.  He get assures her she will come to like him. (Enabling stalker mode?!)   He tells her they are fated because of reincarnation.  She tells him he’s either a player or a psycho. He asks her if she has a sister and she says she doesn’t.  For him, things aren’t adding up correctly because she is supposed to have one if she really is the reincarnation of the crown princess.

Lee-gak puts the bracelet back on Se-na’s hand as Tae-mu watches from a far and begins to feel massive amounts of jealousy.

Back at Tae-mu’s apartment, he and Se-na have a fight over his father forbidding them to be together.  She demands he tell his father they will be getting married and Tae-mu says it’s not that easy. She tells him to get lost.

The next day is Park-ha’s first day at work, she, the prince and the 3 minions all walk together. We learn that Executive Pyo dislikes and distrusts Tae-mu and thinks he had something to do with Tae-yong’s disappearance 2 years prior.

In the studio where Park-ha works, she’s met by the four guys.  The tell her the apartment is finished and she’s to throw a house warming party THAT NIGHT.  (Her and what army? Oh, and thanks for the head’s up, guys!)  As they are talking it is revealed that Lee-gak has an allergy to crab.  What they don’t know is that Tae-mu is listening in on their conversation and he knows his cousin, Tae-yong, has no such allergy.  He knows Lee-gak is an imposter.

To prove his theory, he invites Lee-gak to play squash.  Lee-gak is terrible at it, but Tae-yong was ridiculously good.  Tae-mu knows for sure there is something wrong and will do what he can to reveal the truth.

The end.







Mitzi on…My Lovely Sam-soon Episodes 6 and 7

Things just got real…


  • Kim Suna as Kim Sam-soon
  • Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon
  • Jeong Ryeo-won as Yoo Hee-jin
  • Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim (Dr. Hotpants)
  • Kim Ja Ok as Park Bong-Sook – Sam-soon’s mom
  • Lee Ah-hyun as Kim Yi-Young – Sam-soon’s sister
  • Na Moon-hee as Na Hyun-Sook – Jin-heon’s mom
  • Suh Ji Hee as Hyun Mi-joo – Jin-heon’s niece
  • Yoon Ye-hee as Yoon Hyun-sook – Jin-heon’s “aunt”
  • Lee Kyu-han as Min Hyun-woo – Sam-soon’s ex
  • Lee Yoon-mi as Jang Chae-Ri

Episode 6 wasn’t very memorable for me except the scene where Sam-soon and Jin-heon kiss. Or rather, she kisses him and then he kisses her back.  And then he accuses her of luring him in by playing the piano alone in the dark.  Not quite sure how that works out, but hey, everything is the girls fault, right?  Of course.

Also, Sam-soon’s ex boyfriend returns again, this time requesting that she be his mistress since he’s about to get married. What is it with guys? First they don’t want to be with you but when they see you moving on with someone else, they want you back.  This is all very frustrating.

Episode 7:

Jin-heon gets into a fight with Sam-soon’s ex boyfriend because he was still trying to get Sam-soon to be his mistress.  Then Jin-heon tells Sam-soon he doesn’t want her to talk or look at another man BUT that he will still not date her. Ever.  See, I’ve had a male like this in my life.  Never actually ended up dating him but he kept calling me and wanting to hang out with me on his terms only.  As soon as I said I was busy or had something else I’d rather be doing, he wouldn’t get in touch with me for a few weeks.  But as soon as I called him to hang out, he wouldn’t even pick up the phone.  Thank heavens this was years ago and I’ve learned that they aren’t even worth the time it takes to tell them to GTFO.  But I digress!  My point is, this is unfair.

Sam Soon should be able to look at other men in this fake relationship.  But I guess she doesn’t want to since she confessed that she’s started to ‘like’ Jin-heon.  And that doesn’t really matter either because he ditches her in the middle of nowhere to run back to his ex girlfriend.

And when he finally meets up with his ex girlfriend we learn that Dr. Hotpants is literally her doctor because she has *gasp* cancer.  (I need to make up a drinking game. When someone has cancer in a Kdrama, take a drink)  That’s why she left him 3 years prior to get medical help.

So, rather than hug her and apologize for misunderstanding, HE SLAPS HER!  What the hell.  What the mofo hell?!  I so disapprove.  Lets just say if it were me, Jin-heon wouldn’t be having kids for quite some time.

The gauntlet has been thrown.  Exgirlfriend should throw it down. TO THE GROUND! Hell, rip off his leg with artificial bones and beat him with it, I don’t know.  I has an anger right now. And listening to ex girlfriend cry and apologize for leaving 3 years prior is giving me a headache.  No sympathy!  none.  Both characters are irritating me at this point. (do you see why I say my heart is as cold as ice?)

Oh lord!  now Jin-heon and ex girlfriend are all lovey dovey on the couch as she tries to make his fresh bruises (from the fight with Sam-soon’s ex) go away by kissing them. It’s almost like their 3  years distance, yelling matches, crying and face slaps have been forgotten.  *facepalm* I am about to throw the screen out the window.   Out the window, I say!!!

Whew, thank god that episode is over.  Maybe the only saving grace is the scene between Sam-soon and Dr. Hotpants in the hotel lobby trying to have a conversation.  Hilarious!


By the way, I spoke with someone tonight who has far more experience with Asian cultures than I do and I expressed my disappointment over the violence towards women in this drama.  She kinda laughed at me and said something along the lines of, “Oh honey, that’s normal.”  ESCANDALO!   and  ZOINKS!!!!