Mitzi on…You’re Beautiful (미남이시네요)

When trying to figure out which Kdrama I should watch next, I saw You’re Beautiful had a lot of good reviews.  A small amount of research revealed it was a drama about a boy band.  Whoa, its like having your cake and eating it too.  As a New Kids on the Block fan for over 20 years, I have loads of love for the music genre, so this Kdrama seemed perfect.

Now, when I started watching, with in the first episode I was so shocked with the plot that I had to watch a few scenes over again to see if my eyes were deceiving me or if I was reading the subtitles wrong.

A nun-to-be is convinced by her twin brother’s manager to take his place as the newest member of a successful boy band. (because he needs plastic surgery)

Even that sentence alone needed to be read a few times just so I got it right.  Who on Earth comes up with this stuff?!  And how can I get them money to come up with more?


Actual name/character name/the nickname I give them to help me remember who they are.


The one sentence I used to sum up the plot is pretty much the first few episodes so I’ll skip ahead a bit.  After successfully proving to the band she has what it takes to become the new singer for A.N.JELL, Nun-to-be moves into the house the band lives in (like on The Real World, I guess)  Mr. Sensitive figured out Nun-to-be is actually a girl early on and helps protect her identity, gets a case of ‘the luvs’ for her, without letting her know he knows her secret.

Mr. Serious does not like Nun-to-be and tries to kick him/her out of the band. Nun-to-be begs Mr. Serious to allow her to stay in the band as it will help her discover who her parents are (she and her twin brother are orphans. They feel they only way to discover their parents is to become famous)

Mr. Adorable is uncomfortable with the way Nun-to-be is acting around his bandmates, but can’t help the growing attraction he feels for him/her. And also, his cheeks get pinched a lot for being so adorable.

Nun-to-be’s leach of an aunt moves into the house kicking Nun-to-be out of his/her room so he/she has to bunk with Mr. Serious.  Hilarity ensues including a scene where he/she zaps herself with a tazer and passes out on top of him while he sleeps and they *gasp* sleep in the same bed together.

Nun-to-be discovers her parents are dead (lots of tears).

Mr. Serious discovers his neglectful mother wants him to sing a song that he doesn’t realize Nun-to-be’s father had written for Nun-to-be’s mother.  Mr. Serious also discovers Nun-to-be is a girl and slowly starts to have feelings for her.

Mr. Sensitive discovers Nun-to-be has a crush on Mr. Serious even though Mr. Serious is still trying to kick him/her out.

Mr. Adorable discovers he might be gay as he likes Nun-to-be.   (Ok, so what I’ve learned from this Kdrama so far is that if I want guys to like me, I need to dress in drag, join a boy band, and then they will ALL like me.  Got it!)

Nations Fairy likes Mr. Serious enough to blackmail anyone and everyone to get him.  She discovers Nun-to-be’s secret and tells him/her to tell everyone at a press conference. Nun-to-be shows up at said press conference dressed as a girl but Mr. Sensitive tells everyone she is his secret girlfriend in order to keep the band,  A.N.JELL, together.

Mr. Adorable is ecstatic to discover Nun-to-be is a girl and that he is NOT gay. Mr. Adorable gets his cheeks pinched more.

More hijinks ensue in order to keep Nun-to-be’s secret from the public that ultimately push Nun-to-be and Mr. Serious closer together.

Big secret learned: Mr. Serious’ mother abandoned him in order to be with Nun-to-be’s father.

In the end, Nun-to-be’s twin brother comes back to Korea just in time to avoid Nun-to-be being revealed to the public. Nun-to-be wants to do charity work in Africa. Before she leaves, Mr. Serious confesses undying love for Nun-to-be in front of entire concert hall full of die-hard A.N.JELL fans.  (I’d be lying if I said my inner teenager didn’t swoon at this)

A few things:

1. Fandom in Korea (or at least what I can tell from this film):

These fans are so nice and supportive of their boy bands.  The signs? The costumes?  They put American fangirls to shame!  TO SHAME, I SAY!  For instance, when Mr. Serious’ and Nun-to-be’s fake relationship is released to the public, the fans are, of course, upset but they chant congratulations to the A.N.JELL studio.  When Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears came out as a couple, there was mayhem in the streets!  The L.A. Riots were nothing compared to the black lash Britney Spears received.   So, I’m thinking this has got to be an exaggeration of  Korean fan girls.  No hormonal teenage girl is that respectful when ‘their man’ is dating someone else.

2. Mr. Adorable (Jeremy)….THIS SCENE!!!!

Cause at one point or another, in our lives, we all find ourselves being rejected on a public bus while simultaneously singing/sobbing on a phone call to a radio station.   As silly as the situation sounds, this scene actually  made my ice cold heart melt a little.   *le sigh*

3. I totes feel that Mr. Sensitive and Nun-to-be should have gotten together in the end. That’s just my opinion, because (and this goes back to my review/rant on Playful Kiss and how the nice guy never wins! gah!!!) Mr. Sensitive was way nicer to Nun-to-be than Mr. Serious was.  BUT my students told me that the actor and actress who played Mr. Sensitive and Nun-to-be reunited in another Kdrama called “Heartstrings” and I watched the crap out of that show.   This just leads me to believe that I’m not the only one who thought Mr. Sensitive and Nun-to-be were a better match.

10/10 for epic use of boy band in a Kdrama.  And use of actual boy band members in a Kdrama about a boyband: Mr. Sensitive in CN Blue and Mr. Adorable in F.T. Island …Xzibit would be so proud!


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