Meanwhile in Las Vegas…


The following is a true story and actual conversation that took place Saturday afternoon in The Bellagio between my best friend and myself.


It started out when I wasn’t paying attention while walking through the Bellagio casino.  Without much thought of people around me, I turned around suddenly and my  hand accidentally touched the hand of a 20 something gentleman from somewhere in Asia.  He looked incredibly embarrassed and shocked and all I could do was apologize and feel badly for being so thoughtless. He was kind and and also apologized even though it was my fault.

I wrote to my best friend and told her what happened.  She then started asking me questions.  This is where the text conversation picks up…(I’m the white bubble, she is the green bubble) (Also, keep in mind, I’m in the casino surrounded by hundreds of people while this is going on)

Note 1 : Panda Express is a Chinese fast food restaurant.  Yamato is a Japanese restaurant and Zapp is a Thai restaurant. (all incredibly delicious)

Note 2 : “Hustler” is a mutual Korean friend of ours who gave himself the nickname in high school and has since lived up to its name. Many times.

At this point I tell her to write this story down so we can sell it for a million dollars. (but that screen shot got lost somewhere)


….AND right here is where my phone had enough of this ridiculous conversation and literally shorted out on me.  It’s dead. Awaiting a new phone on Tuesday.


BUT my best friend kept on going.  I didn’t see these comments until today when she emailed me the screen shots.



Extra points to my best friend for using the Wedding Singer reference. Also, don’t know why she kept saying this was ‘my’ story.  Like these things were happening to me.  And they clearly weren’t because I loathe teaching English, even to English speakers.


And now, I will get myself ready for diversity and sensitivity training as I clearly need it.


The end.


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