Adventures in Korea (town) part 2

At the beginning of the week, we knew The Hustler would be in town so we wanted to plan something special, like KBBQ and Norebang for last night, but plans fell through.  No big deal because we had Zig’s birthday party to go to.  Or so I thought…

I got a text yesterday that The Hustler was planning The Ultimate K-town experience for us and IT WAS AMAZING!!!


First, we went to pick The Hustler up in Silverlake, which turned into more of an ordeal than it should have been because first, we couldn’t find parking and second, he was in Burbank…

We had some time to kill while he drove back to Silverlake so we went to 7-11 to get slurpee’s.  (silver lining!)

Once we were all in the same car, we drove to Road to Seoul for some really good Korean BBQ.  My best friend told me we would smell like charcoal but I honestly couldn’t smell it on my clothes last night or this morning.  One thing though, it was HOT in there.  Whew!

The Hustler taught me what he claims is the traditional way to drink soju and beer.  I was laughing so hard I couldn’t really understand anything after he said, “…and this is what we call ‘cheers-ing’.”     I don’t often feel like an idiot, but I definitely felt like one last night. The grade he gave me?  ‘C’.   Pshaw!!!  Hustler, please.

Who is The Hustler?  Well, let me introduce you.  He is an international Kpop star (in our world) and friend who often makes the most inane comments on my facebook page but that’s alright because he is one of the coolest people I know.


After failing the Korean booze test, and eating all the Kbbq in the world, we were off to a surprise.

Wait, first I should mention that The Hustler is a terrible navigator and led us on a 20 minute wild goose chase only to end up where we were last weekend…Zion Market.

He tells us we are going to do Karaoke.  Well, Hustler, I hate to break it to you but we were just here last weekend and we didn’t see any sort of karaoke place here.

He gives us this look like, ‘shut up and follow me’.  And we do. Imagine our surprise when we happen upon this…

Could this possibly be the greatest night ever!  Of all time!  In the world?!

Not since my 2 weeks in Japan 9 years ago have I been in a place like this.  Things are about to get real!  There was a fairly decent selection of English language songs to choose from and the staff was super nice.  Best Friend and I said we will definitely be going back. Needless to say, there were a lot of 90’s pop, Kanye and even Dixie Chicks songs being sung last night.

My first song choice?  The Immortal NKOTB.

There were so many other songs I wanted to sing, but ultimately, we had to get going to see Zig turn another year older back in Silverlake.

Overall, the singing was tone deaf but the night was glorious!


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