Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 6

First, I want to point out a victory of mine.  I am 100% sure my best guy friend, Christopher, lurks on here. Don’t have hard proof, but I know he sees this stuff.  A few days ago, he agreed to watch a kdrama with me AND he said he’d finally take me to see The Avengers so this is kind of a double celebration.   Just a real quick happy dance and then back to work…

We left off last time with the boys about to show off their new makeovers.  I really hope there is a montage.  Nothing better than a good montage.

As always, Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

So bummed out!  No montage!  Just Prince Lee-gak bringing Park-ha back and they run into the 3 minions already done over. And hello!  Did Woo Yong-sool just steal my heart?  I think so!  Wowza!

Ok, yeah, the others look alright too but , come on!  The bodyguard wins this round, hands down. KO! Agree, disagree, I don’t care.  If ever I were to get ‘yellow fever’ (as I’m told the term is called even though it sounds terribly racist and BAAAAAAD!), it would be right here and right now.

ANYWAY, the four guys take Park-ha back to the rooftop apartment to show her they are completely redoing the entire place.  Everything will be new and everyone will be comfortable.  The painting that Lee-gak bought for her will have its own place on the terrace outside so it will feel like a tropical paradise all the time.  *swoon*

Grandma and Se-na also come by the apartment to see the work being done.  Grandma asks Park-ha if she lived there alone and where her family is.  Se-na gives her the evil eye in hopes Park-ha won’t mention her as family.  She is way too nice and only mentions a mother who lives elsewhere.

Grandma gives Park-ha money to furnish the new apartment and asks Tae-yong (Prince Lee-gak) to start coming into the office beginning the following day.

At some point, Tae-mu and his father meet a new character, Chairman Jang, at the airport.  Chairman Jang tells Tae-mu that before any business gets done, she needs to go somewhere for personal reasons.  She ends up at the fish market to talk with Se-na’s and Park-ha’s mother.  What does Chairman Jang say? “I’ve come to get my daughter.”  OOOOOH, which one is her daughter?!

A little later, Park-ha meets Se-na in a cafe and just moments after Park-ha sits down, Se-na throws a glass of water in her face.  What. The. Hell.  Se-na demands to know why Park-ha isn’t on a plane to America.  She doesn’t want Park-ha to answer because then she will just lie with her mouth again. (Rich, coming from THE BIGGEST LIAR IN THE UNIVERSE!) And then Se-na leaves in a self-righteous huff.

While the apartment is being worked on, the 4 guys and Park-ha will share a RV.  How?  I’m not sure, but it looks tiny.  Aren’t there some societal standards that would be against this?  Four guys and one girl?

Regardless, the guys are impressed with the RV and Lee-gak seems more impressed with himself since he bought it with a black credit card (no limit)

The next thing we know, all the guys are in suits, have cell phones and look like they belong in the 21st century.(cue the ‘walk like models’ scene)

And Woo Yong-sool transformed into the Korean Don Draper!!!  Amazing!

Suddenly we are shown our favorite alcoholic aunt dressed like Cindi Lauper in 1985 trying to get the security guard (Pyo Taek-soo) at the warehouse to come back to work.  He’s still unsure, choosing to wait for the chairman (grandma) to ask him back personally. Our favorite alcoholic aunt sulks away in 6 inch heels.

Moments later, Tae-mu’s dad drives up in a chauffeured car and verbally berates the security guard. He hands the security guard an envelope from the chairman asking him to return, but not to get too excited because there are other warehouses that need guarding.  (what a jerk.)

Later, after the 4 guys had enough strutting around in their new found hotness, they all end up at a cafe with Park-ha.  She teaches them all the differences between coffees and asks Chi-san to buy everyone something so he can practice.  Before he leaves, the group figures out how old everyone is.

Yong-sool and Park-ha are both 27 so they can be friends

Everyone else is younger than her so she tells them all to call her “big sis” which makes Lee-gak somewhat uneasy…

That night, they are all back at the RV eating dinner.  Park-ha takes it upon herself to teach the guys the way of business meetings meaning, soju bombs and karaoke.

After that, Lee-gak shows Park-ha the palm tree dolls again and asks her how to tie the legs if he wanted love to enter his life.  Park-ha thinks maybe he’s wishing for her to love him but it’s definitely not.  It’s because he’s stupid right now and thinks he’s got to fall in love with Se-na.  Future broken heart for Park-ha coming soon. =(

The next day at the home shopping network building, Pyo Taek-soo shows up dressed to impress. He’s even wearing a bow-tie (why? Because bow-ties are cool.)

See?  I told you.

Grandma had promoted him to director again.  When Tae-mu’s dad finds out he is none too happy because the guy he was cruel to so often is now his equal.

The 4 guys are driven to work by Park-ha and they all wave bye to her except for Prince Lee-gak, who is too engrossed in his new roll and finding Se-na to even notice her.  At least it looks like they’ve all mastered the revolving door.

Once inside the office building, the guys are split up.  Lee-gak goes to the top floor as an executive and the others are to take tests to figure out how they can be put to work within the company.(they all score zeros)

Lee-gak insists his friends are worthy of jobs as their skills lay elsewhere. Executive Pyo is charged with figuring out what exactly these talents are.

Grandma tells Lee-gak he needs someone to show him around the office so he can learn the ropes. He nominates Se-na and it’s all set. Se-na takes him on a tour of the studios and mid-tour a ladder is swung by a careless workman and almost smacks Se-na.  Lee-gak saves her just in time and they end up in an unintended embrace.  (yeah, unintended, sure. lol)

He then asks Se-na if she recognizes her from somewhere, like they’ve met before.  She laughs and tells him no one uses that line anymore.  (Credit where credit is due, point to Se-na even though I don’t like her)  She diffuses the situation by continuing on with the tour.

Executive Pyo takes the 3 minions out to lunch to get to know them better. The 3 minions, feeling this is their chance to put into action Park-ha’s advice to him, automatically order soju bombs thinking this will impress Executive Pyo the most. Then the 3 minions take Executive Pyo to karaoke and act like the three biggest assholes on the planet.  (really, how many songs would a group of 300 year old clowns know and be able to perform like that?)

Executive Pyo is so unimpressed he tells them to stop immediately.  They are not giving their leader (Lee-gak) any credit and they are acting like jerks.  If all they wanted to do was act like this all day then they should just quit now.  He then tells them if they were born back in ‘the day’ (300 or so years ago) they would be nothing but concubine son’s and eunuchs!   (Oh snap!  cause its true)

In Tae-mu’s office, his father and he are trying to convey their wishes to Chairman Jang.  They want the power behind her stock to sell the company and go in a different direction. (truth, misleading lie? not sure. All I know is that the plot is thickening).  Chairman Jang is no fool and she can see exactly what is going on.  She eyes them suspiciously.

Park-ha and Lee-gak are at an appliance store trying to buy goods for the new apartment.  He asks why she dragged him there, she says it is to get a discount because couples get one.  They decide to pretend to be a couple to get the goods cheaper. This means they have to *gasp* link arms and get close to one another.

Lee-gak, newly acquainted with the touch screen on his phone comes across a flat screen TV and thinks it can do the same thing.  Hence, why we now have access to this little beauty…

Moments later, Lee-gak notices Park-ha admiring a bracelet.  He asks her if women these days really like such things. She tells him, ‘duh’ and they leave to get lunch.

Where do they get lunch? At a spaghetti place.  The poor prince can’t eat anything because he hasn’t mastered the fork yet. Park-ha has to teach him.  It’s actually a really cute scene.  <3!   After he finally takes a big bite of pasta, he asks Park-ha what men and women do for fun nowadays. “Date.”  she responds. Then they get into a conversation about dating and what she would like to do which entirely leads her on because she thinks he’s just being sly about asking her out. Don’t fall for it, Park-ha!

But one thing she says she would like to do is ride a couples bike. Great!  He can’t ride a bike.  She’s got to teach him. She does, hilarity ensues.

Back at the apartment building, we learn Lady Mimi has a crush on Man-bo.

To make up for the massive karaoke failure, the 3 minions try to memorize a list of employees given to them.  Man-bo, being a genius, has memorized them in almost no time at all.  The other two are struggling.

Lady Mimi, learning that the 3 minions need food, elects to take homemade dishes to the guys at work.  She meets Man-bo outside. He’s clueless as to Lady Mimi’s affections.  (billed as a playboy from back in ‘the day’ you think he would have seen the way she looks at him.  I guess 300 years of time travel has made him ignorant to technology and the ways of wooing the ladies)  Poor Lady Mimi leaves empty handed.

As Park-ha is preparing more omurice for the guys back at the RV, she discovers the palm tree seed dolls AND the bracelet she admired earlier while with Lee-gak INSIDE LEE-GAK’S JACKET!  She thinks the bracelet might be for her.  I hope they are, but I have a feeling it isnt.Whoa, Lee-gak is in the shower.  Hes getting out while Park-ha is there.

She tells him she’s fixing lunch and will be out quickly.  Instead, he puts a brown paper bag on her head.  She’s impatient and asks him if he’s done yet.  He pulls off the paper bag and hands her the bracelet asking her to accept it.  THE HEAVENS REJOICE!!!

All those who are happy Lee-gak and Park-ha are finally together take a step forward…not so fast everyone!!!  Keep standing right where you are.


Instead, when she asks if hes done he tells her to keep waiting (lies!  He’s fully dressed!)  Realizing Lee-gak is being a punk she takes off the bag only to find him leering at her.

I’d be startled too to find out someone was invading my personal space bubble.

Lee-gak yells at her for looking even when he said he was still dressing.  He says her mind must be in the gutter and tells her he will be eating at a restaurant that night.

Back at work, the 3 minions finally prove themselves worthy of a job as Executive Pyo and the chairman look on with pride.

Lee-gak asks Se-na to meet him at a park and brings with him a couples bike.  He’s set up a date for the two of them based off of Park-ha’s suggestions!   I’m not sure he would have done that if he knew how bad things were between Park-ha and Se-na.  At least, I hope he wouldn’t.

Se-na is a little reluctant to go on the couples bike (because it is a couples bike…) but ultimately relents. She looks miserable on the bike while he’s having the best time of his life.  Talk about an awkward date.  He gives her the bracelet by leaving it on top of a bottle of juice as he suddenly had to leave. (Sweet, but unappreciated)

While visiting her fathers ashes, Park-ha and her mother have a touching discussion which only further cements the fact that Park-ha is good and caring.  Mother then gives Park-ha a photo of her when she was a baby.  The photo also includes her father and her birth mother (birth mothers face has been torn off out of fathers anger for abandoning them)  It looks like Park-ha will also be looking for her birth mother. (Chairman Jang?!)

At a business/lunch meeting, the 3 minions are finally told they will be permanent workers.  Lee-gak is proud.  As everyone is drinking, Executive Pyo grants a few minutes of ‘free talk’ time.  This means there are no titles or hierarchy.  People can say what they want about whoever they want without being punished for it.  Chi-san and Man-bo take advantage almost immediately and Lee-gak is holding back his anger.

Yong-sool is having a difficult time finding the guts to speak his mind about the prince.  Finally he does but Chi-san and Man-bo try to stop him at the last minute because time ran out.  Too late.  He calls him a young thing and tells him he’s lucky to have met good parents.   I guess this is a massive burn (I don’t ‘get’ it)  because he looks mortified to have said that and then told the ‘free talk’ time had expired.  He even had little cartoon sweat drops coming off of him.

Park-ha and her mother go to a restaurant her father liked to frequent and they accidentally run into Chairman Jang.  Mother tells Park-ha they will leave.  As Park-ha is outside, she tells Chairman Jang that Park-ha is not the one she’s looking for and should just leave.

Unbeknownst to them, Tae-mu and Se-na are also on their way to the restaurant to meet with Chairman Jang.  Being in a rush, Tae-mu hits Se-na’s mother with his car.

Park-ha rushes over to her mother in tears. Se-na stands back in shock.  She can’t go to her mother or Tae-mu will realize she’s been lying the entire time.  Park-ha is crying for help and watches as Se-na TURNS HER BACK AND WALKS AWAY.

Then Park-ha has a memory flash.  Se-na turned and walked away just like she did all those years ago when she let Park-ha be taken away by the truck in episode 1.  You can almost see the anger flashing in Park-ha’s eyes as she remembered the reason she was adopted and taken to America was all Se-na’s fault.  And she’s doing the same thing again to her own mother.(Seriously, even Se-na gives bad people a bad name)

Oh and also, Tae-mu!  Trying to kill someone else besides his own family members?  What a jerk.

Ultimately, mother is fine and she gets released with a concussion.  However, Park-ha is livid at Se-na.  It looks like things are about to get thrown down!

Park-ha calls up Se-na and demands a meeting.  They meet in an unused studio at the home shopping network and I really hope Se-na gets a little bit of what she deserves (although not all of it because there are still 14 more episodes to go through)

Se-na asks if mother is alright. Park-ha responds by asking if Se-na even cares.  How could a person just turn their back like that, is Se-na even human? (no)

Park-ha tells Se-na they are no longer sisters. She reveals she got the memory back of Se-na leaving her in the truck to be taken away.  Because Park-ha has shown a mirror to Se-na and Se-na didn’t like what she sees, she slaps Park-ha.

Park-ha slaps her right back.  (ITS ABOUT TIME!)  She won’t forgive Se-na.

Just as Se-na is about to slap her again, Park-ha blocks it and the bracelet that Lee-gak gave Se-na falls to the ground.  Park-ha sees it and realizes that the entire time, Lee-gak has been trying to win Se-na’s heart and not hers.

Park-ha’s mother was just in a car accident, she remembered what a douche her sister is and now she realizes that the guy she has a crush on likes her arch enemy.   It’s like the screen writers got into a room and asked the question, “How can we mess with Park-ha’s life even more?”

Well, they did a good job because she’s got to be feeling a lot of humiliating pain. She leaves the studio almost immediately.

On the way out, Lee-gak just happens to be standing in the hall way.  He smiles at Park ha and asks her if she’s ready to take him and the minions home.  She doesn’t respond to him and walks past him leaving him wondering what the hell just happened.

You messed up, son.  You messed up real bad. You just don’t know it yet.

The end.

Also, by my calculations, there were no drinks to be had in this episode per the rules set up in the Kdrama “Cherry coke” Drinking Game.  =(


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