Mitzi on…Playful Kiss

Gah!  Another high school drama!  That is my reaction to this drama now, but before I watched it I thought, “Oh cool, it’s that guy from Boys Before Flowers.  Let’s watch this one.”

Let me just say, this is probably the drama I dislike the most out of all that I’ve seen.  So, no surprises later ok, k? Oh, and this is my opinion so if it doesn’t match yours, lets just respect the differences. No offense intended…they’re just characters in a story.


Actual name/character name/the nickname I give them to help me remember who they are.

My dislike stems mostly from the relationship the two main characters have, or I should say, the way the Jerkface treats the Main girl and how she puts up with it.


This drama started out cute. Really cute. And I was pretty sure I’d like it much more than Boys Before Flowers, but as the story progressed things just got really depressing.  There was no death, cancer, or amnesia involved so it wasn’t sob worthy. I was mostly sad because of the way Jerkface treated the Main girl.  He called her dumb. He wasn’t nice to her. Sure he saved her from seeing the nether regions of a pervert but come on…he shouldn’t go around like he’s embarrassed by her all the time.

Main girl has been in love with Jerkface, who is apparently really smart because he aces all his tests, for years.  Main girl finally gets the nerve to confess her love to Jerkface but he calls her out on it (and her bad grammar in her love letter to him) in front of the entire school and tells her he doesn’t like stupid girls.  ESCANDALO!!!  Needless to say, Main girl is crushed and is determined to dislike Jerkface.

However, Main girl’s poorly designed house falls down in a small earthquake and she and her father have to move into his BFF’s house.  Unfortunately for Main girl, that house is also Jerkface’s house.  In this house of refuge, both Jerkface and his little brother, Jerkface Jr only make Main girl feel bad about herself. But for some reason, Main girl is somehow still in ‘the luvs’ with Jerkface.  *facepalm*

Meanwhile, Main girl doesn’t realize that her friend, Nice Guy, has been in love with her for years.  He’s not smart, but he cares for her and he works hard.  The things he goes through for this girl…including getting blown up (HA!) is, IMHO, what she should be appreciating instead of spending all of her energy trying to impress Jerkface.

Anyway, eventually, Jerkface realizes he does love Main girl, they share some really awkward kisses and get ‘married’ but I guess in Korea they aren’t really married unless she gets on his family registry.  Jerkface tells Main girl that he won’t add her to his family unless she gets her act together.  *headdesk*  But, you know, its OK because it’s all to teach her a lesson.

Ok, I need to stop.  After having my own classroom last year and dealing with the whole Twilight monstrosity (He’s not in love with Bella, he’s stalking her!), I am appalled by the way teenage girls fall for the jerks and how the jerks think if they treat a girl like dirt, she will stick to him like mud.  (sadly, this is true sometimes) And it royally sucks when I see this happen right in front of my eyes with my students.  So heartbreaking because it never actually works out.  Ever.

Why can’t the nice guy win?!

But apparently this type of pairing/relationship is quite common in kdramas.  I just wish the women would stand up for themselves a bit more and at least slap the stupid out of the guys when they act like clowns. And I guess there wouldn’t be a drama if this crap didn’t happen so I’ll just leave it at that.

I will say that I really liked Jerkface’s mom in this drama because she called him out on his BS quite a few times.  At least someone did.   And the zingers Jerkface Jr. delivered were quite funny, even if they were mean.

Yes, yes you should.

5/10 for propagating unrealistic and unhealthy relationships to teenage girls.

8/10 for the guy playing Jerkface because I’m told, by a student, he’s actually in a Kpop boyband.  As a huge New Kids on the Block fan from back in the day, there something about boybands that make me give them extra cool points.

Homegirl knows what she’s doing.


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