About (The List)

In early April, Netflix showed me a ‘movies you might like’ page and on that page was this flick called “Boys Before Flowers”.  I thought I’d check it out, see what its all about but was entirely unprepared to see that there were 25 episodes.  (Whaaaaaaat?!)

Very daunting.

I clicked on the first episode and before I knew it, a week of my life went missing.

Fast forward to early May 2012 and a student of mine discovered my guilty pleasure of watching Kdramas. What I didn’t realize is that he and a lot of his friends watch them too.  I asked him for a list of Kdramas I might be interested in watching, instead of a handful of dramas to waste the summer away with, he gave me a list of 19 dramas. 19!!!  Is it even possible to watch this many Kdramas by the end of the year?  By the end of the Summer?  I’m going to find out.

Here’s The List…

19 dramas and 1 movie.  From Memorial day to Labor day, I have to have this list completed.

I’m in trouble.

Also, let me point out I’m pretty ignorant to a lot of Korean culture and will probably misunderstand a lot of what I see and hear.  I don’t know any of the actors or actress (I don’t even remember their names).  I’m mostly commenting on the plot and characters.  Nothing I write is meant to intentionally offend anyone. This is mostly an exercise on how a silly American woman reacts to these amazing things called Korean dramas.

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