Mitzi on…Heartstrings or You’ve Fallen For Me (넌 내게 반했어)

I had mentioned to a student that I was mildly upset about the coupling in “You’re Beautiful” and was assured that Nun-to-Be (Park Shin Hye) and Mr. Sensitive (Kang Shin Woo) actually star in another Kdrama together as the main leads.  So I stopped Sungkyunkwan Scandal and watched Heartstrings the entire way through (and neglected some obligations but not really bothered by it so whatevsies)

It was a lot of fun to watch and the music was pretty entertaining as well.


Actual name/ character name/ nickname I give so I remember who they are.


Just a quick summary. At least, I hope it will be as there are a crap ton of conflicts.

First, we are introduced to an Arts University. Amongst the music majors, there are two camps; Western music and Traditional music.  They don’t like each other much.  Guitar God is leader of a band named “The Stupid” (also including Hungry Drummer) and is de facto leader of the Western music majors.  He also has a major case of Jerkface going on cause he knows he’s rad. He also has a case of ‘the luvs’ for Injured Teacher who is at least 10 years his senior.

Traditional Goddess is the granddaughter of a Traditional Korean Music singer.  She’s been groomed from a young age, by her grandfather, to follow in his footsteps and she can’t have anything to do with western music. She is de facto leader of Traditional Music Majors.

Director flies to Korea all the way from Broadway to direct the 100th anniversary show of the arts university where we learn he had a fling with Injured Teacher in the past.

Hungry Pixie is introduced dancing to a Britney Spears song (more on this later) that Hungry Drummer accidentally watches.  He catches ‘the luvs’ for her almost instantaneously even though she tells him to get lost. However, they do bond over a candy bar.  Hungry Pixie, as daughter of the schools chancellor is expected to be star of the 100th anniversary show.

Guitar God flakes on a charity show for Traditional Goddess’s cancer stricken teacher.  Unfortunately, that teacher dies and Traditional Goddess is so pissed off she challenges Guitar God to a battle of the bands.  Loser becomes slave to the other for a month.  Guitar God plays something that reminds me of the Top Gun Anthem. Traditional Goddess’ instrument fails her. Traditional music loses making Traditional Goddess slave to Guitar God.

Forced to do lame stuff, like get coffee every morning for Guitar God, Traditional Goddess catches ‘the luvs’ for Guitar God.  Guitar God does not notice or care because he still hot for Injured Teacher.  He confesses his love to Injured Teacher a few times and crashes and burns each time.

After Battle of the Bands, Traditional Goddess is urged by Director to try out for the 100th anniversary show. She tries out, singing a song about unrequited love.  Spurned by Injured Teacher, Guitar God begins to catch ‘the luvs’ for Traditional Goddess.    Hungry Pixie and her mother are outraged auditions are being held for a spot they feel is rightfully hers.

Director is accused of favoritism and the show gets a new director.  Show turns to crap. Show gets cancelled.  The cast, feeling they don’t want their hard work to go for nothing, decides to put on the show themselves.  Director comes back. All are happy. Somewhere in all of this, both Guitar God and Traditional Goddess become a couple.

Hungry Pixie comes back, despite needing surgery to fix her voice.  Hungry Pixie becomes star of the show while lip synching to Traditional Goddess’ voice. (as she sings and cries simultaneously into the microphone)

Traditional Goddess goes to a traditional music competition where Guitar God meets her. She trips and falls into Guitar God which makes him fall and hurt his wrist.  He can’t play Guitar well anymore but keeps it a secret.

Traditional Goddess gets record deal to sing Western music causing rift between her grandfather and herself. After signing her contract, Traditional Goddess must go abroad for a  year.  She discovers Guitar God’s injury and says she will not become a star to help take care of him.  Guitar God, determined she should go, dumps Traditional Goddess and makes her cry.

A year later, Traditional Goddess is a huge star. She comes back to Korea where Guitar God is still trying to regain his musical abilities.  Both meet again, fight and part ways.  Traditional Goddess dances and discusses the past with Director (who ends up with Injured Teacher).  Traditional Goddess, remembering good times with Guitar God, walks down a park path and runs into Guitar God, who was doing the same thing.  They make eye contact, giggle, and reconcile.

Hungry Pixie and Hungry Drummer end up being hungry together.

The End

A few things:

1. Hungry Pixie (Woo Ri)

I thought she was going to break halfway through her introduction. (dancing to a Britney Spears song, memba?) Soooooo thin.  I found it interesting her character had an eating disorder (maybe anorexia and bulimia?).  It was awkward to watch her dance with such lanky limbs, there wasn’t much power behind the movements.  Maybe the actress has an ultra high metabolism, I don’t know, all I do know is that I was distracted by a walking skeleton whenever she came on screen.

However, I really liked how Hungry Pixie and Hungry Drummer were written to be together because they were both hungry.  He because his body was constantly craving food even though he stuffs his face more than I do on Thanksgiving Day, and she because she’s been trained to be body conscious by her evil witch of a mother.

2. Choreography.

I was a competitive dancer in my youth and like to think I know a thing or two about movement and choreography. Not an expert, but not a noob either.  I loved the choreography because it reminded me of the 80’s.  Yes, the 1980’s.  It was fairly easy stuff so I have to assume most of the actors were not trained in dance.  That being said, all of the dancers, including Hungry Pixie, are far superior dancers than I am at this point in time.

3. Hot for Teacher

When I first saw that Guitar God was in love with Injured Teacher I had one of those moment where you go “OOOOOOOOH!” and point at the screen because that same exact thing happened to you.

I’ve been Injured Teacher before! Definitely not something to strive for.

I’ve been asked to Prom a few times, asked out on dates been given the kissy face *eyeroll* and other ridiculous and inappropriate things.  Each time it happens, it doesn’t get any less awkward. (one reason why I’m thinking of leaving the teaching profession)

But Injured Teacher kinda got herself in this position.  When Guitar God kissed her, she should have thrown a fist or two. Not just stand there.  (not that hitting students is a good thing either…)

So, the big lesson everyone can learn from the Kdrama is not to fall in love with your teachers.

If you do, you will get your heart broken, fall in love with your sworn enemy and then break your wrist making it impossible for you to play the guitar well ever again.

4. Nun-to-be and Mr. Sensitive from You’re Beautiful!

Finally together!  The heavens rejoice!

5. The kissing: *headdesk*

LOL! why do they always looked so surprised?!

9/10 because I can’t give every kdrama a perfect score (actual reason why my graduate professor wouldn’t give me an ‘A’ on a paper I wrote)


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