“You don’t pronounce the ‘u’!”

Its really weird but the soundtracks to some Korean Dramas are incredibly catchy.  I can’t explain it, and I have no idea what the lyrics are saying but they are a lot of fun to listen to.

I also think its better  I have no idea what they’re saying because a little mystery makes the world go round.  Also, my brain works in a way that I don’t even comprehend the lyrics until I’ve listened to a song several times, even English songs.  (In My Head by Jason Derulo…yeah, diiiiirty. And I didn’t even realize it until recently. )

That doesn’t stop me from making up my own lyrics.  For instance, from “Heartstrings” I downloaded the song You’ve Fallen For Me (넌 내게 반했어) by  정용화 (CNBLUE) but when I listen to the song I hear, “Naked Parasol” in the chorus.  Hence, that song is forever known to me as the Naked Parasol song. (What is a naked parasol?  Don’t know, but its fun to say)

There are others, but I digress.

While subbing for my best friend earlier this week, I was playing the song Futari (?) by the fake boy band, A.N.JELL from the drama Ikemen desu ne (or You’re Beautiful), during break.  I thought the speakers were low enough so that only I could hear, but apparently not.

Student (14 year old female of Asian descent): ZOMG! You listen to Jpop?!

Me (30 year old white chick slightly embarrassed):  Don’t judge me!!!

Student: That song, isn’t it from Ikemen Desu Ne?

Me (speaking phonetically): Ikemen Desu Ne?

Student (in a voice eerily similar to that of Satan):  YOU DON’T PRONOUNCE THE U!!!

Me: (stunned silence)

Student: That’s from You’re Beautiful! The Japanese version.

Me (still shocked at the outburst and thinking internally): please don’t kill me.

Hence, my first lesson in how to habla Japones.

20 minutes later, that same student wrote my name in Korean for me.  =) (I’m still alive!!!)

She told me this was my name.  Not entirely sure if it’s really my name or “Evil substitute from hell” written in Korean that she’s trying to pawn off on me. If so, well played child, well played.


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