Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 6

First, I want to point out a victory of mine.  I am 100% sure my best guy friend, Christopher, lurks on here. Don’t have hard proof, but I know he sees this stuff.  A few days ago, he agreed to watch a kdrama with me AND he said he’d finally take me to see The Avengers so this is kind of a double celebration.   Just a real quick happy dance and then back to work…

We left off last time with the boys about to show off their new makeovers.  I really hope there is a montage.  Nothing better than a good montage.

As always, Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

So bummed out!  No montage!  Just Prince Lee-gak bringing Park-ha back and they run into the 3 minions already done over. And hello!  Did Woo Yong-sool just steal my heart?  I think so!  Wowza!

Ok, yeah, the others look alright too but , come on!  The bodyguard wins this round, hands down. KO! Agree, disagree, I don’t care.  If ever I were to get ‘yellow fever’ (as I’m told the term is called even though it sounds terribly racist and BAAAAAAD!), it would be right here and right now.

ANYWAY, the four guys take Park-ha back to the rooftop apartment to show her they are completely redoing the entire place.  Everything will be new and everyone will be comfortable.  The painting that Lee-gak bought for her will have its own place on the terrace outside so it will feel like a tropical paradise all the time.  *swoon*

Grandma and Se-na also come by the apartment to see the work being done.  Grandma asks Park-ha if she lived there alone and where her family is.  Se-na gives her the evil eye in hopes Park-ha won’t mention her as family.  She is way too nice and only mentions a mother who lives elsewhere.

Grandma gives Park-ha money to furnish the new apartment and asks Tae-yong (Prince Lee-gak) to start coming into the office beginning the following day.

At some point, Tae-mu and his father meet a new character, Chairman Jang, at the airport.  Chairman Jang tells Tae-mu that before any business gets done, she needs to go somewhere for personal reasons.  She ends up at the fish market to talk with Se-na’s and Park-ha’s mother.  What does Chairman Jang say? “I’ve come to get my daughter.”  OOOOOH, which one is her daughter?!

A little later, Park-ha meets Se-na in a cafe and just moments after Park-ha sits down, Se-na throws a glass of water in her face.  What. The. Hell.  Se-na demands to know why Park-ha isn’t on a plane to America.  She doesn’t want Park-ha to answer because then she will just lie with her mouth again. (Rich, coming from THE BIGGEST LIAR IN THE UNIVERSE!) And then Se-na leaves in a self-righteous huff.

While the apartment is being worked on, the 4 guys and Park-ha will share a RV.  How?  I’m not sure, but it looks tiny.  Aren’t there some societal standards that would be against this?  Four guys and one girl?

Regardless, the guys are impressed with the RV and Lee-gak seems more impressed with himself since he bought it with a black credit card (no limit)

The next thing we know, all the guys are in suits, have cell phones and look like they belong in the 21st century.(cue the ‘walk like models’ scene)

And Woo Yong-sool transformed into the Korean Don Draper!!!  Amazing!

Suddenly we are shown our favorite alcoholic aunt dressed like Cindi Lauper in 1985 trying to get the security guard (Pyo Taek-soo) at the warehouse to come back to work.  He’s still unsure, choosing to wait for the chairman (grandma) to ask him back personally. Our favorite alcoholic aunt sulks away in 6 inch heels.

Moments later, Tae-mu’s dad drives up in a chauffeured car and verbally berates the security guard. He hands the security guard an envelope from the chairman asking him to return, but not to get too excited because there are other warehouses that need guarding.  (what a jerk.)

Later, after the 4 guys had enough strutting around in their new found hotness, they all end up at a cafe with Park-ha.  She teaches them all the differences between coffees and asks Chi-san to buy everyone something so he can practice.  Before he leaves, the group figures out how old everyone is.

Yong-sool and Park-ha are both 27 so they can be friends

Everyone else is younger than her so she tells them all to call her “big sis” which makes Lee-gak somewhat uneasy…

That night, they are all back at the RV eating dinner.  Park-ha takes it upon herself to teach the guys the way of business meetings meaning, soju bombs and karaoke.

After that, Lee-gak shows Park-ha the palm tree dolls again and asks her how to tie the legs if he wanted love to enter his life.  Park-ha thinks maybe he’s wishing for her to love him but it’s definitely not.  It’s because he’s stupid right now and thinks he’s got to fall in love with Se-na.  Future broken heart for Park-ha coming soon. =(

The next day at the home shopping network building, Pyo Taek-soo shows up dressed to impress. He’s even wearing a bow-tie (why? Because bow-ties are cool.)

See?  I told you.

Grandma had promoted him to director again.  When Tae-mu’s dad finds out he is none too happy because the guy he was cruel to so often is now his equal.

The 4 guys are driven to work by Park-ha and they all wave bye to her except for Prince Lee-gak, who is too engrossed in his new roll and finding Se-na to even notice her.  At least it looks like they’ve all mastered the revolving door.

Once inside the office building, the guys are split up.  Lee-gak goes to the top floor as an executive and the others are to take tests to figure out how they can be put to work within the company.(they all score zeros)

Lee-gak insists his friends are worthy of jobs as their skills lay elsewhere. Executive Pyo is charged with figuring out what exactly these talents are.

Grandma tells Lee-gak he needs someone to show him around the office so he can learn the ropes. He nominates Se-na and it’s all set. Se-na takes him on a tour of the studios and mid-tour a ladder is swung by a careless workman and almost smacks Se-na.  Lee-gak saves her just in time and they end up in an unintended embrace.  (yeah, unintended, sure. lol)

He then asks Se-na if she recognizes her from somewhere, like they’ve met before.  She laughs and tells him no one uses that line anymore.  (Credit where credit is due, point to Se-na even though I don’t like her)  She diffuses the situation by continuing on with the tour.

Executive Pyo takes the 3 minions out to lunch to get to know them better. The 3 minions, feeling this is their chance to put into action Park-ha’s advice to him, automatically order soju bombs thinking this will impress Executive Pyo the most. Then the 3 minions take Executive Pyo to karaoke and act like the three biggest assholes on the planet.  (really, how many songs would a group of 300 year old clowns know and be able to perform like that?)

Executive Pyo is so unimpressed he tells them to stop immediately.  They are not giving their leader (Lee-gak) any credit and they are acting like jerks.  If all they wanted to do was act like this all day then they should just quit now.  He then tells them if they were born back in ‘the day’ (300 or so years ago) they would be nothing but concubine son’s and eunuchs!   (Oh snap!  cause its true)

In Tae-mu’s office, his father and he are trying to convey their wishes to Chairman Jang.  They want the power behind her stock to sell the company and go in a different direction. (truth, misleading lie? not sure. All I know is that the plot is thickening).  Chairman Jang is no fool and she can see exactly what is going on.  She eyes them suspiciously.

Park-ha and Lee-gak are at an appliance store trying to buy goods for the new apartment.  He asks why she dragged him there, she says it is to get a discount because couples get one.  They decide to pretend to be a couple to get the goods cheaper. This means they have to *gasp* link arms and get close to one another.

Lee-gak, newly acquainted with the touch screen on his phone comes across a flat screen TV and thinks it can do the same thing.  Hence, why we now have access to this little beauty…

Moments later, Lee-gak notices Park-ha admiring a bracelet.  He asks her if women these days really like such things. She tells him, ‘duh’ and they leave to get lunch.

Where do they get lunch? At a spaghetti place.  The poor prince can’t eat anything because he hasn’t mastered the fork yet. Park-ha has to teach him.  It’s actually a really cute scene.  <3!   After he finally takes a big bite of pasta, he asks Park-ha what men and women do for fun nowadays. “Date.”  she responds. Then they get into a conversation about dating and what she would like to do which entirely leads her on because she thinks he’s just being sly about asking her out. Don’t fall for it, Park-ha!

But one thing she says she would like to do is ride a couples bike. Great!  He can’t ride a bike.  She’s got to teach him. She does, hilarity ensues.

Back at the apartment building, we learn Lady Mimi has a crush on Man-bo.

To make up for the massive karaoke failure, the 3 minions try to memorize a list of employees given to them.  Man-bo, being a genius, has memorized them in almost no time at all.  The other two are struggling.

Lady Mimi, learning that the 3 minions need food, elects to take homemade dishes to the guys at work.  She meets Man-bo outside. He’s clueless as to Lady Mimi’s affections.  (billed as a playboy from back in ‘the day’ you think he would have seen the way she looks at him.  I guess 300 years of time travel has made him ignorant to technology and the ways of wooing the ladies)  Poor Lady Mimi leaves empty handed.

As Park-ha is preparing more omurice for the guys back at the RV, she discovers the palm tree seed dolls AND the bracelet she admired earlier while with Lee-gak INSIDE LEE-GAK’S JACKET!  She thinks the bracelet might be for her.  I hope they are, but I have a feeling it isnt.Whoa, Lee-gak is in the shower.  Hes getting out while Park-ha is there.

She tells him she’s fixing lunch and will be out quickly.  Instead, he puts a brown paper bag on her head.  She’s impatient and asks him if he’s done yet.  He pulls off the paper bag and hands her the bracelet asking her to accept it.  THE HEAVENS REJOICE!!!

All those who are happy Lee-gak and Park-ha are finally together take a step forward…not so fast everyone!!!  Keep standing right where you are.


Instead, when she asks if hes done he tells her to keep waiting (lies!  He’s fully dressed!)  Realizing Lee-gak is being a punk she takes off the bag only to find him leering at her.

I’d be startled too to find out someone was invading my personal space bubble.

Lee-gak yells at her for looking even when he said he was still dressing.  He says her mind must be in the gutter and tells her he will be eating at a restaurant that night.

Back at work, the 3 minions finally prove themselves worthy of a job as Executive Pyo and the chairman look on with pride.

Lee-gak asks Se-na to meet him at a park and brings with him a couples bike.  He’s set up a date for the two of them based off of Park-ha’s suggestions!   I’m not sure he would have done that if he knew how bad things were between Park-ha and Se-na.  At least, I hope he wouldn’t.

Se-na is a little reluctant to go on the couples bike (because it is a couples bike…) but ultimately relents. She looks miserable on the bike while he’s having the best time of his life.  Talk about an awkward date.  He gives her the bracelet by leaving it on top of a bottle of juice as he suddenly had to leave. (Sweet, but unappreciated)

While visiting her fathers ashes, Park-ha and her mother have a touching discussion which only further cements the fact that Park-ha is good and caring.  Mother then gives Park-ha a photo of her when she was a baby.  The photo also includes her father and her birth mother (birth mothers face has been torn off out of fathers anger for abandoning them)  It looks like Park-ha will also be looking for her birth mother. (Chairman Jang?!)

At a business/lunch meeting, the 3 minions are finally told they will be permanent workers.  Lee-gak is proud.  As everyone is drinking, Executive Pyo grants a few minutes of ‘free talk’ time.  This means there are no titles or hierarchy.  People can say what they want about whoever they want without being punished for it.  Chi-san and Man-bo take advantage almost immediately and Lee-gak is holding back his anger.

Yong-sool is having a difficult time finding the guts to speak his mind about the prince.  Finally he does but Chi-san and Man-bo try to stop him at the last minute because time ran out.  Too late.  He calls him a young thing and tells him he’s lucky to have met good parents.   I guess this is a massive burn (I don’t ‘get’ it)  because he looks mortified to have said that and then told the ‘free talk’ time had expired.  He even had little cartoon sweat drops coming off of him.

Park-ha and her mother go to a restaurant her father liked to frequent and they accidentally run into Chairman Jang.  Mother tells Park-ha they will leave.  As Park-ha is outside, she tells Chairman Jang that Park-ha is not the one she’s looking for and should just leave.

Unbeknownst to them, Tae-mu and Se-na are also on their way to the restaurant to meet with Chairman Jang.  Being in a rush, Tae-mu hits Se-na’s mother with his car.

Park-ha rushes over to her mother in tears. Se-na stands back in shock.  She can’t go to her mother or Tae-mu will realize she’s been lying the entire time.  Park-ha is crying for help and watches as Se-na TURNS HER BACK AND WALKS AWAY.

Then Park-ha has a memory flash.  Se-na turned and walked away just like she did all those years ago when she let Park-ha be taken away by the truck in episode 1.  You can almost see the anger flashing in Park-ha’s eyes as she remembered the reason she was adopted and taken to America was all Se-na’s fault.  And she’s doing the same thing again to her own mother.(Seriously, even Se-na gives bad people a bad name)

Oh and also, Tae-mu!  Trying to kill someone else besides his own family members?  What a jerk.

Ultimately, mother is fine and she gets released with a concussion.  However, Park-ha is livid at Se-na.  It looks like things are about to get thrown down!

Park-ha calls up Se-na and demands a meeting.  They meet in an unused studio at the home shopping network and I really hope Se-na gets a little bit of what she deserves (although not all of it because there are still 14 more episodes to go through)

Se-na asks if mother is alright. Park-ha responds by asking if Se-na even cares.  How could a person just turn their back like that, is Se-na even human? (no)

Park-ha tells Se-na they are no longer sisters. She reveals she got the memory back of Se-na leaving her in the truck to be taken away.  Because Park-ha has shown a mirror to Se-na and Se-na didn’t like what she sees, she slaps Park-ha.

Park-ha slaps her right back.  (ITS ABOUT TIME!)  She won’t forgive Se-na.

Just as Se-na is about to slap her again, Park-ha blocks it and the bracelet that Lee-gak gave Se-na falls to the ground.  Park-ha sees it and realizes that the entire time, Lee-gak has been trying to win Se-na’s heart and not hers.

Park-ha’s mother was just in a car accident, she remembered what a douche her sister is and now she realizes that the guy she has a crush on likes her arch enemy.   It’s like the screen writers got into a room and asked the question, “How can we mess with Park-ha’s life even more?”

Well, they did a good job because she’s got to be feeling a lot of humiliating pain. She leaves the studio almost immediately.

On the way out, Lee-gak just happens to be standing in the hall way.  He smiles at Park ha and asks her if she’s ready to take him and the minions home.  She doesn’t respond to him and walks past him leaving him wondering what the hell just happened.

You messed up, son.  You messed up real bad. You just don’t know it yet.

The end.

Also, by my calculations, there were no drinks to be had in this episode per the rules set up in the Kdrama “Cherry coke” Drinking Game.  =(


Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 5

As I sit here, eating some sour gummy bears, I wonder if this challenge is even possible.  It’s taking me longer to write these reviews up than I thought they would.  Might have to rethink the whole set up.  Still super determined to complete The List by Labor Day (Sept 3) even though my only reward is a little bit of pride.   Oh, and also, this show HAS been aired completely elsewhere…it’s just not all available to me.

As always, Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

So, Prince Lee-gak, after almost dying by Tae-mu’s hands, is now claiming to be the long lost Tae-yong. (WHAAAAAT?!)  We know he’s not but he’s got a secret plan he’s going to put into the works.  Let’s just see how it plays out.  Grandma is so happy to have her Tae-yong back she’s sobbing like a little girl.  so touching!

Meanwhile, outside the hospital room, Se-na is yelling at Park-ha again.  Why is Park-ha always around?  Why doesn’t she just get lost?  (why do I keep hearing a lisp whenever Se-na talks?)

Se-na finally admits to Park-ha about the lies she told her boyfriend and the chairman (grandma) about her family being ‘good’ and ‘wealthy’.  She doesn’t want Park-ha around to make her house of cards fall.

Back at the house, Park-ha sulks in to find the 3 minions gushing over their hair to each other.  She mentions they might want to get it cut to blend in more with the times…and wow!  The angry reaction!  You’d think she said they should all get neutered!

As Prince Lee-gak is wondering around Tae-yong’s room, he is absolutely sure that Tae-yong is his reincarnation. The question still remains, however, over why he’s in modern times.

The next day, Lee-gak asks grandma if she will buy him Park-ha’s rooftop apartment. She’ll do it under one condition…he’s got to cut his hair!!!

Since Park-ha is about to leave for America, the 4 guys will soon be out on the street, unless Lee-gak cuts his hair so his ‘grandma’ will buy him the rooftop apartment.

Lee-gak asks to speak to Park-ha alone to convince her not to leave.  She asks him if he really is Tae-yong.  He lies and says he is.  Park-ha believes him.  She then gives him back the embroidered handkerchief that Lee-gak believes his wife made for him (when in reality it was his wife’s sister who also just happens to be Park-ha reincarnated)  So much coincidence!!!

Lee-gak notices the butterfly, that materialized from the embroidery in episode 1, has returned to its rightful spot.

Park-ha goes into her bedroom, pulls out the drawing of her that Tae-yong made of her, and notices a very similar looking butterfly sitting on her shoulder.  (Hint hint!  It’s the same magical butterfly, people!  Not that believing any of that is a stretch of the imagination…)

Lee-gak returns to his minions to discuss with them the problems facing them.  There are two.  First, they need to get use to living in modern day Seoul.  Second, they need to keep and protect the rooftop apartment.  The only way to do that is to cut their hair.

Man-bo and Chi-san beg the prince to reconsider. If they go back home with their hair cut, they will be humiliated and unable to show their faces in polite society ever again!

Yong-sool suggests they all kill themselves right here and now rather than cut their hair off.  He says he will go get his sword.  The other three try and stop him…

Becky and Lady Mimi watch from a distance and shake their heads.

As she leaves the guys to their silliness, Lady Mimi goes to her apartment to charge her phone. She plugs the phone in and see’s a picture of Tae-yong and his grandma on the screen.  She accidentally grabbed Tae-yong’s missing phone (that everyone thinks is Lee-gak) and charged it up.  HUGE!  Evidence that Tae-mu met Tae-yong the day before his disappearance is on there.  She gives the phone to Lee-gak.

Tae-mu, still not willing to believe that Tae-yong is back, plans a surprise DNA test.  There is some question as to whether or not this is necessary. Ultimately, it is agreed that the DNA test will take place.  As the doctor goes to take Lee-gak’s DNA, he freaks out a bit because he has no idea what a DNA test is much less the thing they are trying to shove in his mouth.  As he’s struggling with the doctor, Tae-yong’s phone falls out of his pocket and our favorite alcoholic aunt picks it up.  She notices it is definitely Tae-yong’s phone.

This is all the evidence Grandma needs to believe 100% that her grandson is back.  Only Tae-yong would have that cell phone.  Tae-mu is racking his brain to understand where the phone came from since he is sure he threw it into the ocean the same day he killed Tae-yong.

The family sits around a table to discuss the past with Tae-yong (Lee-gak). Lol!  Prince Lee-gak gets out of not knowing what happened two years ago (or in his youth) by playing the AMNESIA card. (Taking a drink!)

To get the information off of the cell phone, Tae-mu and Lee-gak go to the cell phone store to get the pass code. As he is being dropped off, Lee-gak accidentally lets the phone slide out of his pocket and into his seat.  Tae-mu sees this and takes the phone.   When it comes time for Lee-gak to show his ID and phone to an employee, he can’t find it.  Tae-mu keeps his mouth shut.  (Oh, the evil!)

Back at Se-na’s apartment, her mother comes for an uninvited visit.  Se-na is not pleased (is she ever?)  Tae-mu comes over at the exact same time. Se-na ushers her mother out of the apartment so fast, she forgets a few shopping bags behind.  Tae-mu takes out Tae-yong’s phone and smashes it.  Before he can completely destroy it, Se-na comes back.  He hides the smashed phone inside one of Se-na’s mother’s shopping bags.

Mom comes back after Se-na and Tae-mu leave and collects her bags, including the one with Tae-yong’s smashed cell phone in it.

Grandma invites Lee-gak and his three friends over for dinner and to spend the night.  They have a little trouble working cutlery of today so Yong-sool cuts all the steaks with his sword…   Such cheesy humor is why I watch this crap.  lol.

Back home, Park-ha accidentally drops the palm tree seed dolls and Lee-gak gets them for her. Then he shows her the soju and canned whipped cream that he brought over for them to drink that night.  Here Park-ha reveals that whenever she is having a bad time, she thinks of a tropical location she can mentally escape to for a little while. As they continue talking, she shows him the palm tree seed dolls and tells him its supposed to bring good luck.  If a person wants love, they just have to tie their legs together, around each other.  He makes fun of her for believing in such a silly thing, so she give the dolls to him and tells him to start wishing.

The 3 minions, back at grandmas (cause they are sleeping there for the night) have decided to dress in their traditional clothing to do a memorial ceremony for one of their mothers.  Chi-san is raiding the fridge to find a food offering for the spirit.  In the process, he finds catchup, and proceeds to chug it like it’s soda.

Grandma is also wondering around late at night and runs into Chi-san, dressed in his traditional clothing with red catchup smeared all over his face.  Grandma passes out.

Later, the three minions gather their things for the ceremony and are about to leave when suddenly, the housekeeper stumbles around with a beauty mask on completely startling our guys and they all pass out too.

(note:  I saw a gif somewhere of this exact scene and I wish I had saved it when I saw it because then I would be able to share the always humorous images of people passing out, however today when I went searching, I accidentally ended up on a mega fan site of Micky Yoochun’s band and OH MY GOD!  MY EYES WILL NEVER RECOVER!   I saw things…horrible horrible things that these little fan girls talk about and the things they do with their favorite guy’s photo’s.  My fragile and impressionable mind has been ruined!  Questions that should never be asked are everywhere…AND THEY GET ANSWERED TOO!  Why on Earth were we humans never designed with our own Ctrl+Alt+Del function?! I weep for humanity.)

When it’s time for the prince to collect his minions from grandma’s house, he walks them to a waiting car and tells them to ‘get in the back.’  The prince gets into the car and the driver and he both notice they didn’t get into the back seat.  Where did the guys go?  Well, they did get ‘in the back’. (the trunk)

The next day at the home shopping network, Lee-gak is desperate to talk with Se-na, however the security guards won’t let any of the guys inside the building to get to her.  They try various approaches until Yong-sool uses his bodyguard skillz and fights his way through the security guards only to be foiled by the revolving door!  (Curse you, technology!)

After this, the prince is convinced more than ever that the only way for things to get easier for all of them is to cut their hair.  But before they get their hair cut, they want to take a memorial photo with Park-ha before she leaves for the US.

Since there are four ‘V’ for victory (or peace or whatever) signs and three of those are giving bunny ears I’m declaring this some sort of Kdrama hat trick.  JUST FINISH OFF WHATEVER IS LEFT IN THE CAN OF ‘CHERRY COKE’.

And finally…the cutting of the hair!  (Actually, and this seems silly, but I DO know what these characters are going through. I once donated 18 inches of my own hair to Locks of Love and had quite a bit of anxiety of losing apart of myself that became so much of my identity. So, even though this scene is silly, there is truth behind the spazzing out.)

Park-ha gets onto the bus that will take her to the airport so she can fly back to America.  What she doesn’t realize is that Lee-gak is looking for her.  He even chases after the bus she got on in order to stop her (Really interested to find out why he wants her to stay behind even though he has his ‘soulmate’ in Se-na)

After one very close brush with death and thousands of dollars spent on a tropical painting, Lee-gak finally gets Park-ha’s attention and the bus stops.  Lee-gak gets on the bus and yells at her.  Who gave her permission to leave? She tells him she thought he wanted her to leave too since he took the memorial photo with her (Guess that’s the same as saying good bye?)   He says she is obtuse.  That photo was to say good bye to their hair. He grabs her by the arm and drags her off the bus (Take HALF a swig even though we already drank everything earlier due to the Kdrama hat trick. Just gotta open another can of “Cherry coke”)

Back at the apartment, Lee-gak shows Park-ha the tropical painting he bought for her so she will never have to leave for a far away land ever again.  It will be there for her always. *swoon*

Episode ends when Park-ha, startled by a horn honking, jumps and Lee-gak puts his arms around her to keep her from falling and it somehow turns into an unintended hug.  *gasp*  lol.

If you squint your eyes just right, I swear, its just like being in Tahiti…lol

Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 4

So far, I am really liking Rooftop Prince.  It is ranking as high as You Are Beautiful and Secret Garden for me.  Also, just discovered this kdrama is so new, it hasn’t finished airing in Korea yet.  Hmm…very interesting.

Forget not, Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

Prince Lee Gak just got smacked down at the fashion show by Se-na (literally) and he’s shocked that she (also being the crown princess from back in ‘the day’) doesn’t recognize him.  She should, right?  If she is the reincarnated crown princess, she should at least feel something towards him besides feeling his face on the palm of her hand, right?

Lee Gak is dragged out of the fashion show kicking and screaming. (I don’t think this counts for the drinking game…no drinks)

Back at Park-ha’s new fruit stand, she is getting things in order.  She’s got construction workers fixing the place up and its going to be amazing!  The owner comes by to pick up a deposit check for $40,000 to make it official…except Park-ha can’t find the check.  It’s gone.  GONE!  What happened to the check?

Right here Park-ha is clueless but WE know what really happened.  It’s that evil woman, Se-na, that took it.  I know she did, I can feel it in my bones.  And my guess is confirmed when Park-ha calls Se-na to find out what happened to the check.

Se-na took the check and ripped it up!  Why the hell is she so evil?!  GAH!!!!!

Park-ha tells the owner of the store that she doesn’t have the check, so he gets mad and tells her to forget the entire deal.  Oh come on!  I’m sure the bank can issue a new check in a day or so.  No need to get our panties in a wad over this!  It can be fixed!  It’s no use, the deal is officially off.

And then the truck load of strawberries she and Lee-gak (vicariously) picked just shows up AT THE WORST TIME POSSIBLE.

Park-ha goes to her mother to figure out what to do. In the midst of this, Se-na shows up and says she wants to discuss something with Park-ha. She tells Park-ha she will give her the money she needs if she uses it to start a new life in the US.  She wants things to go back to how they were two years ago, before Park-ha was found and Se-na was the only daughter.

Meanwhile, I want to do this to the computer for showing me such evil.   Bleh!

Park-ha leaves the cafe meeting with her sister completely dejected and depressed.  Her dreams are ruined and her only sister wants nothing to do with her.  Then she remembers she left Prince Lee-gak at the fashion show where she told him to wait for.

She runs, in the rain, all the way to meet him and he is pissed.  He is super pissed to the point of talking down to her in his princely manner which only makes him look like a jackass. He even tells her that her shop will surely fail (even before he knows that is already has *sigh*)

Prince Lee-gak is asleep and is having a dream, but he thinks he’s really back in ‘the day’ with his crown princess.  Somehow everything is alright and she is still alive.  Then a cell phone rings.  He looks around confused.  Then here comes Park-ha yelling at him to pick up some boxes.  He fights back, trying not to get dragged away from the crown princess but Park-ha grabs him by the arm and drags him away (2 DRINKS!!!)

The next morning, the four guys are asking Park-ha for their breakfast.  She’s still pissed from the fight she had with Lee-gak the night before that she storms out of the apartment without saying a word to any of them.  Lee-gak tells them to leave her alone, that they can fend for themselves.  Yong-sool says he can go out and hunt for dogs or a cat or whatever and bring it back which makes the other say, “Whoa, slow down, Slick.  This is a different era, people are watching.”

They decide to buy instant ramen but then realize they have no money so no food.  They poor!

Park-ha then runs into her friend, Amy, from America.  Amy gives Park-ha a tin that she left back in America.  (more on this later)

Back at the rooftop apartment, Becky drags the guys outside because she got them all part time jobs.  They, except the prince, will all work for their money now.

Song Man-bo

Woo Yong-sool

Do Chi-san

And they’re all super duper successful at their jobs.  By ‘successful’ I mean, ‘they got fired on the first day’

The prince finds out the guys all got fired and actually took the jobs in the first place to help out with the bills since Park-ha’s business failed.  Here, the prince feels like a fool for being so mean to her.  Good!

Lady Mimi even gave the prince grief for being mean to Park-ha and told him to comfort her.  “She was crying all night”  =(

Becky, Lady Mimi and the guys come up with a plan to help Park-ha.  Since she has that entire truckload of strawberries, they can at least try to sell those.  Becky gets Lee-gak’s 3 minions to dress up as characters and teaches them to dance in order to draw attention to their strawberry stand.  But since, Prince Lee-gak is in the foreground mimicking the dance moves this scene is really just a superfluous seen for the girls to watch Micky Yoochun ‘shake it’. (I can hear the screams all the way in California)

The minions are told not to take their masks off for any reason.  They are then met, in front of the fruit stand by ‘Becky’ dressed as a panda.  My, Becky, what broad shoulders you have…

Then, Lady Mimi plays some music, and the 4 characters are supposed to dance around to get attention.  Who knew ‘Becky’ could work it like that?

Back at grandmas office building, Tae-mu’s father yells at him for canceling the ‘model wedding’ shoot to sell wedding packages on the Home Shopping Network that evening. Grandma says it will go on with Se-na as the model bride.

And now we are at a warehouse where our favorite alcoholic aunt is speaking to a security guard.  “Come back to the office.”  , “No, I’ve done wrong. I don’t deserve to go back.”     Whine whine whine, blah blah blah.  Backstory on this will continue later.

Back at the strawberry stand, there is a huge crowd and everyone’s dancing.  The strawberries are selling fast and its all thanks to ‘Becky’s’ dance skillz.  Unfortunately, ‘Becky’ worked it too hard and passed out.

‘Becky’ gets taken to a room to rest/cool off and it is here we find out ‘Becky’ is actually Prince Lee-gak!!!  *gasp*

He doesn’t want Park-ha to discover he’s dressed as the panda so when she comes into the room he refuses to take off the panda mask.  Park-ha gets sentimental with ‘Becky’ and holds her hand to thank her for helping with the strawberry stand that day.  *giggles*

Park-ha then admits that she will be leaving for America soon (as per Se-na’s wishes) and tells ‘Becky’ not to tell the guys.

‘Becky’ (prince Lee-gak) stands up and storms out of the room…still dressed as a panda.  (end scene)

Back at the ‘model wedding’ shoot, where Se-na is dressed as a bride, Tae-mu pulls her aside and proposes to her for realz!!!  *swoon!*  Do these two actually have enough heart to truly love each other more than they love themselves?  I hope so.

Meanwhile, at the rooftop apartment, the prince, his minions, Lady Mimi, Becky and Park-ha are having dinner when the Prince, demands to know what Park-ha is planning.  Why is she going to America?  Why didn’t she tell them.   Then he storms off…

The real Becky asks him to her place to have some coffee, he asks for something sweet.  (Was there no sugar in Korea back in ‘the day’? Honestly, I have a pretty mean sweet tooth but it’s nowhere near as bad as Lee-gak’s.)

It’s in Becky’s apartment that he sees, on the TV, the package wedding for sell on the home shopping network starring Se-na as the bride.

He asks Becky what’s going on, on the TV. She tells him the bride and groom are getting married, you know to live together and have kids.

This is too much for Lee-gak to bare.  Sipping his sweet drink, he has another mini-freak out and demands to be taken to the studio where the fake marriage is taking place. He gets there, find’s Se-na talking with Tae-mu, demands to speak with her and causes such a ruckus that Tae-mu punches Lee-gak in the face which sends him flying over the railing into the river down below.  Did Tae-mu just kill someone else now?

Back at the rooftop apartment, Park-ha is going through the tin that her friend Amy brought to her from New York.  Inside there is a drawing of her that the original Tae-yong drew two years ago.  Turns out, he left it for her, along with a note for her to meet him at a certain place and time.  She showed up, but he never did (because Tae-mu had killed him by that point.)

Also, and this is major, there is a cell phone in the tin.  Turns out, Tae-yong accidentally took some other woman’s phone by accident the day he left Park-ha’s bar.  The other woman left his phone behind and her phone number in case he came back to return her phone.  He never did and now Park-ha has TAE-YONG’s phone. (Huge!  It has the evidence that Tae-mu was with him the day before he disappeared!)

There is also a set of dolls made out of palm tree seeds. (more on this later)

Thankfully, prince Lee-gak is pulled from the river unconscious, but still breathing.  He is alive!  As Lee-gak lays unconscious, he’s questioning why he was brought back (honestly, not paying much attention here as multiple shots of bodies floating in dark water are giving me the heebie jeebies)

Tae-mu and his entire family are with him at the hospital as the doctors work on Lee-gak.  He’s actually pronounced dead at one point before he miraculously comes back to life (miracle? God? Screenwriters?!)

Park-ha knows something is wrong since Lee-gak has yet to return home so she goes in search for him.  As she is his guardian, the hospital calls her to let her know where he is.

Both Park-ha and grandma walk into Prince Lee-gaks hospital room at the same time.  He is awake and is now claiming to be Tae-yong.

Things just got real, son!

The end.

Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 3

I’ve figured it out!  I knew I’ve seen this storyline somewhere before and turns out, I have.  Rooftop Prince is like Kate and Leopold (starring Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan)  They even had similar ‘welcome to the 21st century, we brush our teeth now’ scenes.  Watch it.  Worth it.  Promise.

Forget not, Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

Episode 2 left of in a huge cliffhanger where Lee-gak is mistaken for Tae-yong inside Tae-yong’s grandmothers house.  Tae-mu, the guy who killed Tae-yong is close to pissing his pants over being discovered as a murderer.  What happens next?  Lets find out!

Tae-mu’s fears are quickly alleviated because Lee-gak tells grandma that he is not the person she thinks she is.   Grandma is upset, she’s trying to get ‘Tae-yong’ to remember her by hitting him in the chest.  Lee-gak (as a prince) isn’t use to this treatment and pushes her away.  Grandma falls down.  Lee-mu steps in and a fight breaks out.

Lee-gak calls in Woo Yong-sool (bodyguard) and Grandmas curio cabinet gets destroyed in the ensuing fight.

Park-ha yells at the boys on the drive home.  How will they repay for all that damage?  They don’t have good jobs and have no money to their names.

Back at grandmas house, Se-na arrives and is charged with finding the man in the red track suit (Lee-gak)

The guys and Park-ha are next at a clothing bin to find new clothes.  They can’t keep wearing track suits…people are starting to stare. “They say we’re like a traffic light.”

Park-ha picks out a new item of clothing for each of the boys except for Lee-gak.  She says one of them can wear a track suit which makes him break out his ‘wtf’ face cause even he knows a track suit is never acceptable.  haha, just kidding. Hes jealous the other guys get new clothing and he doesn’t.  Or maybe because they got Park-ha’s attention and he didn’t.

She then takes them to a department store to find a bathroom and change.  Simple, right?  NOOOOOOO.

The guys go into the bathroom and are like, “That woman doesn’t know what shes saying!  Changing our clothes in the same room people do their business in?!  No, this will not happen for us!”   (Toilet humor?  Yes, I will take it.  3 DRINKS!)

While wondering around for a room to change in, a door magically slides open.  It is a small room, with no windows or doors save the one that opened for them.  “This is perfect!” they think.  Exactly what they needed.  They get inside, the door starts to close and they begin to change.

Suddenly there is a ‘ding’ and the doors open again and the guys see this…

The girls see this…

Imaginations run wild, assumptions get made and they are all called perverts.  Mega freak out in 5, 4, 3, 2…1

Popcorn is flying, people are crying and I’m laughing.  I wish I weren’t lazy right now cause then I’d attempt to make a gif of this scene.  But, alas, I am so no. These will have to do to adequately describe the freakout in question…

Finally, the guys are somewhat dressed and the door opens again.  This time, it’s Park-ha greeting them wondering why they are changing in the ELEVATOR!!!

Ay dios mios …

Driving home, Park-ha passes Chandok Palace and Lee-gak really really really really wants to go there.  Park-ha says she’s too busy to stop and if he helps her with her chores, she will take him there.  He eagerly accepts. The Chore?  Cleaning up the new store that Park-ha just rented to expand her fruit stand business!!!

But a prince doesn’t clean anything for anyone, so Man-bo, Yong-sool, and Chi-san fight him on cleaning.  However, since Lee-gak really really really wants to go to the palace, he says he will clean.  In the process he cuts his finger.  Apparently this is a HUGE deal to the guys, that the prince got injured, they all have a minor freak out.  Man-bo tells him to raise his injured finger high in the sky.

So while Park-ha goes to get a band-aid, Lee-gak is left standing outside looking like this…

(See, I’m the type of person that if I saw this while driving down the road, I would roll down my window and yell, “NERD!!!” at the top of my lungs and giggle while driving away.  No really, I would do this.  I have done this. Don’t question my standing as a horrible human being)

As he’s standing like this, Se-na passes right by him not realizing he is the guy she is looking for (for grandma) because he’s dressed in 80’s style white washed denim instead of a red track suit.  (still not sure which is worse)

Se-na also, earlier, gets yelled at by her mother for not calling her or not answering the phone when she calls.  Guilt trip?  Not just for Catholics anymore! (who am I kidding, guilt tripping children is a mother’s duty the world over!)

While still on her band-aid errand, Park-ha runs into Tae-mu on the street.  They take a detour and end up in a cafe where he questions her about the guy in the red track suit (Lee-gak). Tae-mu tells Park-ha to play dumb and  say she has no idea who or where he is in case anyone ever asks about him.  (in order to prevent him having to pay for repairs to grandmas house or so he says, but in reality its so he is never found in case the guy really is Tae-yong)

And what a coincidence!  Park-ha then runs into Se-na on the street just minutes after she bids adieu to Tae-mu. Se-na asks about the man in the red track suit and Park-ha simply has no idea who or where he is.

Later that night, Se-na and Tae-mu meet up for dinner.  He tells her he wants to go England for vacation next summer to meet Se-na’s mom.  Uh-oh.  Looks like its just another one of Se-na’s lies.  She told him her mother is a professor in England and not someone who works at the market minding her own fish cart.

Back at home, Park-ha is teaching the guys the Korean alphabet and my brain automatically turns off.

The next day, Park-ha keeps her word and takes Prince Lee-gak to the palace.  Its the same place but so much has changed. Instead of uniformed guards and courtiers, there are tourists running around.  He also stands at the place the crown princess (Se-na from back in the ‘day’) drowned. Its all too much for him and he begins to weep.  (and I feel pity for him.  really)

Park-ha sees him crying and hands him coffee. Prince Lee-gak says its too bitter, and that’s why he’s crying.

Suddenly, Park-ha gets a phone call and without warning both she and Prince Lee-gak are on a train heading out to…somewhere (I have no idea)

But, before they get on the train, Prince Lee-gak is taking his sweet time getting on the train when it WILL leave without him.  He’s too in awe of the technology.  Park-ha is begging him to run but he’s just not going to. (This reminds me of a similar situation when I was visiting a cousin in Tokyo.  We were late to the train and while riding our bikes to the station my cousin was zooming through intersections while I slowed down. I didn’t want to get hit in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language!!!!!  She yelled at me that if we miss the train we don’t get a refund.  Finally after hearing her yell at me for the millionth time to hurry my ass up I told her to stuff it because if we missed the train I’d buy new tickets.  DON’T RUSH ME!  GEEZUS!!!) *rant over*

The point is, Park-ha grabbed Lee-gak by the arm and dragged him on the train… 2 DRINKS!!!!!

On the train, Park-ha is teaching the prince ‘manners’ or rather, how to ask for things politely so he doesn’t frighten them.  She models how to correctly ask for food from the food cart that’s coming their way.  He copies her entirely (even the high pitched voice)  Omg, this scene is awesome.  Love it!

Finally, they get to their destination. It is a strawberry farm.  Park-ha has made a deal to pick strawberries at half price to sell at her new fruit stand, however the catch is she has to pick and carry them all home.  She only has Prince Lee-gak with her and he refuses to help…because he is a prince and princes don’t do manual labor.  Plebeian please!

So, he leaves her to pick all the strawberries by herself.  As he wonders around the farm, he comes across a wooden sign and it somehow gets knocked off of the wall and breaks in half.  The farm workers, that saw this happen, are looking at him like he broke it.  To make amends, he makes them a new sign and since he’s from back in the ‘day’ he’s a pretty good calligrapher.  Everyone is impressed with his mad skillz, even the guy who is the son of a calligrapher.  They say if anyone should know good calligraphy, it would be him!

Prince Lee-gak finally comes back to see how Park-ha is doing.  It’s hot, she’s tired and cranky and pissed he didn’t help her.  He gives her a Popsicle to make amends.  She knocks it to the ground.  Since he’s got a sweet tooth, he picks it up (wrapped) and eats that one too.  What Park-ha doesn’t realize is, he’s impressed the farm workers so much that they’ve agreed to help Park-ha pick all the strawberries she wants. *swoon!*

Since they are done faster than they would have been, they spend their time at an amusement park where they come across a claw machine.  They both play a few times to get a radish/child stuffed animal and fail.  Finally, they win the stuffed animal and get this reaction…

Prince Lee-gak, for some silly reason, tries to put Park-ha back in her place by letting her know shes a commoner, yet again.  This makes her a little upset, so she gets a little revenge by telling him to suck the helium out of a balloon as it’s sweet.  Since Prince Lee-gak has a crazy bad sweet tooth, he believes her.  When he speaks after inhaling the helium, he sounds like a chipmunk and the giggling commences.

Back in Seoul, Becky and Lady Mimi treat the rest of the guys to hamburgers.  Park-ha calls Lady Mimi on face to face and asks her to show the phone to the guys.  Prince Lee-gak’s face meets their (through the phone) and another mini-freakout occurs.

On the train ride back, Park-ha is so exhausted she starts to fall asleep.  Her head falls onto Lee-gak’s shoulder and he, still pissed about the helium thing, does this…

What a gentleman!  He’s preventing her from getting a crick in her neck!  *swoon!*  lol.

A few days later, Park-ha takes her mother out to go birthday shopping.  Se-na sees them and drags their mother away to complain about Park-ha still being in Korea when she should have gone back to the US.  Se-na is being really bitchy and it’s totally obvious she’s jealous of Park-ha.  She wants Park-ha to disappear.  She asks her mother to do a favor for her.  But what is this favor? We don’t know yet.

Next scene has all three women at a restaurant for mom’s birthday.  Mom pulls Park-ha out into the hall way to ask her the favor, what Park-ha doesn’t realize is she left her purse on the floor splayed open for the whole world to see (including Se-na).

Mother asks Park-ha to bring the ‘man in the red track suit’ to Se-na.  While she’s asking this, Se-na leaves the restaurant without question.

Back at grandmothers house, her daughter (who looks and acts just like everyone’s favorite alcoholic aunt) is trying to cheer her up by reading some humorous verses. (I don’t get them, it must be a Korean thing)

They learn Park-ha has granted Se-na’s favor and the ‘man in the red track suit’ has been found. He’s being brought, right now, to the fashion show at grandma’s company.  Tae-mu finds out too and races over to the fashion show.

Here, Prince Lee-gak meets the rest of Tae-Yong’s family and they are all shocked at the similarities. Again he reiterates he is not Tae-yong.  Grandma asks him to become her grandson cause she misses him so much.  He declines.

As he’s leaving, Tae-mu offers to give him cab fare home.  Lee-gak declines, he’s got a case of sweet ‘yooghurt’ (yogurt?) that will treat him just fine.

Before he leaves, he notices the fashion show.  What?!!  Scantily clad women?!  It’s enough to make a 300 year old prince blush. And he does. =)

He sees Se-na in the background, believing she is the crown princess he runs to her completely ruining the fashion show.  He grabs her.  She slaps him.

The end.

Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 2

Bring on the social (and time?) shock awkwardness!!!

As always, Kdrama “Cherry coke” Drinking Game


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

We left of with Park-ha coming home late at night to find Prince Lee Gak and his entourage in her house dressed like this…

Not sure about you, but I’d pretty much have a heart attack because WTF?!  Both parties are startled enough for Woo Yong-sool to break out his sword to protect the prince and for Park-ha to break out her…frying pan to protect herself.  The stand off ends abruptly when the prince glances over to downtown Seoul and has his own Dorthy Gale moment (Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.)

A lot of words are shared, many words like, “This is my house, what are you doing here.”  and, “You wench! that is the prince!  Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness!” Which only leads Park Ha to believe that these four guys are either A: crazy or B: actors.  Either way, they are cramping her style and need to get lost.

They tell her they need to go to ‘The Palace’ so she loads them up in her truck and drives them through the metropolis where all four proceed to freak out.   They also have their first lesson in physics (and motion sickness) when Park-ha slams on her breaks and the three riding in the truck bed fall on their asses. *hilarious!*

Prince Lee Gak, once they’ve all been dropped off in front of the palace, demand entrance.  However, they make such a ruckus they get the attention of the police.  Then somehow they end up on the median of a busy street.  How?  It’s Kdrama…go with it.

Then when trying to cross the street, they all almost get hit by several cars.  I guess, this is somewhat realistic to how someone completely out of time would react…entirely confused and bewildered.

When it’s time to eat, Prince Lee Gak goes into a convenience store and requests food now and payment later.  This is probably the first time he’s realizing his ‘princely’ perks aren’t working for him.  Pretty much, the power and skills the 4 guys had 300 years ago has left them almost useless in present time. The clerk calls the cops on them

After much hemming and hawing and confused communication, the Librarian remembers Park-ha’s license plate number and she’s called down to the station to pick the guys up.

Before she’s called, she goes to Se-na’s apartment to drop off extra groceries.  Walking in unannounced, she accidentally sees Tae-mu dressed only in a towel.  It seems Se-na and Tae-mu are now a couple.  (don’t let the smiles fool you.  They’re both opportunistic and cruel)

Park-ha leaves embarrassed.  Tae-mu, as he’s driving away from the apartment, suddenly realizes that Park-ha is the same woman he saw two years ago just before he killed his cousin, Tae-yong. Did she recognize him?  He’s getting nervous. His past might be catching up with him.

When Park-ha gets home, she’s stunned to see the police have dropped off the prince and his entourage at her house.  She’s stuck with them.

They are starving so she makes them food (omelet with catchup?). The prince’s entourage is uncomfortable eating at the same table as him so they demand another table.  Park-ha tells them there is no other table.  Here the rest of the guys are realizing for the first time the way they lived before, is not how people live now.

Suddenly, Park-ha is called outside by her new neighbors, Becky and Lady Mimi.  (apparently that is her real name as evidence by the reaction Lady Mimi gave Park-ha when she asked the same question.)

While Park-ha is outside, the four gentlemen are inside tearing up the place.

First, Woo Yong-sool is trying to ‘uncork’ a screw top bottle of water.

Secondly, the TV get’s turned on completely freaking everyone out because, OMG MOVING PICTURES!  Woo Yong-sool attacks the TV to protect the prince. When that doesn’t work, he kicks it over.

Thirdly, a kitchen appliance (microwave?) dings to let us know its done cooking and yet another freak out.  How dare a disembodied voice let me know when my food is done?!    Soon, that appliance is attacked and thoroughly destroyed but in the process  Song Man-bo is knocked over and falls into a space heater in turn knocking that over and starting a fire…

Fourthly, Song Man-bo goes into the bathroom, where he finds the only standing water around (the toilet) and both gets water from there IN HIS MOUTH AND IN HIS HANDS and runs over to put the fire out.  In the process this happens…

As he falls onto the stuffed bear, it activates the speech box inside of it so it repeatedly says, “I love you”.  Clearly, it must be destroyed. And so it is.

Park-ha finally comes back inside to see her house a complete mess and turns the fire extinguisher on the fire and all four of the guys.

They try to sneak away, realizing she is pissed but she catches them and guilts them into paying her back.

She steals their traditional clothing and dresses them in a way that will help her (and me) learn to differentiate between them.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…track suits.

Prince is red, Librarian is green, bodyguard is blue and eunuch is yellow.

They don’t know what zippers are, so she had to help them zip the jackets up the first time around and *gasp* she touched the prince by accident in the process. Oh the sexual tension!  yikes! #awkward

In order for the guys to pay Park-ha back, they are working at her fruit stand at $3 an hour.

Across town, Tae-mu and Se-na are discussing Park-ha.  He wants to know if she remembers who he is.  Se-na denies any knowledge of her and even lies to say that Park-ha grew up in the country and never was in the US.  Tae-mu feels some relief.

Next we are introduced to Tae-yong’s grandmother who is sick in the hospital. (more on her later)

Finally, its lunch time for Park-ha and the guys.  She’s showing them how to eat instant ramen.  They follow her every move.  classic.  Suddenly, Park-ha’s cell phone rings and *gasp* another freak out. (what is that sound?! where does it come from?  why is she talking on the black rectangle?!)

It’s Se-na on the phone. She wants to meet Park-ha at a coffee shop.  She wants Park-ha to stop coming around and bugging her and her mother.  They aren’t even blood related so she should stop trying to call her mom, ‘mother’ anymore.  (wow, mega bitch!)

It’s such a sad scene.  Se-na is basically tearing Park-ha away from the only family she’s ever known (save from whatever family she had in the US, which we don’t know about)  How on Earth can someone be so cruel and callous? Telling a step-sibling to get lost like that.  Park-ha is actually trembling cause it’s so terrible. What a selfish jerkwad.  As LD would say, “She can go F— herself.”

I award Se-na no points, and may God have mercy on her soul

Just as this scene is ending, Prince Lee-gak looks into the coffee shop and sees that Se-na looks exactly like his wife, the murdered princess.  He calls out to her, but she doesn’t hear so he runs toward her, not fully understanding the concept of glass windows and runs, face first, into a pane and knocks himself out.

The princess will have to wait.

The prince needs to go to the hospital.  While there, Tae-yong’s grandmother sees him and is sure that he is her 2 years missing grandson. Before she can confirm, he disappears into another room.

Once released from the hospital, the four gentlemen return to Park-ha’s rooftop apartment and agree that since that is where they arrived, it also might hold the key to their return back home.  They will stay there.

That night, neither the prince nor Park-ha can sleep and they both find themselves outside on the terrace.  Since they are both there, Park-ha finds a hidden bottle of booze and a can of whipped cream.  They proceed to drink/eat the contents of the bottle and can. (I must try this.  Attention best friend!  Remind me to purchase “Cherry coke” and whipped cream.  Cruz, Zig and Katz can keep their sake bombs, I’m going for this.)

As it’s just the two of them, it leads to a few ‘close’ moments.  Like the time he said she looked warm so he put his hands on her cheeks and totally moved in like he was going to kiss her (zomg! I die!)  Ya, that just happened!  Or that time he did all of what I just said and then DIDN’T kiss her. (Just died twice) “You’re face was warm and my hands were cold so I warmed them up.”  *smack!*

Park-ha asks the prince if he’s really from the past.  He can be honest with her since its just the two of them.  He says they really are, and I think she genuinely believes him.

So, she in turn, agrees to teach them how to live in the 21st century.  First up, brushing teeth.  All four fail as they rinsed and swallowed when they should have rinsed and spit. But, you know what? It’s ok, cause they all get to appreciate a fresh clean feeling in their mouths.  Plus, swallowing toothpaste really isn’t bad for you.  at all.  so chill.

Next, the toilet, and it’s here that Song Man-bo realizes he shouldn’t have used the toilet water (in his mouth) to put out the fire he started. But hey, TOILET HUMOR!  3 DRINKS!!!!

Third, the microwave.

Fourth, the cooking range. And applause for instantaneous fire.

Fifth, the crosswalk.  Only walk when the light is green.  Song Man-bo, wearing the green track suit, takes this as his cue to be the leader of the crosswalk.  awesome.

Sixth, riding the bus.  Park-ha forgot to tell them to keep their shoes on when they entered the bus.  But those converse do look awfully sexy sitting there like that.  *facepalm*

Seventh, going to the store and using bills for currency.

Almost reminds me of some other famous time travelers… “WHOA!”

Eighth and accidental lesson…the escalator.

Park-ha then gets a call from her mom asking her to do an errand for her that she had promised she’d do for Se-na.  She needs Park-ha to take the truck and help move some boxes from someone’s house. Park-ha, after the horrible de-familying discussion she had with Se-na, feels uncomfortable but is willing to help out her mom.

What she doesn’t know is the house they are going to is Tae-yong’s house and they are going to clear out his bedroom as his grandmother feels it’s time to stop hoping he would come back.  She’s accepted that he’s died.  She has agreed to allow Tae-mu to take his place.  ESCANDALO!

Prince Lee-gak is the first of the workers brought into the building and is shown Tae-yong’s room.  He looks around a bit and finds a photo of Tae-yong.  They do look awfully similar.

Grandma comes into the room to get one final look of the place and is surprised to see someone who looks so similar to her grandson standing there too.  She embraces him believing her grandson has returned.

Tae-mu and Se-na return to the house to help with the packing.  They are both uneasy at seeing Park-ha there, both for different reasons.

Tae-mu walks inside and comes face to face with Prince Lee-gak, but its almost like he’s seeing his cousin for the first time since he killed him two years prior.  How will he react?  What will he say? more ESCANDALO!!!

*dun dun dun cliffhanger!*

The end.

Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince Episode 1

After reading a very short summary for this kdrama, I knew it was going to be awesome.  I sat down yesterday (sick day) and before I knew it I was on episode 6. Thankfully I had handwritten notes, so I’ll just copy those down word for word. I already know the show rocks.  It is so awesome.  So so so awesome. (I feel better today but I have today off so I’ll play catch up.)

Oh, and I’d really like to add that I’m also watching this show because Mr. Stoic (Micky Yoochun) from Swhateverthatwordis Scandal is also in this show so, hey!  Good times, right?  At least I’ll recognize someone.

Someone told me that Micky is ALSO in a boyband…and it seems to me like every guy in South Korea is in a boyband so I think the novelty has officially worn off.  Plus, a student sent me a music video to show me what boy bands in Korea looked like and I honestly had no idea what was going on.  8 of them?!  or 7?  I lost count.  way too many!  There is a formula, people!  A very specific formula.

The Great Bob Buss put it like this, “There are five basic types in every successful boyband: your rebel, your badboy:one. Your shy bashful type: two. Your reassuring older brother type: three. Your little guy, your dewey-eyed youngster: four, and five: your hearthrob, the one that holds it all together. He’s the one with his eyes staring at you from the poster saying, “hold me, take care of me”.  AND THAT BOY CANNOT HAVE A TATTOO!!!”

N’SYNC, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet boys…all incredibly successful…all had 5 (sometimes 4) members. No need for more than that or all the teenage girls will go on hormone overload and explode.  #trufax  😉

Anyway, I’d like to thank NyQuil for sponsoring that boyband rant.  Couldn’t have done it without you.

Back to Rooftop prince!


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

I would also like to point out that I will attempt the Kdrama ‘Cherry Coke” Drinking Game with this kdrama to see how it works.  And since I’m still a bit under the weather, I’ll exchange Cherry Coke for ice tea.

So, here we go.

Welp, that was fast.  Random cat.  1 swig.

Ok, the setting is obviously back in the day…and by ‘day’ I mean obviously a Tuesday, about 300 or 400 years ago.  And it seems something bad has happened because people are running around in a panic.

AHHHHH!  The Crown Princess is dead! Drowning.  Murder? Suicide?  I have no idea…  Why are people dying so fast in this kdrama?

Ooooh creepy.  Shots of floating bodies in the water…sinking bodies.  Why is the Prince now in modern day clothing?  AND IN THE WATER TOO?!  (side note: my one and only phobia…deep and dark bodies of water and imagining people floating in them, stuck in time.  Incredibly creepy.  If there is one thing Hollywood has taught me about what’s under the ocean, its the Titanic and undead pirates.  I want neither so seeing these shots gives me the creeps.)

Whoa, we went back further in time to when the Prince was younger and discussing what he wants in a bride.  She’s only got to be pretty.  Typical. Why not give the smart AND pretty girls a chance?!

At the same time, across town, there are two young sisters discussing the fact that one of them will marry the prince and live in the palace.  The younger one says the older sister should marry the prince and it’s a bit obvious the older sister has a jealousy streak in her.

However, the younger daughter is chosen…ooooooh, older sister is not happy!

I guess we just time traveled again into near present day because the same two little girls are dressed in modern clothing.  The younger one and her father are eating ice cream.  The older girl and her mother are meeting them at the shop.  It seems this is the first time the girls are meeting in present day.  Their parents are getting married and they are now step sisters.

The older sister is definitely not happy. Next scene shows her getting beat for allowing the little sister to cook her own food and getting burned.  Whoa, fast track to Resentment City!

Holy crap!  The two sisters are at a store and older sis is putting items in little sis’ backpack to frame her for stealing and getting her in trouble.   What a jerk!

OOOOH snap!  Little sisters dad caught big sister framing her.  Let the beatings commence!! There is no love from big sister to little sister.

Wait…what?  Little sister is asleep in a truck.  Big sister is bringing her milk but the truck driver has returned and is about to get in the cab and drive away.  AHHHHH! big sister doesn’t wake little sister up!  She lets the truck drive away with little sister.  Omg!  little sister is crying for her sister to get her.  Big sister turns…her…back…and…walks…away.

Not cool.

Now the sisters are back in the ‘day’ (hundreds of years ago) and big sister has a case of the ‘mega jealous’ toward little sister as she’s the one marrying the Prince.

That doesn’t last long because big sister, ironing little sisters clothing, accidentally trips and falls on little sister, disfiguring her for life.  Big sister will now marry the prince as little sister is too ugly.

Fast forwarding through time…again. and the sisters and prince are grown up.  It seems that little sister has done a lot of the work that big-sis (and now princess) has taken credit for, like the flower and butterfly embroidery that she made, but that big sis says she created. The prince cherishes is because its from his wife, who is not at all what she seems. (cause she’s evil)

The prince and little sis have a witty conversation and at this point I’m thinking to myself, Destiny messed up somewhere because these two are supposed to be together.

Oh lord, fast forwarding through time yet again to just after the Princess has been found dead.  The prince wants to find out what happened to her.  He’s upset and he pulls out the embroidery that he thinks his wife made, but in actuality her little sister made. The prince cries and a lone tear drops from his cheek onto the butterfly and the butterfly materializes and flies away.  THE BUTTERFLY BECAME REAL.  Who comes up with this stuff and how do I send them my money?!

Whoa, mega flash forward to New York circa 2010.  The butterfly is somehow still around and it’s floating around little sis, who we now know as Park-ha.  The Prince is also there, but in modern clothing and his name is Tae-yong and he’s actually no longer the prince…    (?)

I can’t tell if actually filming in New York or if there is a blue screen…

Anyway, Tae-Yong is waiting for someone when he sees Park-ha (and thinks she’s pretty) selling apples at her fruit stand. A butterfly rests on Park-ha’s shoulder and Tae-Yong sketches her and the butterfly from a distance.(which, you know, in some situations can be cute…in others it can be really creepy)

Park-ha notices some children stealing apples and chases them off.  Before letting them get away, she throws an apple and it manages to hit Tae-yong in the head, knocking him on his back.

What good fortune for Tae-yong that his cousin, Tae-mu (and all around nice guy from Playful Kiss ), shows up right at that second to help him get back up.

The two cousins then go to a bar to discuss family business. Unbeknownst to them, Park-ha is also a waitress there.  Tae-yong tries to ask her out but chickens out.  Tae-yong tells Tae-mu that he charted a boat to sketch a little and wonders if he’d like to join him.  Why the heck not, eh?

Meanwhile, Park-ha discovers her father has been discovered back in Korea and she will go there soon to see him.

The next day the cousins get on the chartered yacht with some horrible 1970’s love boat style music playing in the background.

When, honestly,  you’re thinking it…I’m thinking it, so lets stop ignoring the elephant in the room and just admit that Lonely Island’s “I’m on a boat” is running through our minds.

Suddenly, the mood on the boat changes.  Tae-mu wants Tae-yong to return to Korea with him to run the family business. Tae-yong doesn’t want to.  They get into a bit of a scuffle over how Tae-mu is apart of an illegitimate branch in the family tree and its up to Tae-yong to do the work (a bit of jealousy, me thinks)  Somehow, Tae-yong gets punched and falls overboard into the water .

Rather than jump in and save his cousin, Tae-mu thinks for a moment, sees this as his chance to take over Tae-yong’s place in the family and company.  He decides he will go back to Korea and say he never met up with Tae-yong.  He finds Tae-yong’s phone and throws it in the water as well to get rid of any evidence he was ever there.  He wipes down the boat, jumps in the water and swims back to shore.

He just killed his cousin.

Two deaths in the first episode.  Wowza.

Back in Korea, Park-ha discovers her father just died.  She reunites with her step-mother and step-sister, Se-na. They ask her what happened to her (when Se-na knows full well what happened) but Park-ha can’t remember due to a car accident and AMNESIA!!!  (taking another drink!)

Se-na is not at all happy with Park-ha’s return to Korea, in fact she feels uncomfortable with it. She’s not even comforting to Park-ha at her fathers funeral.  I have a feeling I’m really not going to like Se-na.

Meanwhile, back in the ‘day’, the prince wants to discover what happened to the princess.  He wants an investigation. The court elders or whatever they are, try to convince him not to investigate as it will bring gossip and scandal to the palace.  (Oh, ok, then lets just let a murderer run free!)

But the prince investigates anyway, but every witness he comes across ends up dead.

So, he puts together his own CSI team.  First he gets a really smart but illegitimate son (Song Man-bo/Librarian) to be the brains of the operation.(in blue)

Next, the brawn, Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard) who can Bruce Lee it up with the best of them to act as protector. (in red)

Finally, the PR liaison and court eunuch, Do Chi-san to be the eyes and ears. (in green) When he’s introduced he’s in drag. (taking 2 drinks)

The four discover the princess was poisoned with arsenic in her food.  While believing they got a break in the case, they rush out (wait a second, did that rock just move?!) to see a witness but, it’s a trap and they are surprised by a small army of bad guys waiting for them.

They retreat, but in the process weird things start happening. There are flashes of slow moving drops of water, slo-mo shots of Tae-yong and the princess floating in water (creepy!) wind blowing, cats and dogs living together, all out anarchy and then suddenly, as the four guys attempt to jump off of a cliff with their horses, THEY ALL SOMEHOW FALL INTO THE MOON!!!!  Once again, who comes up with this and where can I send them my money?!?!

Flash forward again to Present day Korea.  It’s been two years since Park-ha arrived back home.  She’s managed to set up her own fruit stand in a market place.  Her relationship with her step-mom has improved, her relationship with Se-na has not.  As Park-ha walks into her house at the end of the night, she’s shocked (SHOCKED) to see the prince and his entourage sitting on her floor with magic, Captain EO lights around them.

They see her, she sees them, and they all scream.  A good time was had by all…except for the dead people.

The end.