Mitzi on…Rooftop Prince episode 5

As I sit here, eating some sour gummy bears, I wonder if this challenge is even possible.  It’s taking me longer to write these reviews up than I thought they would.  Might have to rethink the whole set up.  Still super determined to complete The List by Labor Day (Sept 3) even though my only reward is a little bit of pride.   Oh, and also, this show HAS been aired completely elsewhere…it’s just not all available to me.

As always, Kdrama “Cherry coke” drinking game.


Actor name/character name/ (nickname or identifying name)

  • Lee Min-ho as Song Man-bo (Librarian)
  • Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sool (Bodyguard)
  • Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san (Eunuch)
  • Ban Hyo-jung as President Yeo
  • Lee Moon-shik as Pyo Taek-soo
  • Ahn Seok-hwan as Yong Dong-man
  • Song Ok-sook as Gong Man-ok
  • Park Joon-geum as Yong Seol-hee
  • Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
  • Guzal Tursunova as Becky
  • Na Young-hee as President Jang

So, Prince Lee-gak, after almost dying by Tae-mu’s hands, is now claiming to be the long lost Tae-yong. (WHAAAAAT?!)  We know he’s not but he’s got a secret plan he’s going to put into the works.  Let’s just see how it plays out.  Grandma is so happy to have her Tae-yong back she’s sobbing like a little girl.  so touching!

Meanwhile, outside the hospital room, Se-na is yelling at Park-ha again.  Why is Park-ha always around?  Why doesn’t she just get lost?  (why do I keep hearing a lisp whenever Se-na talks?)

Se-na finally admits to Park-ha about the lies she told her boyfriend and the chairman (grandma) about her family being ‘good’ and ‘wealthy’.  She doesn’t want Park-ha around to make her house of cards fall.

Back at the house, Park-ha sulks in to find the 3 minions gushing over their hair to each other.  She mentions they might want to get it cut to blend in more with the times…and wow!  The angry reaction!  You’d think she said they should all get neutered!

As Prince Lee-gak is wondering around Tae-yong’s room, he is absolutely sure that Tae-yong is his reincarnation. The question still remains, however, over why he’s in modern times.

The next day, Lee-gak asks grandma if she will buy him Park-ha’s rooftop apartment. She’ll do it under one condition…he’s got to cut his hair!!!

Since Park-ha is about to leave for America, the 4 guys will soon be out on the street, unless Lee-gak cuts his hair so his ‘grandma’ will buy him the rooftop apartment.

Lee-gak asks to speak to Park-ha alone to convince her not to leave.  She asks him if he really is Tae-yong.  He lies and says he is.  Park-ha believes him.  She then gives him back the embroidered handkerchief that Lee-gak believes his wife made for him (when in reality it was his wife’s sister who also just happens to be Park-ha reincarnated)  So much coincidence!!!

Lee-gak notices the butterfly, that materialized from the embroidery in episode 1, has returned to its rightful spot.

Park-ha goes into her bedroom, pulls out the drawing of her that Tae-yong made of her, and notices a very similar looking butterfly sitting on her shoulder.  (Hint hint!  It’s the same magical butterfly, people!  Not that believing any of that is a stretch of the imagination…)

Lee-gak returns to his minions to discuss with them the problems facing them.  There are two.  First, they need to get use to living in modern day Seoul.  Second, they need to keep and protect the rooftop apartment.  The only way to do that is to cut their hair.

Man-bo and Chi-san beg the prince to reconsider. If they go back home with their hair cut, they will be humiliated and unable to show their faces in polite society ever again!

Yong-sool suggests they all kill themselves right here and now rather than cut their hair off.  He says he will go get his sword.  The other three try and stop him…

Becky and Lady Mimi watch from a distance and shake their heads.

As she leaves the guys to their silliness, Lady Mimi goes to her apartment to charge her phone. She plugs the phone in and see’s a picture of Tae-yong and his grandma on the screen.  She accidentally grabbed Tae-yong’s missing phone (that everyone thinks is Lee-gak) and charged it up.  HUGE!  Evidence that Tae-mu met Tae-yong the day before his disappearance is on there.  She gives the phone to Lee-gak.

Tae-mu, still not willing to believe that Tae-yong is back, plans a surprise DNA test.  There is some question as to whether or not this is necessary. Ultimately, it is agreed that the DNA test will take place.  As the doctor goes to take Lee-gak’s DNA, he freaks out a bit because he has no idea what a DNA test is much less the thing they are trying to shove in his mouth.  As he’s struggling with the doctor, Tae-yong’s phone falls out of his pocket and our favorite alcoholic aunt picks it up.  She notices it is definitely Tae-yong’s phone.

This is all the evidence Grandma needs to believe 100% that her grandson is back.  Only Tae-yong would have that cell phone.  Tae-mu is racking his brain to understand where the phone came from since he is sure he threw it into the ocean the same day he killed Tae-yong.

The family sits around a table to discuss the past with Tae-yong (Lee-gak). Lol!  Prince Lee-gak gets out of not knowing what happened two years ago (or in his youth) by playing the AMNESIA card. (Taking a drink!)

To get the information off of the cell phone, Tae-mu and Lee-gak go to the cell phone store to get the pass code. As he is being dropped off, Lee-gak accidentally lets the phone slide out of his pocket and into his seat.  Tae-mu sees this and takes the phone.   When it comes time for Lee-gak to show his ID and phone to an employee, he can’t find it.  Tae-mu keeps his mouth shut.  (Oh, the evil!)

Back at Se-na’s apartment, her mother comes for an uninvited visit.  Se-na is not pleased (is she ever?)  Tae-mu comes over at the exact same time. Se-na ushers her mother out of the apartment so fast, she forgets a few shopping bags behind.  Tae-mu takes out Tae-yong’s phone and smashes it.  Before he can completely destroy it, Se-na comes back.  He hides the smashed phone inside one of Se-na’s mother’s shopping bags.

Mom comes back after Se-na and Tae-mu leave and collects her bags, including the one with Tae-yong’s smashed cell phone in it.

Grandma invites Lee-gak and his three friends over for dinner and to spend the night.  They have a little trouble working cutlery of today so Yong-sool cuts all the steaks with his sword…   Such cheesy humor is why I watch this crap.  lol.

Back home, Park-ha accidentally drops the palm tree seed dolls and Lee-gak gets them for her. Then he shows her the soju and canned whipped cream that he brought over for them to drink that night.  Here Park-ha reveals that whenever she is having a bad time, she thinks of a tropical location she can mentally escape to for a little while. As they continue talking, she shows him the palm tree seed dolls and tells him its supposed to bring good luck.  If a person wants love, they just have to tie their legs together, around each other.  He makes fun of her for believing in such a silly thing, so she give the dolls to him and tells him to start wishing.

The 3 minions, back at grandmas (cause they are sleeping there for the night) have decided to dress in their traditional clothing to do a memorial ceremony for one of their mothers.  Chi-san is raiding the fridge to find a food offering for the spirit.  In the process, he finds catchup, and proceeds to chug it like it’s soda.

Grandma is also wondering around late at night and runs into Chi-san, dressed in his traditional clothing with red catchup smeared all over his face.  Grandma passes out.

Later, the three minions gather their things for the ceremony and are about to leave when suddenly, the housekeeper stumbles around with a beauty mask on completely startling our guys and they all pass out too.

(note:  I saw a gif somewhere of this exact scene and I wish I had saved it when I saw it because then I would be able to share the always humorous images of people passing out, however today when I went searching, I accidentally ended up on a mega fan site of Micky Yoochun’s band and OH MY GOD!  MY EYES WILL NEVER RECOVER!   I saw things…horrible horrible things that these little fan girls talk about and the things they do with their favorite guy’s photo’s.  My fragile and impressionable mind has been ruined!  Questions that should never be asked are everywhere…AND THEY GET ANSWERED TOO!  Why on Earth were we humans never designed with our own Ctrl+Alt+Del function?! I weep for humanity.)

When it’s time for the prince to collect his minions from grandma’s house, he walks them to a waiting car and tells them to ‘get in the back.’  The prince gets into the car and the driver and he both notice they didn’t get into the back seat.  Where did the guys go?  Well, they did get ‘in the back’. (the trunk)

The next day at the home shopping network, Lee-gak is desperate to talk with Se-na, however the security guards won’t let any of the guys inside the building to get to her.  They try various approaches until Yong-sool uses his bodyguard skillz and fights his way through the security guards only to be foiled by the revolving door!  (Curse you, technology!)

After this, the prince is convinced more than ever that the only way for things to get easier for all of them is to cut their hair.  But before they get their hair cut, they want to take a memorial photo with Park-ha before she leaves for the US.

Since there are four ‘V’ for victory (or peace or whatever) signs and three of those are giving bunny ears I’m declaring this some sort of Kdrama hat trick.  JUST FINISH OFF WHATEVER IS LEFT IN THE CAN OF ‘CHERRY COKE’.

And finally…the cutting of the hair!  (Actually, and this seems silly, but I DO know what these characters are going through. I once donated 18 inches of my own hair to Locks of Love and had quite a bit of anxiety of losing apart of myself that became so much of my identity. So, even though this scene is silly, there is truth behind the spazzing out.)

Park-ha gets onto the bus that will take her to the airport so she can fly back to America.  What she doesn’t realize is that Lee-gak is looking for her.  He even chases after the bus she got on in order to stop her (Really interested to find out why he wants her to stay behind even though he has his ‘soulmate’ in Se-na)

After one very close brush with death and thousands of dollars spent on a tropical painting, Lee-gak finally gets Park-ha’s attention and the bus stops.  Lee-gak gets on the bus and yells at her.  Who gave her permission to leave? She tells him she thought he wanted her to leave too since he took the memorial photo with her (Guess that’s the same as saying good bye?)   He says she is obtuse.  That photo was to say good bye to their hair. He grabs her by the arm and drags her off the bus (Take HALF a swig even though we already drank everything earlier due to the Kdrama hat trick. Just gotta open another can of “Cherry coke”)

Back at the apartment, Lee-gak shows Park-ha the tropical painting he bought for her so she will never have to leave for a far away land ever again.  It will be there for her always. *swoon*

Episode ends when Park-ha, startled by a horn honking, jumps and Lee-gak puts his arms around her to keep her from falling and it somehow turns into an unintended hug.  *gasp*  lol.

If you squint your eyes just right, I swear, its just like being in Tahiti…lol


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