Mitzi on…My Lovely Sam-soon episode 13

Haha!  Watched this episode and the Bridget Jones Diary fight finally arrived!   Squeeee!


  • Kim Suna as Kim Sam-soon
  • Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon
  • Jeong Ryeo-won as Yoo Hee-jin
  • Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim (Dr. Hotpants)
  • Kim Ja Ok as Park Bong-Sook – Sam-soon’s mom
  • Lee Ah-hyun as Kim Yi-Young – Sam-soon’s sister
  • Na Moon-hee as Na Hyun-Sook – Jin-heon’s mom
  • Suh Ji Hee as Hyun Mi-joo – Jin-heon’s niece
  • Yoon Ye-hee as Yoon Hyun-sook – Jin-heon’s “aunt”
  • Lee Kyu-han as Min Hyun-woo – Sam-soon’s ex
  • Lee Yoon-mi as Jang Chae-Ri

Last episode left off on top of Halla (even though I keep wanting to call it ‘Hella’ for some reason. Bad, bad Mitzi.) where Sam-soon’s liberation was put on hold by Jin-heon’s sudden arrival.  They fight a bit and then somehow end up in a hotel room where you hear suggestive conversation.



And it totally makes you believe something else is going on until they show Jin-heon massaging Sam-soon’s calves.  (haha, good one, kdrama. you totally had me on that one!  ZOINKS!)

What we learn here is that Jin-heon is a horn-dog wanting to get all over that *points at Sam-soon* but she won’t have it because, first, she’s super sore from climbing a frickin mountain, and secondly, she thinks she’s too fat.  She tells Jin-heon to wait a month or two so she can lose weight (what weight?!)(and why that reason?!)

Suddenly, Sam-soon gets up and heads to her backpack hoping ‘it’ isn’t wet. What is ‘it’? It’s her application to get her name changed.  Jin-heon pretty much says, “you won’t be needing this anymore.” and rips it up in front of her.  This pisses Sam-soon off so much that she beats him until he’s bleeding from the nose. (whoa!  maybe these two deserve each other)

Jin-heon is delegated to the floor while Sam-soon is in bed to sleep.  Of course, he weasels his way back into the bed and the two end up sleeping (only sleeping) together.

Back in Seoul (I think…) Dr. Hotpants and Hee-jin go visit the 226th (or some number) national treasure.  Wondering what she can get away with, or possibly wondering how far Dr. Hotpants will go for her, she tells him to catch a fish in a pond.  Mind you, this pond is on land that this ‘national treasure’ is situated on.  That’s like asking a dude to catch a fish out of the reflecting pool under the Washington Monument (if there were fish in there)(of course, all of this is assumption).  Of course, since he’s in love with her, Dr. Hotpants says something along the lines of, “Makes sense, OK!” crosses over a visible barrier and sticks his hand in the water before Hee-jin tells him to stop.  OY!  He’s so in love with her.   Love him back, Hee-jin!  Do it!

Jin-heon is still struggling with his relationships with both Hee-jin and Sam-soon.  PICK ONE, DAMMIT!

Sam-soon is across town, getting her act together by shopping with her sister for a shop and supplies to open her own bakery. HUZZAH!

Jin-Heon’s mother confronts Sam-soon’s mother saying she doesn’t want Sam-soon to date her son.  Sam-soon’s mom breaks out all kinds of, “Pshaw!  Girl! Who do you think you’re talking to?!  Your son sucks!” and tells her about the contract relationship. *gasp*

Jin-heon’s mom goes to find him to murderlize him for daring to do something so stupid as get into a contract relationship but he’s got other, more important, things to do like find Dr. Hotpants and challenge him to a game of basketball.

Yes, basketball.  And Dr. Hotpants is good.  So good that Jin-heon is left warming the bench as Dr. Hotpants kills it on the court…LAKER STYLE!

Jin-heon, in order to nurse his pride, then does the mature thing and challenges Dr. Hotpants to a swimming race.  Jin-heon wins, barely, but it’s enough to bring the tension between them to a head. In the best snap of the episode, Jin-heon tells Dr. Hotpants, “I don’t like you. You suck.”  And then punches him in the face.  BWAHAHAHAHA!

This starts the epic fight akin to the one in Bridget Jones’ Diary…except this one is in water.  Ever tried to fight someone in water?  Mega awkward.  But this fight was so hilarious it was beyond awesome.  I think I even saw one of them punching the other in the butt cheek.  WTH is that?!  hahahaha!  You can’t punch someone under water!  And then there might have also been a punch in the junk but then again…it was underwater so how painful could that have been.  …lol!  (I’d have to ask a guy, but ultimately I don’t care, its still funny.) I had to pause the film at this point from laughing too much. All it was missing was “It’s Raining Men” as the soundtrack.

Next thing, we see both of them with gauze? (toilet paper? tissue? tampon?!) up their noses because obviously blood was drawn.  They talk and Dr. Hotpants admits to Jin-heon that he loves Hee-jin.  Jin-heon tells Dr. Hotpants to be good to her.  He’s actually letting go of Hee-jin!

Later, as Sam-soon is across town, Chae-ri confronts her about Hyun-woo (her fiance and Sam-soon’s ex) They get into a little tiff but ultimately, Sam-soon tells Chae-ri to put on her big girl pants and realize she’s dating a scum bucket.

That night, Jin-heon actually man’s up and breaks up with Hee-jin the nicest way he knows how.  She is upset and asks if he’s in love with Sam-soon in several different ways.  He never says that he’s in love with her, just that he’s happy with her and can’t stop thinking about her. It’s a really tough scene to watch as it seems really authentic…the situation, that is.

Time to make like Jay-Z and …


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