How this works

For the KDramas I’ve already seen before I was given The List, I will give a summary of the entire drama my way. I call it Mitzi-fying.  Or Mitzi-fied.  Either way, it’s how I saw the film and pretty much what I could remember.

I will offer up the cast with the actors real name, character name, and the nickname I gave them to help me remember them.  This is not done out of disrespect, but for the simple fact that I am lazy.  If I looked up all the names, each post would take me hours to complete.  Now, I’m willing to waste tens of hours gossiping about these dramas but not HUNDREDS of hours.

Beneath the Mitzi-fied summary I have a few thoughts about things I liked and didn’t like.

Simple, right?

When I write about the Kdrama’s on The List, I will do a sort of live blogging.  All my thoughts, both politically correct and incorrect will be there for the world to see.  (still learning here, k?)

I freely admit that I know nothing.


UPDATE:  I’ve completely given up any kind of organized live blogging style.  Takes too long.

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