Adventures in Korea (town)

I just got my best friend to watch Kdrama’s and trust me when I say this was no easy feat.  I had been begging her for a good month to follow me into the Kdrama abyss so I could have someone to geekout with and she finally dipped her toes in the water. As a celebration, we decided to get some Korean BBQ in Korea (town)

The first thing we did was keep our eyes peeled for anyone we think should be in a kdrama.  We saw a Korean Justin Timberlake, we saw a few boybands and even a few rich CEO’s. Not bad for our first casting call.

The first place we went to was Toe Bang.  Now, like every mature adult, we did the only thing we could do and giggle at the name.  We are definitely going back there next time.

Our next stop was dinner. It’s a new place called My House.  They were very nice and even sat us away from everyone else in the restaurant (why?!)  The food was good but there were no cocktails as it opened just this past week.  Don’t have the liquor license yet, I guess. The BBQ beef was the best.

This was our view from the table.  It’s completely open…no windows.  I really liked this because my local KBBQ place has almost no ventilation and I end up smelling like charcoal by the time I leave.  My House doesn’t leave me with this problem and the scent from my shirt didn’t make me want to heave my food on the floor. Nicely done.

Next we headed toward Zion Market where I ran across this poster.  Actually, the day before we drove by Zion Market to get to Paris Baguette and that’s when I first saw it.  It’s Jerkface from Playful Kiss and Boys Before Flowers!  I was so shocked (more like impressed) I recognized someone on an advertisement that I almost caused my best friend to get into a car accident.  You know, by screaming “Oh my god!  It’s Jerkface!”  Who doesn’t get startled by that?!

Anyway, I knew I had to commemorate this auspicious moment by defacing it somehow.  I printed out my Oh Ha Ni meme and planned a surprise attack.  This would take 20 seconds tops to accomplish.  Just gotta stick Oh Ha Ni in Jerkface’s hand heart and take a photo with my phone, right?  Quick and easy. Don’t want to cause too much trouble and get arrested for defacing private property…I just wanted to be a little mischevious.

As we walk up to the poster, I’m glad this will be a quick operation because there is crazy bad traffic and there will be people watching me take a photo of this dudes poster.  So, I walk up to the poster, stick Oh Ha Ni in the right spot and am literally one second away from taking the photo when my phone rings (GAH!).  And it’s an important call (double GAH!), leaving me standing on a crowded sidewalk starting at Jerkface’s poster with Oh Ha Ni taped to it.  After awkwardly getting off of the phone, I manage to take the photo.  I wish I realize how huge Jerkface’s hands were, then I would have made Oh Ha Ni bigger.

It wasn’t until we got into the market place that I saw this guy’s poster, cardboard cut out and picture was EVERYWHERE!   This can only lead me to believe that he is mildly popular in Korea.

After this whole episode, we finally make it inside to the market where I wondered around in search of the cookie aisle. I was unable to find it.  Scrotes.  =(

To alleviate my disappointment at the fact that I am now cookie-less, we headed over to Paris Baguette where I bought this cake for my mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday. I also bought a few goodies for myself to have for breakfast this morning but somehow, in the middle of the night, the Paris Baguette Fairy came and ate half of them.  Not cool, Paris Baguette Fairy!  Not cool!

To end the evening, we drove back to our town to help our friend, Mr. Katz, celebrate his monthly birthday (He get’s 12 a year.  I’m told his party in Transeptember was one I should be sad to have missed)

Next weekend might find us returning to Korea (town) as The Hustler will be here and will condescend to hang out with us Plebeians for a few hours.  *swoon!*


7 thoughts on “Adventures in Korea (town)

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  2. Kim Hyun Joong “mildly” popular? I guess he’s more popular in Japan, but he’s all the hotness currently. Maybe you were kidding?

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