Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 8

Had to take a bit of a break and watch season 2 of BBC Sherlock Holmes.  “Think! It’s the new sexy!”  Plus, watching TV in your own language makes it a little easier to multi-task.  Don’t have to keep rewinding to re-watch a scene because I literally had no idea what was said during a 5 minute facebook break.

Ok, done swooning.

Get your drank on. Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

The new apartment is done and it looks nice!  And what is this?  A photograph already?  And a peace sign?!  (1 DRINK!)

And to celebrate the new apartment, they all go grocery shopping.  For some reason, they are all getting stared and drooled over by people in the store. (Cinderella complex, anyone?) The guys also get their introduction to the free sample table and it’s pretty much an amazing experience for them.

In an interesting turn of events, Lee-gak takes a lotus flower seed (i.e. Boo Yong or Park-ha) throws it in an aquarium and then purchases that aquarium.  As Park-ha and Lee-gak stare into the aquarium, they name the a fish after each of them except the lotus flower seed.  That one is Park-ha. She’s like “WTF, dude?!  Why do I gotta be a seed?” but is ultimately ignored.

Back at the chairman’s (grandma’s) office, Se-na and our favorite alcoholic aunt are discussing the housewarming party with grandma.  Tae-mu comes in and suggests they bring over crabs in soy sauce (Lee-gak is allergic to crabs.  Tae-mu is quite the little devil because he learned this in the last episode)

At the housewarming party, all of Tae-yong’s (Lee-gak’s) family has arrived and are waiting for food to be served. Se-na gets to sit at the dinner table but Park-ha doesn’t (unfair!)

Tae-mu all but dares Lee-gak to eat the crab in soy sauce and he does knowing full well he will be paying for it later.

Park-ha walks outside and sees Lee-gak out there struggling for breath.  (Anaphylactic Shock! looks a bit different from this but I’ll go with it) She runs to him trying to help in any way she can.

Se-na wondering where Lee-gak is goes outside too and then sees this…

Now, it might look like they are kissing, but those of us with a medical degree can clearly see she’s trying to force air into his lungs. (I’m just kidding, this wouldn’t actually work in real life.  The problem is his air way constricts making it almost impossible for him to breathe.  No ‘kiss of life’ will help with that.  Get that boy an Epipen STAT!)

The point of this scene is Se-na sees Park-ha ‘kissing’ Lee-gak and now in order to continue with her revenge, she is now going to steal Lee-gak away.

Since only Tae-yong’s family is at the housewarming party, where are the minions?  Why, they are downstairs playing cards with Becky and Lady Mimi.

Having left the party after the ‘kiss of life’ Park-ha has made him go to  the doctors where he’s received a shot for the allergic reaction.  He’s amazed at how much better he feels (better living through chemistry *wink*)  He remarks how if he were still living back in ‘the day’ he would have been in much worse shape.

It’s here Park-ha looks at him in all seriousness and asks him who he really is since he’s not Tae-yong.

At the house, grandma and the others wonder where Tae-yong went.  Se-na admits she saw him and Park-ha leaving just a short while before. Both Se-na and Tae-mu say they will stay behind and help clean while the rest of the party goes home.

Park-ha is upset with Lee-gak for lying to her.  She says she trusted him the entire time, no matter what he claimed to be, so why does he keep lying to her? She can no longer trust him. She turns and walks up some steps that lead to an over road bridge. Lee-gak decides to…walk in the middle of traffic?  (what? why?) The cars stop for him but still, what in the…

They both meet on the other side of the road and Park-ha asks the same questions I’m asking.

He say’s he walked in the middle of traffic so she would believe him.  Right.  So, if he walks across the street and doesn’t get hit then he’s telling the truth. If he gets hit, he’s lying?  Isn’t that similar logic that we American’s (when we were British Colonists) used to kill witches?  “Throw her in a lake, if she sinks she’s innocent, if she floats shes a witch!!!!)

I guess Park-ha thinks that was a stupid idea too cause she kicks him in the shin!  She tells him to just use his words next time to which he calls her a wretched girl.

Back at Lee-gak’s place, Tae-mu is trying to get friendly with Se-na but she will have none of it. He tells her to be patient, that his father will accept her.  She doesn’t believe him.

Park-ha is still yelling at Lee-gak for being so careless with his life. He tells her he needed to in order to keep being Tae-yong.  It all ties in to the reason he’s time traveled 300 years in the first place.  He needs to meet someone. (He thinks its Se-na)

Still at Lee-gak’s place, Se-na finds her way into Park-ha’s room (does she have no sense of private property?!) and looks around.  She takes note of the drawing Tae-yong made of Park-ha in New York and even looks through Park-ha’s cell phone.  The wheels are turning in her head, just not quite sure what she’s planning.

Tae-mu comes in (again, whats with the lack of respect for private property?) and tells Se-na to grab a ride with him to go home.  She declines.  He tells her she’s scary when she’s angry (I AGREE!) so she relents and goes home in his car.

Lee-gak and Park-ha, still yet to return home, are on a bench discussing how she got him to breathe again.  She says its CPR.  (that ‘kiss of life’ is so not CPR but I’m letting it go!)  He asks how that works and she explains that she put her mouth over his and blew air into his lungs. And then suddenly, this happens…

And then he requests CPR through strained breaths.  *headdesk*  Park-ha can see through this too which leads us to her reaction and ANOTHER DRINK!!!  Huzzah!

The next day, Prince Lee-gak lays out the rules for living in the new apartment.  Man-bo takes charge of the household activities. Chi-san is in charge of the household budget.  Yong-sool is in charge of security.  Park-ha is in charge of cooking and cleaning (say, what?  totally unfair!)

She questions why she has to be the only one to cook and clean.  Lee-gak responds by telling her she should ‘know her place’  since she’s living in his house now.  (oh, that is low)  As the ‘house meeting’ breaks, Chi-san is sure to tell Park-ha what to have prepared for breakfast tomorrow.

Park-ha makes her way to a library to research something, what? I don’t know because I can’t read Korean and there are no subtitles.  I’m assuming she’s researching royal families of the past and what she finds has shocked her. I hope we discover what she’s discovered otherwise, what was the point of showing us?

Lee-gak meets with Executive Pyo and asks him to help him investigate his (Tae-yong’s) past.  Executive Pyo lets on that he believes Tae-mu met with Tae-yong in New York before he went missing.  Executive Pyo believes Tae-mu did or knows something and has been hiding it all this time. Not being a fan of Tae-mu, he has decided to help Lee-gak.

Minutes later, Lee-gak, Executive Pyo, Tae-mu and Tae-mu’s dad have a mini-showdown in the atrium of the office building.  Lee-gak hints that he knows Tae-mu might have had something to do with his (Tae-yong’s) disappearance.

It’ reminds me of that scene in Rocky IV where the Russian and Rocky face-off just before the final fight…”I must break you.”  Except this time, instead of an American and a Russian, they’re both Korean and one of them is a time traveler.  Pretty much the same thing.

Back in grandma’s office, Se-na is wearing Lee-gak’s bracelet and it is announced that Tae-mu will be going on a blind date (It’s reluctant!  2 DRINKS!)

Grandma mentions that Se-na might be a good partner for her grandson, Tae-yong (Lee-gak).  Our favorite alcoholic aunt agrees with grandma which leads me to believe that both are terrible matchmakers.  Our favorite alcoholic aunt is probably on the sauce and Grandma is senile.

Se-na doesn’t confirm nor deny that she likes the idea in front of Tae-mu which probably breaks what little hear he has left. (If only I hadn’t run out of cares to give at this point!)

Tae-mu meets with Se-na privately and gives her tickets to a musical. He bought the tickets for the same time as his blind date and is asking her to meet him instead.

Park-ha’s mother comes over with food to the new apartment building and they run into the prince and the three minions.  She introduces her mother to them.  The minions respond in unison and bow like so…

When it’s time to introduce mother to Lee-gak, Park-ha doesn’t.  He awkwardly tells mom to have a nice visit. Well, she does. She has such a nice visit with her daughter that she insists on setting Park-ha up with the son of a fellow market owner. (BLIND DATE!  1 DRINK!)   The Prince and his minions can hear the entire conversation, by the way.  The prince looks annoyed and I swear I can almost see him mouth “Leave?” as in “you want us to leave” when Park-ha is motioning for them to stop eavesdropping.

Yong-sool, on the other hand, looks like a love sick puppy that just lost its favorite toy after hearing of Park-ha’s date.  He has to have a crush on her. Even Man-bo and Chi-san notice the change in his expression.  Is this proof?  Eh, could be better.

I think the next scene proves it when, on the day before Park-ha’s blind date, Man-bo and Chi-san ask Yong-sool to go outside with them and he says he would rather stay in and rest.  They are shocked Yong-sool would choose to stay indoors since he’s so active.  They tease him, asking if his heart hurts.  He asks them where he put his sword.

Outside, Park-ha is exercising. Lee-gak asks her why she’s doing that and she responds she wants to look good for her blind date tomorrow.  This answer doesn’t please Lee-gak at all and instead of exercising, he decides to drink a little bottle of juice instead.  He asks her if she hopes the blind date will be a good man.  She says she will pray he is a good man.  If the date goes well, they might get married within the month.  Lee-gak returns to his juice and can’t drink it fast enough.

Right before Park-ha is about to leave for the blind date, Lee-gak sees her and asks her if she’s going to show up for a date wearing that

He tells her she looks like she’s going grocery shopping (which it does but he doesn’t need to tell her that)

Instead of letting her go on her date looking like that, he gives her her own Pretty Woman moment! In the words of Romy and Michelle, “I just get really happy when they finally let her shop.”  *happy tears*

Lee-gak even pays for her to have a full head to toe make over!  (I’m on a montage and Romantic comedy high right know just from this scene.)

(Post makeover)

As she’s on her blind date with an admittedly cute guy, the 3 minions keep a close watch (not awkward at all) and text Lee-gak with details about the date.

The minions tell Lee-gak that the date is going well, the guy is handsome and that the couple is planning on going to the movies to continue the date.  Lee-gak can’t handle this and immediately sends Park-ha a text telling her to come home right away as the fish need feeding.

what’s worse?  Park-ha listens to him. She leaves a perfectly nice and cute guy behind to answer every one of Lee-gak’s whim.  She’s got it bad.

Instead of feeding the fish, Lee-gak has purchased a vehicle and needs Park-ha to teach him how to drive it.  He’s terrible!  Can’t even park.  (reminds me of someone else I know)  After a few attempts to back into a parking spot, Lee-gak gives up.  Park-ha take the wheel and has it parked in less than 5 seconds.  That old stereotype is full of crap, man.

Not able to take this blow to his ego lightly, he says that if they were back in ‘the day’ she wouldn’t be able to ride a horse well.  She tells him that she could and he calls her bluff taking her to an equestrian center.  Why they’re on the same horse, I have no idea.  It’s in the script.

While riding the horse through the woods, Lee-gak asks Park-ha what she looks for in a guy. When she vaguely answers, he probes for more details. She tells him she doesn’t have to answer him. (Seriously, why is he asking stuff like that?  Leading the poor girl on!)

Across town, the musical is almost over and Tae-mu has been waiting for quite some time.  Se-na finally shows up and the two go out to dinner.  Tae-mu tells Se-na he has gone against his fathers wishes and put everything on the line for her.  She asks what would happen if he was betrayed after going against his father.  He said he would then lose everything but that he won’t let her get away.  (Tae-mu is getting a little possessive and creepy now…no me gusta!)

Park-ha goes into grandma’s office for a prearranged meeting and is told it is unseemly for her to live in Tae-yong’s house.  She wants to know if anything is happening between the two of them. Park-ha assures her there is nothing between them. Grandma then asks about the first time Park-ha and Tae-yong met.  Did he know who he was? No.  Park-ha tells grandma she had no way of knowing who he was either.

In the elevator, at work, Lee-gak requests that Se-na teach him how to play squash.

Lee-gak, while waiting with Man-bo at a coffee shop, the restaurant buzzer goes off to let them know their coffee is ready.  Lee-gak gets the idea to purchase his own buzzer and give it to Park-ha to have her on call all the time.  He hides the buzzer in her apron and buzzes her at work until she finally arrives.  Then she delivers this threat…

And now I’m taking 1 DRINK!

Back in grandma’s office, grandma gives Se-na an old sketch pad that used to belong to Tae-yong.  Se-na is charged with showing it to Tae-yong to help him remember AND to get closer to him.  Se-na immediately recognizes the signature on the sketches as the same signature at the bottom of the sketch of Park-ha that she has in her room.

Se-na is about to start some trouble

She confronts Park-ha, accusing her of knowing Tae-yong in the past and cooking up a scheme to get to his money.  It’s brought to her attention that the signatures in both drawings are from the same person.  Park-ha can’t explain how she has a drawing from Tae-yong from two years ago, she didn’t know who drew it for her.  (Really bad coincidences!!!)

Grandma and our favorite alcoholic aunt come by the house and Se-na shows them the evidence against Park-ha.  It looks bad for her, but we know she’s innocent.  She pleads for them to believe her. Grandma says that Park-ha is a really bad woman and believes Se-na’s accusations.  She even slaps Park-ha!

The end!   (no!  it can’t end here!   must see next episode now!)


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