Mitzi on…Coffee House

Well, its been awhile since I’ve been on here but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching my stories (Kdramas)  Let me fill you in on one that I didn’t even bother to finish.

Coffee House!!!

Cast!  Actor name/character name/name I give them so I can remember them

Kang Ji-Hwan as Lee Jin Soo (crazy writer)

Park Si-Yeon as Seo Eun Young (Yuppie woman)

Ham Eun-Jung as Kang Seung Yeon (tom-boy)

Jeong Woong-In as Han Ji Won (Cheating boyfriend)

I’m just going to put it out there.  I did not like this Kdrama.  I didn’t like it so much (not even using proper English) that I didn’t bother going beyond episode 10.  Does that put the integrity of the Kdrama Summer Viewing Challenge into question?  Maybe, but it’s not like I’m wining anything here.  Let me point out why I didn’t bother finishing this.

First of all, it seemed to peak around episode 5. After that, the story got boring.  There weren’t souls switching bodies or people in drag so my short attention-spanned American mind lost interest.  (‘Murica!)

Secondly, the characters were soooo cliche!  Crazy writer?! (a bit redundant)  Tom-boy?!  (who got badly dumped so we feel sorry for her so the next man she lets into her life is her sadistic boss…that’s brilliant)  Why not throw in a Yuppie woman trying her hardest to live up to her grandfathers success and a reformed cheating asshole trying to win Yuppie woman back? ….Oh wait, they DID put those characters in there.

Anyway, to make it short, Crazy Writer has some form of agoraphobia that makes it so he can’t make it to his signings at book stores.  This gets his publisher (Yuppie woman) irritated and she threatens to drop him.  Meanwhile, Yuppie Woman’s ex fiance (cheating boyfriend) comes back into her life trying to win her back.  Throw in Tom-boy trying her best to be a secretary for Crazy Writer and its a recipe for shenanigans and silliness that I didn’t bother to watch.

I didn’t like how Crazy Writer treated Tom-boy.  He’s a bit of a sadistic sociopath (but we’re supposed to feel somewhat sorry for him because his ex-wife died…please) He made her feel worthless, telling her the pencils she sharpened for him everyday and the coffee she made wasn’t good enough for him.  I also didn’t like how Tom-boy let Crazy Writer use her so much.  Having her run stupid errands, answer a phone while hula-hooping, and stuffing her in a suitcase.  And she thought doing all that shit was making her a better secretary.  Safe to say, Tom-boy is an idiot.

Crazy writer is also crazy (ha!) He spends days on end setting up elaborate domino cascades.  Who does that?  Days on end without sleep?  A crazy person does.  Honestly, every word I’ve written so far in this review has made me feel like I’ve gone a bit crazy for watching this Kdrama.

Crazy Writer, you  may be one of the finest looking guy’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on, but you crazy!!!

So, who ends up with who?  Don’t know.  Don’t ever plan on finding out.  Didn’t even get to drink that much Cherry Coke. All I know is that I found myself not fully invested in this Kdrama as I was in other shows. Heck, even Playful Kiss kept me more entertained and I really disliked that one.

I’m disappointed in this Kdrama, but I’m more disappointed in myself for not being motivated enough to finish it.  Shame on Coffee House and shame on me.


Score:  4/10

BUT…A million points for epic use of New Kids on the Block’s “Step by Step”!!!!   omg!  so worth the wasted hours of boring Kdrama to get to the 5 seconds of Tom-boy ‘dancing’ to this song.  So worth it!!!


One thought on “Mitzi on…Coffee House

  1. Um yeah that guy is pretty fine….maybe you should have just had a few shots, turned off the sound and made your own dialogue until hotness came back on the screen 🙂 but boo to this Kdrama! I say BOO!!! I bet they don’t even drink any Coke. I still vote for Rooftop Prince…even though thats the only one i actually watched lol

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