Mitzi on…My Lovely Sam-soon episode 5

uh, who is the hottie from America?!  The guy who came to Korea to see Jin-heon’s ex?  Wowza!  I shall dub thee Dr. Hotpants. Ok, enough geeking out.  Pretty sure I’ve seen him somewhere before but can’t quite figure out where.

  • Kim Suna as Kim Sam-soon
  • Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon
  • Jeong Ryeo-won as Yoo Hee-jin
  • Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim
  • Kim Ja Ok as Park Bong-Sook – Sam-soon’s mom
  • Lee Ah-hyun as Kim Yi-Young – Sam-soon’s sister
  • Na Moon-hee as Na Hyun-Sook – Jin-heon’s mom
  • Suh Ji Hee as Hyun Mi-joo – Jin-heon’s niece
  • Yoon Ye-hee as Yoon Hyun-sook – Jin-heon’s “aunt”
  • Lee Kyu-han as Min Hyun-woo – Sam-soon’s ex
  • Lee Yoon-mi as Jang Chae-Ri

This episode didn’t really alleviate my case of the ‘sads’ over Jin-heon’s crazy temper.  He’s still a bit of a heartless jerk, except when it comes to his niece.

What to do? What to do?  *le sigh*

Sam Soon is still pretty awesome. Really like how she sticks up for herself.  Not many other female leads in Korean Dramas have done this much.

And really, exgirlfriend comes back after 3 years away and thinks she can still have Jin-heon as her piece? While she’s got Dr. Hotpants on the side?  Talk about greedy!  But I’d be guilty of that too so no judgement.

And it looks like Jin-heon isn’t only angry and violent but dumb too.  Going after ex girlfriend that left him 3 years ago after accident.  That’s just lovely.  Fantastic.

In the immortal words of L.D., “He can go F— himself.”


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