I was outed as a kdrama fan at work

My best friend teaches English at a local high school.  As an out of work teacher, I sometimes fill in for her as a substitute teacher.  One of her students has his own blog about Korean Dramas and she showed it to me a few months ago.  When I started watching Korean Dramas myself, about a month ago, I looked at his page to help me navigate this entirely new and foreign world.  Needless to say, I was (and still am) constantly lost trying to understand what exactly is going on, but I’m trying.

My best friend is the one who told this student that I started watching Korean Dramas.  He and his friends stayed after class this past week and we fully geeked out gossiping about our favorite shows.  This was really awesome for me because there is no one else I know that I can discuss this stuff with unless I spend time on some message boards and I really don’t want to do that.  I’d rather discuss Korean Dramas with ignorant Americans, like myself, about the actors and ridiculous plots.

Yes, ridiculous.  (more on that in following posts but let’s just say half the time I’m laughing with the story and half the time I’m laughing at the story.)

That same student made me The List. Just recently decided to take that list as a challenge to myself.


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