Mitzi on… My Lovely Sam-soon episode 10

Ok, confession time. I watched this episode.  I distinctly remember sitting down and watching this episode, I swear.  However, since I watched it after I got home from Mr. Katz’s “birthday” party…I remember very little of what actually went on.

So, rather than watch it again, I thought it would be much quicker and more fun for me to write down what I do remember…


  • Kim Suna as Kim Sam-soon
  • Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon
  • Jeong Ryeo-won as Yoo Hee-jin
  • Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim (Dr. Hotpants)
  • Kim Ja Ok as Park Bong-Sook – Sam-soon’s mom
  • Lee Ah-hyun as Kim Yi-Young – Sam-soon’s sister
  • Na Moon-hee as Na Hyun-Sook – Jin-heon’s mom
  • Suh Ji Hee as Hyun Mi-joo – Jin-heon’s niece
  • Yoon Ye-hee as Yoon Hyun-sook – Jin-heon’s “aunt”
  • Lee Kyu-han as Min Hyun-woo – Sam-soon’s ex
  • Lee Yoon-mi as Jang Chae-Ri

Jin-heon can’t stop thinking about Sam-soon.  In fact, he thinks about her so much, when he doesn’t want to, that he starts to choke Sam-soon’s stuffed animal that he ended up with all the way back in episode 2.  I remember feeling some sort of righteous indignation at the time…but now, I just find it a bit funny.  Not him choking the stuffed animal (because it is NOT a euphemism, get your head out of the gutter) but because I yelled at the screen.

Next was a duet singing “Fly Me To The Moon”…unless that is an actual memory and I’m just mashing the entire evening together.  Regardless, it was awesome.

Then, Jin-heon meets Sam-soon late at night and almost almost confesses feelings for her but doesn’t.  (but I don’t think this is accurate because in episode 11, he turns into an asshat again.)

Sam-soon tells her jackass of an ex boyfriend to leave her alone.

And somehow, I wake up with a cut on my foot.

The end.

P.S.  This episode needed more Dr. Hotpants.


P.P.S  I now vaguely recall a scene reminiscent of the infamous ‘blind date, wait a minute you’re my boss not my lover’ fiasco that ended up with Jin-heon slapped twice and kicked by Sam-soon.

Yes!  It’s all coming back now!

Sam-soon gets a make over and goes on a blind date (who ends up being a total toad) but runs into a former blind date she liked but ran away because Jin-heon played that joke on her.  They were actually hitting it off too when Jin-heon comes back and plays a similar joke…except this time its kinda for real.

Good job, brain.  Way to be slow.


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