Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 13

It’s been soooo long since I thought of this story so it was a little awkward jumping right in.  I tell myself I didn’t look at previous posts on this kdrama because I’m approaching this as an experiment to see how much I can recall after such a long break but in reality, I’m just too lazy to go back and look. I’m 18 months older and 1 day mature-er. I’m not doing the drinking game this episode because unlike everyone else on the planet enjoying their New Year’s Eve celebration, I was lying in bed with a case of food poisoning.  Cherry coke sounds disgusting right now.  So does the tequila it actually refers to.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

This episode picks up right after an odd yet heartwarming confession of ‘like’ from Lee Gak to Park-Ha. Unbeknownst to the couple, a photograph of them with the rest of the minions starts to flicker leaving only Park-Ha behind.  Does this mean the guys are going back to their own time period soon?  Or will they simply disappear? I totally don’t remember!

Back at work, the minions are working, hoping their plan to bring more business to the company works. As they are undoubtedly hard at work, they start to flicker themselves a la Marty McFly from Back to the Future.
Disappearing trick

The minions are all shocked at being so transparent and ask the same questions I posed just moments earlier. Honestly, no one knows at this point what is going on.

While the existence of the minions remains in question, the kdrama takes our attention back to Park-Ha and Lee Gak sitting on a bench in the park.  They look pretty self satisfied with each other. They’re totally in ‘like’ and have nothing better to do than sit on a park bench.  But you can totally tell its that awkward moment after a young couple admits to their feelings to each other and then look at each other and think “Ok, what next?”

But Park-Ha has an idea, and it’s one that is not surprising, “Lets find something to eat.”  Because apparently all they do in South Korea is eat.

As they walk to find food, Park-Ha is suddenly hit with reality.  She can’t be with Lee Gak.  Lee Gak has to marry Se-Na (who is as bitchy as ever) so he an his minions can go back home.  Lee Gak cannot be selfish and follow his heart unless he wants his minions to remain in the 21st century.  She tells him they have separate destiny’s (destinies? destini?) and she must leave.

Before going back to the Minions to see if they are OK, we are shown Tae-Mu who for some ungodly reason screeches his cars tires on the floor of a parking garage. (If making that horrid noise doesn’t make him the villain of this  kdrama, then I don’t know what will.)    While still in his car, he gets a phone call (in a parking garage? with what service?!)  From his expression, he’s shocked and scared.   Turns out, a hospital in Chicago has Tae-yong in their care. Tae-yong really did survive the attempted murder!

Vegetable Tae-YongOf course Executive Pyo overhears this conversion (in a parked car with the windows up) so I’ll assume this will come into play again at some point.

Across town and some time later, Lee-Gak is seen in an empty apartment with a realtor. He agrees to rent the place.  Meanwhile Park-Ha takes a job with a tour company ‘Far from Seoul’. Before Park-Ha actually leaves the apartment for good, Lee Gak tries to make peace with his feelings of losing Park-Ha by yelling at her and telling her he wished he never kept her from leaving for America.

It’s at this point, barely 10 minutes into this episode, that I’m thinking if they would only sit down and discuss things like actual human beings, they wouldn’t be in all of these messy situations.  But then again, there would be no kdrama.

Regardless of the things Lee-Gak said to her, it is less than 3 minutes before he is asking her to meet with him again. He has something important to tell her about their relationship. She appears to care less.

Back at the Shopping Network where Lee-Gak and the minions work, the minions are fine!  They are waiting to see if their plan has worked to sell cosmetics.  It has, they all celebrate.

high fiveStill in the parking garage, Tae-mu hands Se-Na a plane ticket for Park-Ha and tells her to terrorize Park-ha into leaving for New  York.  Se-Na isn’t quite convinced she wants to do such a thing but takes the ticket with her anyway.

After leaving Tae-mu in the parking garage, Se-na finds Lee Gak and asks him for help planning their engagement.  He brushes her off and tells her he is fine with whatever she chooses.  Terrible mistake. Even if Se-Na weren’t an evil jerk, she would still be upset by her fiance telling her he didn’t want to plan anything with her. That is a bad on Lee Gak. I get he doesn’t love her, but he did agree to marry her.  Either call it off or plan that shit.

Regardless, after Lee Gak leaves her, she sticks around and overhears him asking Do Chi San to give an envelope to Park-Ha later that evening.  Sensing something is off, Se-Na, does the most Se-Na thing ever and tricks Do Chi San into leaving the envelope alone for a minute so she can see what’s inside.  WHAT’S IN THE ENVELOPE?!

It’s a…I have no idea. But context clues lead me to believe it is a contract for the apartment Lee Gak just purchased.


Se-Na is probably thinking “Why is my fiance asking Park-Ha over to an apartment he just got?  why didn’t he tell me this?  Why won’t he love me?!”

Then her face scrunches up into an expression of mild fury that she’s so adept at creating. You know some bitchiness is about to go down!mild fury

Do Chi San finally meets up with Park-Ha and hands her the envelope.  Instead of the contract, there is the plane ticket Tae-Mu gave to Se-Na to kick Park-Ha out of the Eastern hemisphere.

Park-Ha is heartbroken.  She believes Lee Gak really wants her gone.  What she doesn’t realize is that Lee Gak is at that very moment in the apartment he had just bought FOR HER.

Butthurt, Park-Ha is reliving their most recent fight as she aimlessly walks and ignores all traffic lights next to the busiest street in Seoul.

Wondering where Park-Ha is, he calls her only to discover her phone disconnected.  Park-Ha has made herself disappear.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Tae-Mu visits the cousin he tried to kill several months prior, but at least he knows for sure Lee Gak is a pretender.

Back in Seoul, Man-Bo accidentally discovers where Park-Ha has been hiding by glancing at a package Lady Mimi was sending her.  I couldn’t tell where it was by looking at the package because I simply do not read Korean.  But the subtitles told me later it was Jinan.

Back at the office, and I’m assuming it has been at least a few weeks later, Lee Gak and the minions are at a conference table waiting for Executive Pyo to show up for a meeting.  Table talk turns toward Park-Ha’s disappearance. Lee Gak asks them to not talk about her.  He doesn’t want to hear her name because she left all of them behind. He’s also totally over her based on the fact that he said so.

Yong-Sool walks into the room with the candy they named after Park-Ha and shows it to Lee Gak completely oblivious to the conversation that was just had.  He offers Lee Gak some of the candy.  Lee Gak’s head explodes with how much he doesn’t care about her.

Just then, Executive Pyo comes in asking about the vacation packages they are to sell on the Shopping Network.  Which city should they sell to people?  Do Chi San delivers his research.  Jinan is one of the cities on the list. Man Bo totally thinks they should sell vacations to Jinan.

Executive Pyo agrees and sends Lee Gak to Jinan to scope out the place.

Upon arriving, he discovers he had inadvertently hired Park -Ha to be his private tour guide. So not awkward at all!

On their tour, Park – Ha, tries to tell him about the history of the place however Lee Gak isn’t impressed because, hey, he literally lived it.  He’s also irritated she won’t tell him why she left so he calls her boss and threatens to have her fired if she doesn’t do what he says.

Oh the maturity!

She, being twice as clever and ridiculous, feigns a sprained ankle and gets off the hook of being his errand girl. However, she still has to have a business dinner with Lee Gak and her bosses in which tons of soju is imbibed and karaoke is sung.


Before Lee Gak leaves Park-Ha for the night, she asks him to follow her.  She wants to show him something.  They go to the house where she is renting a room and she gives him the envelope with plane ticket in it. This sets off an argument in which they clear up all the misunderstandings that occurred this past episode which all could have been avoided if they just talked to each other in the first place instead of acting like butthurt dorks.

plane ticket

I will admit there is one cute scene this episode where the landlords grandson puts dog poop in Lee Gak’s shoes because he yelled at Park-Ha.  When Lee Gak asked the grandson why he did such a thing the kid responded with “Because you were harassing Park Ha”  When Lee Gak asks why he would protect Park-Ha the grandson responds with “Because I like her!”

Lee Gak totally realizes what a jerk he’s been. Instead of protecting her, he’s been a massive asshat to her.  Hes shocked at this revelation and returns to Seoul determined to figure out how she got the plane ticket instead of contract.

He learns from Do Chi San that Se-Na was also in contact with the envelope and figures she must have something to do with it.  When he approaches Se-Na with questions about the envelope, she admits there was a mix up and the plane ticket was for her (even though Park-Ha’s name is on the ticket clear as day)  Lee Gak believes her.

While at a kindergarten race with Park-Ha a few days later, an inverted stamp gave Lee Gak and idea to see if the whole envelope switcharoo story Se-Na told him actually happened the way she said it did. Long story short, Lee Gak knows Se-Na lied to him because of a stamp on the contract that left behind a mark on the inside of the envelope. There was only one envelope and the contents had been switched.

The episode ends with Lee Gak confronting Se-Na with evidence of her treachery and douchbaggery.

AAAAND its bed time.


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