Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 10

I hear the final two episodes are out but I can’t find them.  Cest la vie!  Also, it’s Memorial Day weekend I’m so getting ready for some pretty rad BBQ (and remembering fallen soldiers). And after seeing The Avengers last night, I am all about (Captain) America…

Just sayin’

Let’s get this party started.

Well on my way to diabetes. Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

After the extra display of bitchiness by Se-na from episode 9, her name has been reworked (by me and those in the ‘know’) into a adjective to describe someone being truly heinous and evil. (Kudos to Sean Bateman)

ANYWAY, seeing as it was probably Se-na’s time of the month, she went out  of her way to try and break Park-ha’s heart by stealing Prince Lee-gak away from her. And she succeeds. It was so heartbreaking for me to watch this scene again so I skipped right past it.

Park-ha walks home slowly, thinking about what just happened. (I gotta give her credit here because I would most likely be crying my eyes out.)  Se-na is just so mean!  However, Park-ha has ten times more swagger than me because instead of allowing the situation to beat her, she goes out to the park and plays basketball…in heels. The sign of a truly kickass lady.

To continue their impromptu date, Se-na and Prince Lee-gak go to the same place where JanDi and Jun Pyo go on their first date during Boys Before Flowers, Seoul’s N-Tower.  Se-na is trying to keep Lee-gak around her as much as possible in hopes of destroying Park-ha’s birthday entirely, but Lee-gak (being a decent human, after all) decides he can’t ditch Park-ha on her birthday and ditches Se-na instead.

The 3 minions come across Park-ha on the basketball court and ask her if she’s seen the Prince since he was going to buy her birthday dinner that evening.  She denies seeing him. They question why she’s playing basketball…in heels.  She tells them she just finished her own birthday dinner with a friend (LIES!).

She explains the game of basketball to the minions and tells Yong-sool to try it out.  He, on his first attempt, accomplishes the most triumphant of dunks. (Whoa, able to dunk and decorate cakes!  Could he get any more amazing?)

While Park-ha and the minions are playing basketball, Prince Lee-gak happens upon them. Park-ha sees him and beckons him over to join the game. They will have a game, but a wager will be placed.  Losing team must grand the winning team a wish.  Who is on what team?  Chi-san bows out, feeling too winded to continue.

Man-bo claims Yong-sool leaving the Prince and Park-ha on the same team.  Park-ha, not quite able to forgive the Prince yet says she chooses Yong-sool to be on her team and links arms with him. (awkward glances follow because, you know, actual physical touching occurred) The prince objects.

To fix the problem of picking teams, they decided to do rock-paper-scissors: sit/stand version.  The two people who sit are on a team, the two people who stand are on a team.  The Prince motions to Yong-sool to throw the game so that he will be on Park-ha’s team.  Does that happen?

Nope!  Yong-sool stands at the last second with Park-ha so they are now on the same team.  Obviously, they ultimately win the game  because of that epic dunk from earlier.

What do they win?  What is the wish that Park-ha asks Man-bo and Prince Lee-gak to grant?  He takes out his wallet to prepare himself for her request, but it has nothing to do with money.

“Just let me punch you once.” she says before sucker punching him in the gut.

And really, what girl hasn’t wanted to punch a guy that has broken her heart?  Park-ha is the only one brave enough to do it and I say BRAVA!

Back at the apartment, pushing the sucker punch to the wayside for now, the Prince and 3 minions celebrate Park-ha’s birthday with decorated cake, bad choreography and all.

Prince Lee-gak then moves like he’s about to give Park-ha the rather unattractive hair barrette he bought her last episode, but decides against it because of the sucker punch.  He claims to feel unwell and goes to bed early.

Park-ha begins to regret sucker punching him.

The next day, at the office, Se-na approaches Executive Pyo and asks him if she can transfer to his department. Tae-mu’s dad overhears this and approaches her after Executive Pyo leaves.  He accuses her of switching her ‘affections’ from Tae-mu to Tae-yong (Prince Lee-gak)  (Which is exactly what is happening.)

So, in typical bully behavior, whenever a bully gets bullied, Se-na seeks out Park-ha, knocks the fruit bowl out of her hands, (Hey! what did that fruit ever do to you?!) and tells her she will take everything of hers. The way Se-na sneers at Park-ha reminds me of that god-awful photograph of Britney Spears attacking photographers with an umbrella. Really quite uncomfortable to think about.

In Grandma’s office, Tae-mu’s dad and Executive Pyo enter into a competition.  Their teams will develop and sell a new product and which ever team wins will probably hold the next CEO of the company.

Executive Pyo tells Lee-gak to find a new product and tells the 3 minions to come up with a sales strategy.  They know they will have a lot to do going up against Tae-mu so they have to come up with a sneaky plan. Se-na joins Executive Pyo’s team just this once to help out (and really, grandma is trying to get Se-na and Tae-yong (Lee-gak) together) And it turns out, Se-na has a secret weapon up her sleeve. Beauty products!

After a business meeting with the president of the beauty products line, Lee-gak and Se-na discuss their relationship over coffee.  Se-na asks what kind of relationship he has with Park-ha and pretends to be concerned over hurting her feelings. (MORE LIES!)  Lee-gak assures her there is no relationship. But he can’t help himself from thinking of her when a buzzer goes off near-by.

At the office building, Chi-san calls Park-ha and tells her that he and the other minions just got their first pay check and want to buy her dinner.

As Executive Pyo gives the 3 minions their pay, they in return give him tips.  Executive Pyo dances sarcastically as if he’s dancing for their money, but unable to understand sarcasm, the 3 minions keep shoving money into his coat pockets.  (Something similar may or may not have happened last weekend in Korea (town).)

Lee-gak and Tae-mu play racketball again as Se-na watches.  As we see her head switch back and forth between each of the guys its obvious she’s debating on who to bet her future happiness on.  And by ‘happiness’ I mean ‘who will give her the most money and power’.   Tae-mu tells Se-na to stay away from Lee-gak as he is an imposter and will prove it soon.  Se-na doesn’t seem too worried.  I don’t think she cares who he is just as long as he will be inheriting a lot of money.

Se-na and Tae-mu really are a cute couple. I just wish they weren’t such horrible human beings.

When Park-ha gets off of work, she meets the 3 minions for dinner.  Chi-san mentions that he heard he’s supposed to buy something for his family with his first paycheck.  Park-ha says it’s a good idea but for what family are they buying for?  For the first time we see the 3 minions feeling truly homesick.  Just a glimpse into making their characters 3D with feelings and inner conflicts instead of 2D nerds.

They all separate to buy their gifts and when they reconvene they share what they got.  Chi-san bought a box of medicated pads for his mother back home (300 years ago) because she has a bad back.  Man-bo bought a bottle of make-up for his little sister. Yong-sool bought a box of beef jerky so his father, who is poor, would eat better and in turn help his health improve.  This is truly and interesting scene to view as we literally watch these characters evolve right in front of us.  They aren’t just minions, they have their own lives outside of the Prince.  Now, I wish they would find themselves some girls so they can really start living in the 21st century. Create some conflicts there…or is one love triangle enough for one Kdrama?

Listening to the minion’s stories make Park-ha cry, and honestly makes me feel a little misty myself.  So in order to cheer her (and me) up, there is another montage!!!

Shopping!  Laughing!  Good times!  PHOTO BOOTH!!!

There were so many “peace” signs while posing for pictures that I lost count.  (FINISH OFF THE ENTIRE CAN OF ‘CHERRY COKE’ AND PASS OUT)

Man-bo reveals to Park-ha the reason Lee-gak is chasing after Se-na so intently.  They believe if Lee-gak marries the reincarnation of his wife (Se-na) then they will all be able to go back home (300 years ago)

Later that night, Park-ha sees Lee-gak being dropped off at home by Se-na and it breaks her heart to the point that she barely responds to him when he addresses her.  The minions, about to go out and play basketball, are met on the street by Se-na who offers to cook them all KBBQ the following day.  The 3 minions agree amongst themselves that they should help Se-na and Prince Lee-gak get closer together so they can get back home as soon as possible and discover who killed the crown princess.  They also make note that Park-ha could be a problem since they know she likes Lee-gak.

After days of avoidance, Lee-gak finally confronts Park-ha.  She denies that she’s avoiding him and walks away from him again.

When Se-na gets home from dropping Lee-gak off at the apartment, she arrives home to discover her apartment door open so naturally she called the cops in case there were burglars inside.  OH WAIT…NO SHE DIDNT!  She walked right on in and luckily enough for her, it was empty.  I’m talking, entirely empty.  Tae-mu’s dad had the entire place cleaned out to urge her to quit the company and his son. After this, Se-na has pretty much made up her mind to go with Lee-gak.  As she’s packing her clothes up, Tae-mu comes in and begs her to stay.  She doesn’t and moves in with her mother temporarily.

Executive Pyo is conned into joining our favorite alcoholic aunt at a coffee shop where she tries to convince him to marry her.  He doesn’t say, no, but instead takes a page out of the book of Will Smith and says, “Oh, hell no!”  And our favorite alcoholic aunt’s heart is broken while Alicia Keyes plays in the background.

Back at the rooftop apartment, Park-ha asks the minions what she should fix them for lunch. They tell her not to worry about it, that Se-na is throwing them a kbbq party for lunch.  Park-ha looks a little stunned for a moment as I’m sure it dawns on here that Se-na really is taking everything of hers.  Rather than hang around and watch the guys have fun with Se-na, she borrows Becky’s bike and rides away.

Lee-gak, noticing Park-ha isn’t around, finds out she has left for a bike ride.  Instead of hanging around at the bbq, he takes off after her on his own bike.

After a small bicycle chase around a park, they find themselves sitting on a bench near a pond.  Park-ha tells him she won’t be his servant anymore.  He sighs and gives her the unattractive hair barrette he bought for her in episode 8.  She says she won’t accept it which makes him go on a tirade and reveal some previously unsaid facts.

Forget the fact that he called her a bothersome creature!  He’s totally concerned about her!!!  HE CARES!    swoon!

After his tirade, he jumps on his bike and rides away in a huff.  Park-ha begins to feel bad about avoiding him and not being honest.  Her heart is sad that she has this unrequited love.  She knows he can never love her back. She takes out her cell phone and write to him completely intending NOT to send him a text. “I like you…I love you”

Instead of pressing delete, she hits SEND.  Oh the horror!  She just told Lee-gak she loves him!!! Suddenly, Lee-gak comes riding back toward her.  Did he get the text?  Did he read it?!

He tells her they will need to talk some more as he’s not satisfied with her answers, but before they begin, he will get them some drinks.  He leaves his jacket on the park bench and heads over to a vendor.

Suddenly, Lee-gak’s jacket beeps.  His phone is in the jacket!  Quickly, Park-ha gets his phone out…HE HASN’T READ THE MESSAGE!    *whew*  She’s got to delete the message, but doesn’t know his password. Oh, the drama!

So, you know, the only way to get rid of the evidence is to get rid of the phone completely.  Since there is a gardener near by digging holes, she throws his cell phone in one and buries it.

Lee-gak comes back wanting to talk things out with her.  Suddenly, a dog begins to bark and dig where she buried his phone.  To distract Lee-gak, she tells him she wants to look at flowers on the OTHER side of the park and, in fact, she’s not angry at all!  They should just drop the issue and go home. Right now.

The commotion by the dog has caught Lee-gaks attention, however, and both he and the gardener are surprised when a cell phone is pulled from the ground.

He immediately recognizes it as his cell phone and retakes possession of it.  Realizing something is fishy, he asks Park-ha if she buried it.  She plays dumb.  The phone alerts him to the arrival of a text.  He looks and sees a text from her. He’s about to open it.

Before he has a chance, Park-ha jumps on her bike and speeds away.  Before going after her, he reads what she wrote him.

Lee-gak also jumps on his bike and races after Park-ha.  The episode ends when he catches up with her and blocks the way so she can’t escape any further.

The end.


One thought on “Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 10

  1. I love how often I get shout outs now!! Btw i was sad because my niece saw my post where i said i was Captain America and she told me i couldn’t be because I was not cute enough. I slapped her across the face, called her a bitch and left her on the side of the road…….well actually i just gave her a sad panda look and drove her back to my parents 😦

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