Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 9

One thing I truly enjoy about this kdrama is the emotional roller coaster ride it takes me on.  What I like even more is the fact that I know things will end up alright in the end (rule #1 of comedies. William Shakespeare says so, it’s the law)

Fun and delicious. Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

At the end of Episode 8, Park-ha was accused of pretending not to know who Tae-yong (Lee-gak) was in order to nurse him back to health and get her hands on his money.  This isn’t true, of course, but the evil step-sister, Se-na, has seemingly bad evidence against Park-ha and showed it to grandma and our favorite alcoholic aunt.  They believe Se-na and Park-ha is declared a very bad girl despite her claims to the contrary.

Outside, grandma, our favorite alcoholic aunt and Se-na try to get ahold of Lee-gak to get to the truth.  Grandma plans on asking both Park-ha and Lee-gak together since it’s apparently no use to ask either of them separately.  Se-na, in a sense, scolds Park-ha for being so devious.  She think’s Park-ha is “something else” when it reality Se-na is just projecting her own insecurities onto Park-ha.  (Psychology 101 rears it’s ugly little head)

At Grandma’s office, Park-ha and Lee-gak are grilled about the drawing and how the two of them met.  They both contend that Park-ha didn’t know who gave her the drawing but grandma assures Lee-gak that he couldn’t know that since he’s lost his memory.  The coincidences are too great for grandma and our favorite alcoholic aunt to belive. (Really, Kdrama?  You expect us to buy into all the coincidences but you won’t let your characters believe in them?  Shame on you.)

Lee-gak defends Park-ha and admits *gasp* that he ‘likes’ her and that’s why he moved into her rooftop apartment. Grandma is furious.  Park-ha earlier told grandma there was nothing going on between herself and Lee-gak (true, Park-ha didn’t know he liked her) but to grandma’s eyes, it is just another lie.  She tells Park-ha not to bother coming into work tomorrow and to move out of the rooftop apartment.

To ask for forgiveness? Lee-gak sits on grandma’s lawn until dawn.  (but really, its just an excuse to show Micky Yoochun looking silent and mysterious while blossoms fall around him to make all the girls swoon. lol)




Yep, all the girls swooned.

Lee-gak stays out there all night like that until grandma finally tells him to come in the next morning. She asks him how deep the relationship is between him and Park-ha.  He tells her he will never marry Park-ha, that he will marry someone else.  (Not at all what I wanted to hear) This makes grandma ask him if he’s a player like his grandfather (LOL!  point to grandma!)

But since Tae-yong (Lee-gak) wont be marrying Park-ha, grandma is satisfied and has agreed to pretend the entire episode never happened. (that was a quick resolution to such a huge problem.  I like how the Koreans think)

As he’s leaving grandmas, he’s a bit shocked to see Park-ha waiting for him at the gate.  He’s limping from sitting like that all night long so she takes him to get some ‘liquid muscle patch’ (Icy Hot?)  As she’s rubbing it on his ankles, he apologizes for causing her so much pain and even holds her hand.  Park-ha begins to cry and moves to wipe away a tear completely forgetting she has medicine on her hands and it gets into her eyes.  The screaming and crying begins. lolz.

In Tae-mu’s apartment, he and Se-na are having breakfast.  He tells her they should get married as soon as possible, she avoids the subject.  Tae-mu then brings up the subject of Chairman Jang.  He says the long lost daughter would probably get Chairman Jang’s stock if she were ever found.  Se-na is immediately upset at this news because she knows Park-ha is the lost daughter. She will do anything to keep her from discovering it. So, while Tae-mu will try to find the daughter quickly as possible to get her on his side to take over the company, Se-na will be right behind him sabotaging him the entire way.  The couple that schemes together, stays together!

Upon seeing Park-ha and Lee-gak together at work, Se-na calls up our favorite alcoholic aunt to discover how she’s still around.  Our favorite alcoholic aunt tells Se-na about Lee-gak’s love confession leaving her stunned. Auntie tells Se-na she should make a play for Tae-yong (Lee-gak) and steal him away from Park-ha.

Back at work, the minions see Park-ha’s blind date at the information desk.

The minions confront him.  What on Earth is he doing there?

They tell Blind date that Park-ha wasn’t interested but he tells them in return he’s just there to drop off a cake for her since her birthday is tomorrow.

The minions had no idea!  Very smoothly (not) they take Blind Date’s cake and send him on his way.

Tae-mu’s father asks to see Se-na in his office.  He, not so kindly, tells her that she should quit the company so that she stays away from Tae-mu.  Se-na, not one to be out bitched, counter attacks with a threat to reveal his secret plan to take over the company if he keeps harassing her.

Instead of giving Park-ha Blind Date’s birthday cake, they decide to give it to Executive Pyo as a gift.  Unfortunately, they didn’t realize there was a love letter in side the cake box and now Executive Pyo thinks Chi-san has a crush on him.  At least the cake is pretty.

In the hallways at work, Se-na comes across Tae-mu’s dad and Park-ha discussing something. She’s too far away to hear the conversation or understand that it’s harmless, but since Se-na is paranoid her mind will jump to conclusions.

At the squash courts, Se-na is offering lessons to Lee-gak that conveniently allow the pair to be close enough to touch each other.  Is this part of Se-na’s plan?  We know Lee-gak is loving it.  *giggle*

Love on the squash court.

In the middle of their talk on the squash court, Lee-gak gives Se-na the handkerchief he brought with him from back in ‘the day’ in hopes she would recognize it. She doesn’t.

Se-na drives Lee-gak to the rooftop apartment and weasles her way inside by saying she wants a glass of water.  Once inside, they run into Park-ha who is in the middle of doing laundry.  Lee-gak tells Park-ha to get Se-na water.  (So many things wrong with this situation I don’t even know where to begin.  First of all, Park-ha and Se-na are enemies.  Don’t ask Park-ha to get her a glass of water! Secondly, can’t he see she’s busy carrying around a laundry basket?!  What? She’s just gotta drop everything whenever he says to?  Lee-gak, please!)   She, not so subtly, puts down the basket and goes to get Se-na her precious glass of water.

Lee-gak then hands the sweat stained handkerchief and tells her to wash it and to make sure its done gently BECAUSE IT’S VERY IMPORTANT.  Park-ha, in a huff, throws it into the laundry basket so poorly that it halfway hangs in and out.  When she picks up the basket, it falls out completely.

Se-na sees the handkerchief on the floor, picks it up and takes it with her knowing how important it is to Lee-gak.

The three minions, wanting to celebrate Park-ha’s birthday, decide to make her a cake. They go to a bakery that allows customers to bake their own cakes. Yong-sool mentions he wants to bake a cake like a house.  Man-bo corrects him and says its, “As big as a house”.  There are more instances of comedy gold like this coming up later.  Keep your britches on.

We see them ‘making’ the cake and it looks like a hot hot mess. You just know it’s going to end up a disaster right?

Wrong!  They’re brilliant at cake decoration!  It ends up being 4 or 5 tiers high.  Who knew a bodyguard, librarian and eunuch from 300 years ago could be such amazing cake decorators!!! I sure as hell didn’t.  Consider me proved wrong.

Park-ha’s and Se-na’s mother tricked both of them to come to her house at the same time in order to get them talking to each other again.  A mini-truce is called so they can have dinner.  Here, mother takes note of the ring Chairman Jang gave Se-na before telling Park-ha to eat well because it’s her birthday.  Park-ha is thankful for her mother and Se-na scoffs at the fact Park-ha dares to use the word ‘mother’ when she isn’t blood related to either of them.

Mother asks what Se-na is bitching about.  Se-na tells mother that Park-ha has said she disowns her as a sister in order to make her look bad.  (Technically true, but Se-na threw the first volley and is now twisting Park-ha’s own words against her.  I am amazed at how much evil oozes from her pores.)

Se-na tells Park-ha that if she remembers the past and the bad things she’s done, then why not provide evidence for it.  She then yells at her mother telling her that since Park-ha is no longer her sister to not bother calling her over for stupid family dinners.  (I bet mom is really embarrassed at how badly she failed at raising a decent human being.)

Back at the rooftop apartment, the 3 minions completely clear out the refrigerator to fit the gigantic and beautifully decorated cake for Park-ha’s birthday party.  Lee-gak says its uselessly large and that there should be no other preparations for the birthday party.  The minions decide to ask Lady Mimi and Becky, downstairs, for the proper way to celebrate birthdays.

They learn the essentials are cake, cone hats and noise makers. (easy, right?)

Also, another very important feature…the birthday song!  Unfortunately, Lady Mimi modeled it like a woman would sing it and the 3 minions copied her every movement. They end up looking like this…

This is so wonderfully delicious, kudos to whoever thought this up. lol!

A few hours later, Park-ha is frantically searching for the embroidered handkerchief that fell out of the laundry basket and that Se-na actually has. Lee-gak is furious with her for losing it. She feels bad about losing it, so sure that she washed it with everything else, but Lee-gak won’t give her any credit.  She tries to reason with him but he’s too mad. He asks her if she’s an idiot or just bad. (WHOA!) Finally she stands up to him and yells back that she’ll find it an leaves before he can say anything else.

As Park-ha and Lee-gak are fighting, the 3 minions are watching and listening on the upstairs landing.  I think this is the first time it dawns on me that Park-ha and Lee-gak are like fighting parents and the 3 minions are their children.  And maybe Yong-sool has a bit of an Oedipus-Rex thing going on…I hope not, because, awkward.

Later on, while preparing for the party, the 3 minions meet to see all the things they’ve purchased.  Yong-soon says he has everything, (cue the Korean play on words that I don’t understand because I don’t speak Korean)  Apparently these things sound the same in theory but in practice they are clearly not. the. same.

Party hat =/= sunflower seeds?

Noise makers =/= bean porridge

While this is funny, it happens much more often than even I would like to admit.  For instance, at a restaurant, when you have a waiter who slurs his words and asks you if you want Super Salad to go with your meal, don’t say “Yes” because then he’ll look at you like you’re an idiot.  He actually said “Soup OR salad.”  And even though he spoke with a lazy tongue, you will be the one called a moron. *rant over*

Across town, Park-ha is sifting through literally mountains of clothing looking for the missing handkerchief (that Se-na has)

Unable to find the handkerchief (duh!) Park-ha sulks back home. She runs into Prince Lee-gak and he scolds her for being unreachable.  He asks her if she’s been out all night looking for the handkerchief and she responds telling the truth. Oddly, he’s not yelling.  In fact, he tells her not to worry about it because there’s nothing that can be done.  She mentions his change in behavior and tells her to go get some rest.  He shouldn’t be yelling at the birthday girl on her birthday!

A few hours later, Lee-gak is unhappy to learn that Park-ha has yet to make his lunch.  The minions tell him she is sick from being out all night looking for HIS handkerchief.  He goes into her room to check on her and her pulse.

He diagnoses her with the affliction of ‘talking too much’ and promptly leaves the room.  What Park-ha doesn’t know is that Lee-gak is writing a list of ingredients (for medicine) for the minions to get.

Back at the office, Tae-mu’s father has asked an underling of his to divulge information on his son.  He learns Tae-mu has an apartment that he shares with Se-na.  Dad goes over to the apartment to find Se-na’s mother trying to enter the apartment and she accidentally tells him who she is.  He’s now got more ammunition against Se-na.

Once the medicine is finished brewing, Prince Lee-gak gives it to Park-ha along with some Park-ha candy to make it taste less bitter. She apologizes for losing his handkerchief and he says for her not to worry, if it’s truly his it will come back to him.

Just as he’s about to tell her to go to sleep, he looks at the postcard drawing of Park-ha and asks her more about it.  She reiterates, again, that she didn’t know Tae-yong drew it for her, but it is obvious that he drew it two years ago.  She does reveal that she was given the postcard one day, after work, with a post-it attached telling her to meet someone near the Statue of Liberty but that person never showed.

Lee-gak mentions that Tae-yong was probably already dead by the time she went to meet him.

Se-na meets Tae-mu’s father again in his office.  This time Tae-mu lets her know that he knows her mother works in a fish market and not in England as a professor.  She automatically believes that Park-ha told him this information when she saw them speaking earlier this episode. Her fury is blinding and she swears she will take everything that Park-ha has.

Se-na immediately goes over to the rooftop apartment and barges into Park-ha’s room.  Park-ha is still asleep.  Instead of waking her up, Se-na discovers a post-it note left for Park-ha by Lee-gak.  It tells her to meet him by the river at 7pm.  Se-na forms a plan to begin taking everything from Park-ha, starting with Lee-gak.

However, Lee-gak is across town buying a present for Park-ha’s birthday.  It’s a hair barrette. (honestly, not even that cute of a hair barrette either.)

Park-ha, excited to meet Lee-gak by the river, spends a little extra time getting ready.

As Lee-gak is waiting for her, Se-na suddenly shows up and declares (rather unconvincingly, to me at least) that she HAS come to like him (LIES!), which makes him very happy.  She hands him the handkerchief and tells him she searched high and low for it all night long (MORE LIES!) and this only solidifies, in his mind, that they are soulmates. (you’re getting played, son!)

Se-na then sees Park-ha wondering toward them (in a love daze) so she grabs Lee-gak and hugs him.  Park-ha sees the embrace and I can almost hear her heart breaking.

If that weren’t cruel enough, Se-na then moves to make it look like she’s kissing Prince Lee-gak!  ESCANDALO!  What’s worse, she then stares at Park-ha to relish the pain that she’s in.

The end.


3 thoughts on “Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 9

  1. I now feel i must watch this Kdrama this weekend since I have time off…..some of the boys are pretty and some of the girls are just vile which i like so all in all this Kdrama and some *ahem* “cherry coke” sound great. Thank you for infecting me with your craziness 🙂

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